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Parasite Black Gallery Code - (Valid Cheat Code) - v0.149

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Parasite Black Gallery Code - Another RPG, I discovered some days ago while doing some research on codes that can help boost my reader's performance. Parasite Black is another mobile game with dark fantasies.

I did some background checks on the game, and you would be surprised that over 2M+ people are playing this game weekly. In this blog post, I will share most of the Parasite Black cheat codes, most especially the Parasite Black gallery code.

Parasite Black Gallery Code - (Valid Cheat Code) - v0.149

With these codes, you can unlock a lot of rewards such as gallery unlocks, enable a cheat menu, and more cheat options. If you are a fan of this blog, you will find out that I give details about games I love.

Parasite Black is a role-playing game that features a dark fantasy story. However, in the coming years, there will be a lot of versions, and that is why the developers released some of these codes for use.

Parasite Black Cheat Codes - Parasite Black Gallery Code & More (Full List)

Before using any of these codes, make sure you know what version of the game you are playing. 

Active Coupon Codes

  • cheat menu: mayhem
  • cheats: toggle 
  • cheats: rhapsody 
  • toggle cheat menu: spidermonkey
  • Unlock all gallery: cinderella 
  • Enable cheat menu: allyourbasesbelongtous 
  • Lock all gallery: seenoevil

Parasite Black Cheat Codes - Update Logs

Parasite Black was created by Damned Studios. Most of the former codes no longer work anymore. Before you can make use of the recent codes, you will need to activate the cheat in the game.

Aside from its dark fantasy, The game also features some action fantasy from the real novel. The character goes on a suicide mission that almost cost his life as a child of a powerful kingdom.
Second chance bumps in and you are contemplating if it is a blessing or a curse due to the gift you recently discovered. You must also be able to defend yourself from the enemies.
  • Captain Nyx is back in action, and this time it's all about the slavemaster quest. Get ready for an epic adventure after completing the Bloodhound quest.
  • Sizzling moments with Captain Nyx during the slavemaster mission
  • The Adventure Guild, They've got 5 quests lined up for you. Four of them are repeatable.
  • Events within Adventure Guild tasks. Keep an eye out for the "Price of Life" quest, where the catgirl and catboy alternate every week.
  • Adventure Guild quests bring fresh challenges with new foes. Plus, expect improved graphics and backgrounds.
  • Climb the Adventurer Guild ladder to unlock special material with sequences. After completing the Dazzling Tail mission, there's a new event waiting for you with Regina.
  • Elena's romance storyline has a fresh event, making your connection active.
  • Myu will be born Explore new alternative events involving Myu.
  • Celeste is back in town, and her artwork has received a makeover.
  • Some minor corrections to earlier quests. Expect improvements in language, character placements, and smoother transitions.
  • In story mode, you can now use healing items. there's only one place where it applies, so use them wisely.
  • Books are now portable items you can use for reading.
  • Improved navigation in the game. Use the WASD keys to explore most of the game's locations. Press 'S' to exit most city structures. We're also working on a hotkey help screen.
  • You'll now receive immediate feedback on the success or failure of talent checks (now known as charm checks).
  • These quests now include a fight retreat option, giving you more control over your character's destiny.
  • Elena's expressions have been improved for a more lifelike experience.

Wrapping Up

More cheat codes will be shared under this post as soon as new versions come in. While you enjoy some of these codes, do not forget to bookmark my blog for more game content.

Thanks for reading the parasite black gallery code, If it works for you do not hesitate to share it with friends and drop a comment if you have a suggestion.
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