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Multiverse Defenders Tier List [Tier S - Tier D Characters]

Multiverse Defenders Tier List - Are you here for the multiverse defenders tier list? Do not worry, in this blog post I will explain each character...
Join us on Telegram Multiverse Defenders Tier List - Are you here for the multiverse defenders tier list? Do not worry, in this blog post I will explain each character and why they fall under the category you find them.

If you are regular visitor, you should know by now that our rating system is from Tier S to Tier D. Each characters fall under the Tier based on their abilities, powers, and ranks.
Multiverse Defenders Tier List is another important tool for beginners, this helps you recognize in-game characters/ heroes, their special abilities, and how well they can perform if they are on your team.

Before all these, let's talk about game exclusively without ignoring any information. 

Multiverse Defenders is another popular game on Roblox that has garnered over 2,000,000+ plays and liked by over 5000+ Roblox gamers. This game was created on the 30th of January 2023.

The storyline of this game is interesting, there is a chaos in the world that has opened portals to different anime worlds. Now, heroes are to unite together and deal with this chaos.

I haven't prepared the Multiverse Defenders game guide yet. But if I have done that, this post will be edited for you to get access to it's weapons and explore anime abilities.

    Multiverse Defenders Tier List - (Tier S - Tier D)

    We are all familiar with popular anime characters and I can tell you that your favorite character might be present in the game. (You never can tell!!!)

    Tier S

    (These are the most powerful characters I will advise you to always look out for!!!)
    • Shonks (Red Hair) 

    Tier A

    (They are not bad either, if you do not  get any characters in S category. These ones are okay too...)
    • Akainon (The Donut Maker)
    • Todorko
    • Kizarun

    Tier B

    (If you are good with controls, you will enjoy these guys!!!)
    • Bankugo 
    • Sakuran 
    • Bulmi

    Tier C

    (They are average characters, but if you have any opportunity to swap them out do it!!!)
    • Freeza
    • Lao
    • Endeavour

    Tier D

    (I wouln't say much about these guys, all I will say is these characters might irritate you!!!)
    • Kakashy
    • Garan
    • Overhaueo
    • Vegeton
    • Paon

    Tier E

    (These guys are not as great as others in the game, Nevertheless try them out!!!)
    • Hinato
    • Every common (Except Sakuran)

    Multiverse Defenders Tier List - (Packaged Better)

    • Shonks (Red Hair) - Tier S
    • Akainon (The Donut Maker) - Tier A
    • Todorko - Tier A
    • Kizarun - Tier A
    • Bankugo - Tier B
    • Sakuran - Tier B
    • Bulmi - Tier B
    • Freeza - Tier C
    • Lao - Tier C
    • Endeavour - Tier C
    • Kakashy - Tier D
    • Garan - Tier D
    • Overhaueo - Tier D
    • Vegeton - Tier D
    • Paon - Tier D
    • Hinato - Tier E
    • Every common (Except Sakuran) - Tier E

    Our Tier Ranks - (Explained Well)

    Each characters in the Multiverse Defenders Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

    Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now let us further break them down:
    • Tier S: Any characters inserted in this category are considered the best in the game. Their presence alone guarantee you that you are leaving the battlefield victorious.
    • Tier A: The characters in this list are also great addition in your team, you just need to do some regular upgrade with in-game coins.
    • Tier B: These characters are in the category, you might want to consider swapping them for better characters  after unlocking A tier or S tier characters.
    • Tier C: I wouldn't say these are bad, but you might consider swapping from your team when you need a stronger team.
    • Tier D: These characters are bad, try everything in your power to change them and avoid using them.
    • Tier E: Sometimes, characters may be too much. Just know that heroes in this tier are not something I'd recommend you to use

    How Are The Rankings Decided?

    Most of the games guides on this website is based on personal research and gameplay. Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time come up with a list. 

    Later I visit other website to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Eternal Evolution Tier List and Multiverse Defenders Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.

    Wrapping Up

    I will make sure this post get updated once new characters are introduced. Drop a comment if you need us to provide you some Game Tier List and we will make sure you get it in 48 hours. 

    You can also take your time to checkout our Tier List category, you might be lucky to find that game you are looking for. 
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