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Grand Pirates Trello 2023 Wiki (New Codes & Weapons)

The Grand Pirates Trello Wiki will explain every keyword in the game, more like a dictionary for new players. Players embark on a journey as pirate..
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Grand Pirates is a trending game on Roblox developed by the Grand Pirates Official. The Grand Pirates Trello Wiki will explain every keyword in the game, more like a dictionary for new players.

Just like the title entails, we will open your mind by giving you meanings to keywords such as Devil fruits, Sword List, Gamepass, Maps, and Swords Styles.

In the future, I will make an alphabetical list of codes for Roblox games on our website. Before that, let us look at what the Grand Pirate Trello is all about.

    Grand Pirates Trello + Wiki (Recently Updated)

    Grand Pirates Trello 2023 Wiki (New Codes & Weapons)
    If you are an adventure lover, I see no reason you would not love to play the Roblox Grand Pirates. This role-playing game allows players to embark on an exciting journey as a pirate; you will also engage in battles.

    You can also navigate the sea for treasures; we should give the development team their flowers because, as a player, you have been given total control over the pirate, which includes customizing their appearance. Upgrading of ships is also allowed.

    Enough of the sweet talks, Let me begin to explain some of the most asked questions in this game, such as Devil Fruits, Weapons, and Maps.

    What are the Devil Fruits?

    Superhuman powers are available in this game, which can only be gotten from Devil Fruits. They are scattered around the Globe. Once they are eaten, you instantly get a permanent swimming ability.

    Every Devil Fruit has a wide variety of power. You might use a new superhuman strength whenever you obtain it (every 1- 2 hours).

    You can Obtain these Devil Fruits by purchasing them with Robux. The last time I checked, it cost 500k peli, or you can be lucky to find it every one to two hours.

    What Are Logia Devil Fruits?

    So I forgot to say there are three rare Devil fruits, and Logia is one of them. Once you eat the Logia fruit, you can transform your body composition into natural elements. You are also given the chance to create and control those powers.

    Grand Pirates Fruits Tier List (Common & Rare)

    As I said earlier, there are many fruits. In this article, I will list them all in their category. This list will cover fruits ranging from Mythical fruits to Common ones.

    Mythical Fruits
    • Light
    Rare Fruits
    • Barrier
    • Paw
    • Bomb
    Legendary Fruits
    • Ice
    • Mera
    Common Fruits
    • Spike
    • Kilo
    • Chop
    • Suke


    • Dark Blades
    • White Blades
    • Cutlass
    • 1SS
    • 2SS'
    • 3SS

    Game Maps

    Grand Pirates Trello 2023 Wiki (Swords & Devil Fruits)

    Game Controls

    • H - Conqueror Haki
    • J - Buso Haki
    • 2x Spacebar - Geppo
    • M - Menu
    • CTRL - Run 
    • SHIFT - Camera Lock

    Grand Pirates Codes Wiki 2023

    • 4KLikes Double Peli 30 Minutes  
    • 100KVisits Reset Stats  
    • SuspiciousAction Devil Fruit Notifier 60 Minutes  
    • 100KVisits Devil Fruit Notifier 60 Minutes  
    • 5KLikes Reset Stats  
    • 500KVisitsRemove Devil Fruit

    Grand Pirates Tier List

    • Light
    • Ice
    • Mera
    • Bomb
    • Barrier
    • Spike
    • Kilo
    • Suke
    • Chop
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