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Thanos Simulator Wiki Roblox Guide - Infinity Gauntlet 2023

Thanos Simulator Wiki is a guide that will help improve your gameplay. Roblox is a platform that allows you to enjoy playing games with other people..
Join us on Telegram Thanos Simulator Wiki is a guide that will help improve your gameplay. Roblox is a platform that allows you to enjoy playing games with other people across the globe.

In today's article, I will list some of the popular keywords in the game and how to use some unique keys to boost your gameplay. 

Thanos Simulator is a game just like Fruit Battlegrounds on the Roblox platform; in this game, players are expected to go around looking/hunting for infinity stones and collect weapons from the MCU.

I welcome you to my website because we will explain every gaming keyword in our Thanos Simulator Wiki.

    Thanos Simulator Wiki Guide - Infinity Gauntlet 2023

    Thanos Simulator Wiki Roblox Guide - Infinity Gauntlet 2023
    I present the wiki guide to provide insight into the game. Let us get straight to it:

    • Weapons 

    1. Thanos Sword 
    - This is a sword wielded by Thanos -
    Q - Spins the blade in a way that will cause extreme damage.

    2. Loki’s Scepter 
    - This is a Sceptor wielded by Loki - 
    M1 - Once you stab someone with a Scepter, you can easily control their mind.

    3. Space Dolphin Machine Gun  ~S.D.M.G ~ 
    - You get to use 400 dmg per bullet -
    NOTE: Do not plan to use it on the Temple Boss; they are immune to this weapon.

    4. The Infinity Gauntlet 
    - The primary weapon in the game -
    - Charges the Gauntlet
    - Burn effect, considerable damage
    X - Disintegrates NPCs in a Small Area.  
    R - Rapid Punches
    Z - Focus your power/Insert Stones      
    F - Teleportation  
    C - Shield  
    M1 (When Charged)- Deal HUGE damage one shooting anything.

    5. Stormbreaker 
    - This weapon can be unlocked via The Forge -
    E - Thunder Slap  
    - Bifrost
    - Charge  
    - Strikes  

    6. The Sword
    - Must do the following -  
    1 - Equip the SOUL STONE  
    2 - Head to The Forge  
    3 - Activate The Forge  
    4 - Click the Button a Second Time  
    5 - Soul Stone will hover over the Retrieval Pit  
    6 - You earn the Badge

    • Popular Locations You Should Know

    Space Mountain – This Space Stone resides in this location.
    Power Temple –  The Power Stone resides in this location.
    The Spawn – Every player gets to choose their weapon. 
    Time Tower – The Time Stone resides in this location. 
    Reality’s Edge – The Reality Stone resides in this location.

    The Forge 
    - You can only activate this if you have met up with the following -
    • 750 Kills  
    • 100 Fragments

    Infinity Stones and their Drop Rates

    • The Power Stone – Is dropped by ~ Power Stone Enemy ~ in ~ Power Temple ~ 
    • The Time Stone – Located at ~ Time Tower ~  
    • The Soul Stone – .33% Drop rate from any NPC.
    • The Mind Stone – 100% drop rate from ~ Five Eyed Enemy ~  
    • The Space Stone – Located at ~ Space Mountain ~  
    • The Reality Stone – Located at ~ Reality’s Edge ~  

    Beginner Bonus Tips For Thanos Simulator

    Thanos Simulator is a game that requires an effective strategy, especially for beginners. To complete the levels, you need to complete the missions. Every player is taking on the role of Thanos; as you complete the task, you unlock new skins and additional game modes.


    Your gameplay will improve if you understand every Thanos Simulator Roblox Game keyword. As I said I was going to set aside a category for Roblox, which I have done because, from now on, we will begin to talk about some popular games on Roblox and the best ways to improve your gaming experience.

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