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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V07012 - V39084)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like S
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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

I am still determining what category this game falls under, but most people say it's role-playing (RPG). But I think there is more to this game than all these reviews I've read on the internet.

Genesis Order is one of the popular RPG games that allows you to play as a junior detective in a college, make a living, and impress your woman by solving crimes. The more crimes you solve, the more popular you become on the school campus.

I have always loved to play this game on Android, but some days ago during my research for the Genesis Order Walkthrough. I found out that this game is available on PCs and Macs. 

So you can remember, Just like Taffy Tales and Isekai Awakening. The Genesis order is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it on the internet.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough

    The Genesis Order Walkthroughs are game guides prepared by professionals to help beginners begin their journey into the game. 

    When following the walkthrough, just know that you are playing the game how a professional would have played the game too.

    So if you are a beginner, do not panic much. This walkthrough will help you enjoy your first move as a student at Saint Dame University. In this journey, you get to meet over 10 unique female companions and each of them has a story to tell.

    My First step in this game begins from the gym to the farm, Now let us begin;

    My First Move

    • First, I head over to Tasha's (shop), which is a very nice store where you can get stuff. I buy a workout shirt from there because I need it for my workout. 
    • Just like in the real world, I'd need money for that, so I go over to Jon's warehouse to get some money to buy shovels at the shop. 
    • The next stop is the gym where I meet my friend Heather. We're going to work out together. 
    • After the whole gyming stuff, I move to the barn where there is a big hay bale. Just push the rest out of the barn.
    • I head back to Jon's warehouse to collect some money. With that money, I go to the shop and buy a shovel and some farm figurines. (The goal is to use them to make even more money.)
    • While I was exploring, I met some friendly guys. I give one of them a farm figurine, and they give me $200
    • I find a wallet in the apartments (right alley), and I know it belongs to someone. So, I gave it to a person from Channel 4. Got the car fob (Shop - Outside right) I use the car fob to open a chest outside the main house on the farm. Inside, I find my first key.
    • Now, I go shopping again but this time for decorations for my house. I need to make sure my house looks amazing, especially for visitor purposes while I call Hanna. I need some pages, and I haven't found any yet.

    Now that would be my first move, but there are other versions of the Genesis Order game. So we will make sure each version walkthrough is shared here...


    • I start by going to the apartments. It's a place with events and scenes. 
    • I visit a store in the area and buy my character Jump Shoes
    • I move straight to the gym, where I get a premium membership (It's good to always stay fit!!!) After that, I checked out the locker area (right - upstairs)
    • I pick up the jump shoes in the lower right corner and a phone which is on top of a locker. 
    • I head over to the Strip Center and stop by the grill
    • There's a friendly person named Ella with pink hair there. We had a chat. But now, I'm moving straight to Tasha's shop. 
    • I head into the forest
    • While roaming, I found a chest key at Wikes Mansion, on the right side of the garden. I also stumbled upon a page in the left alley of the apartments. There is a statue hidden under a tree (left tree) in the garden. Find It! 
    • I come across an angry cat outside Tasha's shop. I catch it and then give it to someone who lives in the condos
    • I decided to buy a special outfit for Erika, and some cool decorations too. Call Erika 
    • I go back to Tasha's shop because there's a new scene I want to buy.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v09013

    • I start by going to the church. There, I chatted with Judy. I moved a box from the lower left corner near Chloe. I found a shredded cable on the same floor where Judy is. Plus, I discovered a crafting recipe to the right of Judy and Chloe. 
    • Now, I'm off to Ray's Farm. I explored the house there. 
    • I went straight to the shop, where I got a metal detector for $140. Immediately I move back to the dock and find a fishing thimble. Off to the warehouse, to get a Cable Crimp. However, when I got to Ray's farm, I found out there was another Cable Crimp
    • I use all those cool items to craft something called a Rigging Cable. After crafting it, I go back to the church and talk to Father Brian
    • Now, I'm feeling adventurous, so I enter the police building. I go right and find a top left door. Inside, I must complete some mini-games to get an access card. After completing the game, an exclamation mark pops up and I enter the code 102 (it's her address) and something cool happens. You can also check out the condos 
    • While I'm roaming about, I find a chest key in the lower right corner of the church garden. 
    • I also open a chest in the church attic and find something neat. 
    • I call my friend Erika. We had a great chat and shared a new page
    • Back to Tasha's shop, I buy a new scene. 
    • I hear that Lillian in Wikes Mansions needs help, but I can't help her just yet.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v12021

    • I start by visiting the Apartments. There, I meet Ella, a friendly character. We chat, and I move straight to the gym, where I meet Larry (red shirt) After that, I go to the Strip Center, a gift with an exclamation mark! I grab it and then head back to see Ella again.
    • I visit Heather's house and go to the back, where I find Heather and Carol. They need some help. Together, we head to Ray's Farm.
    • At the farm, I go to the barn and find some fertilizer in the top right corner. Then, I water the plants using a red hose button. In the top left corner, there is a crafting recipe.
    • Back at the Apartments, I go to the right door and enter Ella's bedroom. I found some Leather Straps. In Heather's backyard, I discovered a wood handle in the top right corner. Then, in Heather's kitchen, I spot a Dull Blade on the table. With all these cool items, I use angel crafting and craft a Machete.
    • I moved into the forest, where I met Hanna and Chloe. They need my help too. With my Machete, I clear some bushes on the right and find an Artifact Piece. I gave it to Jonathan at the Warehouse.
    • While roaming, I find a chest key in the lower right corner of the Farm. I also visited the Police Station to chat with a policeman and do a little test. 
    • Over at D*ck's Grill, I talk to a girl who gives me an unknown locker key. I use it to open a gym locker and find $250.
    • I love collecting pages. I found one by opening a chest at the Forest Waterfall.
    • I call my friend Ella (new page)
    • Finally, I head to the shop and buy a new photo and outfit.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v14022

    • First things first, I head over to the Apartments. There, I met Erika, a new friend. 
    • Next, I go outside the mansion, on the right side. I found a lockpick. I use it to open a locked chest inside the mansion, near the front door and right stairs. Inside, I find something - the Mansion Room Key
    • I went back to the office this time, I checked out the right stairs and entered the first door. I discovered something called the Burner Flip. After moving around, I found a paper with (Morgan 142)
    • Back in the office, I use the code "142" to unlock the Burner Flip. And I activate two Gargoyles (x2) inside the mansion. 
    • Off I go to the Eve Cathedral to meet Chloe. Later, I return to the cathedral, take the lockpick outside, and activate a Gargoyle. 
    • Then, I enter, go left, and find a Mysterious Key. I visited the Farm and met a new friend named Carol
    • I entered the mansion through the front door and went towards the left stairs where I found a locked chest with a silver statue inside. 
    • In my free roam, I discover some cheese at the mansion's front door and right stairs. I give it to a hungry rat outside the shop on the left side, and in return, I get a key. 
    • Finally, I head to the shop and buy a cool picture.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v16031

    • I start at the Farm and discover a Drive Shaft Recipe. I need to find the ingredients and craft it using Angelcraft. I gave it to my friend Hannah.
    • I need some special parts to make things work. I find a Bearing in the top right corner of the Warehouse. There's also a Rubber Boot to the right of the car. But wait, I need Grease, so I head to the Store to buy it. 
    • I go to the Farmhouse and get a lantern. Then, I joined the girl at a cave together. 
    • I decided to visit the Police Station. There, I go to the Warehouse and back to the Police Station. I have a chat with David, and he lets me interact with his computer. Then, I go left, left again, and up to the basketball court. I move down through the door (right side)
    • While exploring, I turn a valve outside the Police Station. I even found a ball in the girls' restroom near the basketball court. And I got a chest key.
    • Back at the Farm, in the Cave, I find a chest and open it. Inside, there's a new page.
    • I talked to a girl in front of XX shop, and she needed help finding her crucifix. I'm on a mission to find it for her.
    • At the Cathedral, I chop down some bushes on the right side and find the crucifix
    • Finally, I get a new page by going to the Mansion, heading to the front door, then the right stairs, and entering the first door.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v19032

    • I start at the Police Station. I enter, go right, and then I head to Wikes Mansion. There, I chatted with Lilian. I activate the 5th gargoyle by following the number on the floor. 
    • Off to the XX Shop, I go. Inside, I meet Nellie and have a friendly chat. She tells me to go back to Wikes Mansion. I use the key on both locks, near Melissa.
    • I find a blue block and push it onto one of the two switches on the floor. Then, I stand on the other one.
    • Now, I'm at Heather's Home. I go upstairs, enter the bathroom, and grab some suntan oil. Upstairs again, I collect my clothes. There's a jar, and I break it to find a hidden key.
    • While I'm exploring, I activate the 5th Gargoyle by going to the Farm, heading up, entering the Cave, and going upstairs. I even found a page in a chest.
    • Back at Wikes Mansion, I go upstairs on the left side and find a shovel.
    • I visited the Shop. I bought some pictures and cool outfits. Plus, I made a call to my friend Carol.


    • I start at Heather's Home, I go upstairs and change clothes. Then, I head to the pool. After that, it's off to the kitchen (go right) to grab a snack. But wait, I change clothes again.
    • Move straight to the Farm. Outside, I find a jar, I break it and discover the Aloe Lotion recipe
    • Went back to Heather's and I moved towards the laundry room, which is beside the kitchen. There, I found some hand lotion. But for the basic container, I need to head to the Store and spend $100. I also need an Aloe Plant, so I go to the Farm and head north twice to find it.
    • I head to the Cathedral and break a jar to get an old book. Then, I explore the left stairs and find another old book. Finally, I go up the right stairs and make an offering using a bronze idol.
    • I craft the Aloe Lotion and give it to Chloe. After that, I leave the house and head to the Gym and the Cathedral.
    • At the Gym, I enter the Cathedral and grab Judy's clothing. Then, I go back, go right, and break another jar, which leads me to discover the Seed of Knowledge recipe.
    • I already have two old books, and I'm feeling super smart with the Essence of Intelligence. But there's one more old book I need to find
    • I head outside and talk to a man near the shop. He asks for an Aloe Plant, so I give him one and get a chest key in return.
    • I return to where I found Sister Judy and open a chest to get a new page. Finally, I make my way to Wikes Mansion, go up the right stairs, enter the first door, and look left. There, I craft the Seed of Knowledge.
    • I'm rewarded with a new Booty Call and a picture.


    The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V07012 - V88101)
    • After the call, I moved to the Police Station. There, I talked to a girl and had an important conversation with David. I also buy an empty box from the store. I place a shiny silver Figurine inside the box and give it to the girl.
    • I continue my adventure by talking to Andrea upstairs.
    • I decided to buy a formal suit from the store. Then, I buy some wine from D*ck Grill. I head to Andrea's Home and break a jar to find the Seed of Strength Recipe.
    • I gather three dumbbells to become even stronger: The first one I find in the Gym's lower left corner, The second one is at the Police Gym near the basketball court, And the third one is on the Farm's 2nd floor.
    • I break a jar at Eve Cathedral and discover the Essence of Strength.
    • I visit Judy in her room at the Cathedral for a scene together. Then, I head to the Farm and complete Step 5 with my friend Hanna.
    • I enter the police station again and go left. I break a jar, and voilà, I unlock the Soot Cleaner Recipe.
    • To make the Soot Cleaner, I collect some special ingredients: Soap from Heather's Home in the upstairs bathroom, Sodium Carbon from a loose ivy patch near Andrea's home, Phosphoric Acid by breaking a jar at D*ck's, And a Basic Container, which I get from the store.
    • I eat the Seed of Strength Recipe and I also break metal jars and find a Golden Figurine at Andrea's home.
    • Immediately I got into the Police Station's 2nd floor, I found a lockpick that I could use to open a safe from the 1st floor. Inside, I discover a belt. I give it to a man upstairs and open a chest at Andrea's home, getting a new page for Ella.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v25051

    • Go to bed. 
    • Next, I head to the Police Station to chat with Melissa. Then, I go on to find my friend Andrea. She's hiding upstairs.
    • I entered the Channel 4 building. Inside the Interrogation Room at the Police Station, I broke a jar and found a Metal Hook. Over at the Channel 4 building's 2nd floor, I go right and discover a Rigging Cable and a Grapple Hook on a table.
    • I visit Wikes Mansion and spot a mysterious gargoyle outside on the right side of the 3rd floor. I click on it, wondering what secrets it holds.
    • Back at the Police Station, a scene unfolds. Then, I head to Melissa's office on the right side.
    • While exploring, I found a Gold Figurine at the Forest Waterfall. At the Church, I venture outside to the left side of the building and find a key. I enter a new area, where I spot a chest on the left. Inside, I found a new page for my collection.
    • I visit the shop and do a little shopping. I buy a dress and a picture. And then, it's time for a Booty Call with Lillian.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v27053

    • Go to strip center - Eve Cathedral - enter - go left - upstairs - break the jar - get the Glass Plane Recipe:Sand: Left bank of the waterfall
    • Coal: Back garden of the mansion
    • Limestone: Dock, creak the weak rock
    • Sodium Carbonate: enter the mansion from the back garden of the mansion and get the plant (right fireplace)
    • Give the glass pane to Father Solomon (Eve Cathedral)
    • Police Station - Upstairs - Downstairs - Right - Melissa’s office
    • Eve Cathedral - Right - Judy’s dorm
    • Forest - follow him - Eve Cathedral - Tell Father Solomon - get the Holy Water Bomb Recipe: Holy Water: Buy a basic container (shop) - use it with the cathedral’s fountain (entrance)
    • Chalice: Eve cathedral Attic (upstairs left - top floor)
    • Essence of Intelligence: Give an offering (Eve Cathedral’s upstairs right)
    • Lid of Extreme Holiness: Activate the Gargoyle near the Sodium Carbonate location > Go to the second floor (new area) of Eve Cathedral
    • Show Father Solomon the Holy Water bomb 
    • Free Roam & NPCs: Find a key near the new toilet in Eve’s Cathedral and open the chest upstairs to get a new page
    • Booty Call - Hanna - New Page.


    • I started by chatting with my friends at the Apartments - step outside. There, I spotted a jar and, to my surprise, found the recipe for a 2-sided toy.
    • To make this special toy, I needed a few things: An empty package: I found it by breaking a jar inside the Apartments on the left.
    • Two toys: I bought them at the X shop for $200 each.
    • Glue: I got it from the store.
    • I crafted the item and gave it to my friend Ella at the Apartments.
    • Police Station - Heather's home, where I went upstairs and broke a jar. Inside, I found half of a chest key. Then, I entered Chloe's room on the right, and after a voyeur scene, I grabbed a dumbbell from the garden on the right side.
    • At the Police Station, I chatted with a policeman and paid him $200
    • I explored the Church and went to the second story, climbing left and upstairs. There, I discovered an old book.
    • Back at the Apartments - Visited Ella's room and picked up something (I can't quite remember what it was). Then, I ventured outside and found the second half of a chest key in the right building on the second floor, through the first window.
    • I bought more glue from the store and used it in my inventory to complete a special task. Later, at the Farm on the second floor in the left room, I opened a chest and found a new page
    • I had a Booty Call with Carol & Pics (Sotre),
    • I visited Channel 4 and had a chat with someone who had an exclamation mark above their head. Then, I broke a jar and found $300. I also collected a bag of junk in the lower left corner, used the elevator, and grabbed two more bags of junk. Go right - Another bag of junk. Buy a box (Store) - Inventory - Click on the Box and fill it with x4 junk - Give it to the receptionist. She introduced me to her boss, who gave me $2000.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v31062

    • Farm - where I stumbled upon a jar in the lower left corner. I found a Hatchet Recipe inside.
    • Crafting the hatchet required a few special parts: Axe Head: I had to sneak onto the roof of Wikes Mansion and find it on the left side. Handle: To get this, I entered Wikes Mansion, obtained the Chapel key half, crossed the mansion until I reached the back, and went down the left path. Grip: I ventured to Andrea's home and climbed up to the roof. Glue: I picked up some glue from the shop.
    • With all the components in hand, I skillfully crafted the hatchet. Then, I headed back to the Farm, went north, and put my new hatchet to work by chopping down trees. I collected the Farmhouse key and entered the farmhouse.
    • My adventure then took me to Wikes Mansion, where I entered the Dining Room. There, I broke a jar and found the other half of the Chapel key. I combined both halves (using glue if needed) and ventured behind the mansion. On the right path, I cleared some rocks and entered a mysterious area. I couldn't resist investigating the glowing crystal and was rewarded with an artifact segment when I opened the chest with code 462.
    • I made sure to grab an aloe plant near the farm. 
    • In the Forest, I journeyed north and chopped down a tree to find the second chest key. I then attached both chest keys (using some trusty glue) and proceeded to the Farm. There, I continued north, north, and left, and finally opened the chest, revealing a new page.
    • I had a Booty Call with Lilian. It led to another new page in my collection.


    • Visit Eve Cathedral - Heather's house, and finally end up at the Apartments.
    • At the shop - went outside. I broke a jar and found something called Rubber Waste.
    • My next stop was the Warehouse. I found a key there, and I was super curious about what it unlocked. So, I rushed back to the Apartments and gave the key to Erika.
    • Back at the Warehouse. There were two trees, and I clicked on them. One tree gave me a Wrench, and the other tree gave me a recipe for Grippy Shoes
    • Off to the Police Station - There was a problem with the water, but luckily, I had that handy wrench. I fixed the water. After that, I went back to the Warehouse and used the wrench to fix an old truck.  I got some rubber boots in return.
    • Over at Heather's house, I gave Carol some grease and rubber boots.
    • My adventure took me to Eve Cathedral again. This time, I went to Father Solomon's bedroom and found an old shoe. Then, I climbed up to Heather's home roof and found another old shoe. With these, I crafted the Grippy Shoes
    • I ventured outside Eve Cathedral and went up to the roof on the left side. There, I met someone and told them that I fixed the roof. In return, I found a note in the attic with a clue. The clue led me to Father Solomon's bedroom, where I opened a safe with the code 215.
    • Back at Heather's home, I revisited the room from the last scene and opened a chest. Inside, I found a new page.


    • Police Station - I moved to my desk and then headed left.
    • Went inside Eve Cathedral and decided to go right.
    • My next stop was the Gym. I found these special tools called Chisels in three different places: on the roof of Eve Cathedral, on the roof of Wike Mansion, and on the roof of a red building at the Farm.
    • Back at Eve Cathedral. I broke through an underground wall.
    • I also explored the Gym some more, going upstairs.
    • At the Police Station. I clicked on an object, and it fell down. Then, I went downstairs and found a chest key.
    • I went underground at Eve Cathedral and found a shiny locker key. It opened a chest with a new page inside.
    • Back at the Gym, I had a mission to find locker keys. I found two of them on the front wall with colored stones. Upstairs, I clicked on the lockers and found cool stuff like a Shinto Shrine Bell, a Dumbbell, and an unbreakable pick.
    • I went back underground at Eve Cathedral and opened another chest.
    • I went shopping and bought everything in the shop. Then, I called my friend Carol.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v37081

    • Police Station - I went right to meet Melissa.
    • Next, I headed to Wikes Mansion. I went upstairs using the right stairs and then downstairs. In the same room as my previous adventure, I used my lockpick to open a chest. Then, I went left and activated a gargoyle
    • I couldn't resist exploring Eve Cathedral. I went underground. There, I found a blow torch.
    • My journey took me to the Farm, and I discovered caves behind it. I opened a chest there and found something special. With my trusty blow torch, I lit up some TNT. I went inside and found a blue item. I also followed someone mysteriously.
    • Went to Heather's house and used the pool.
    • During my free roam time, I went back to Wike Mansion and found an old book in the same room as my first adventure.
    • At the Strip Center, I met a man with an exclamation mark. I helped him by making a fire.
    • Back at the Farm, I fired up a barrel near the red building. It revealed a chest key.
    • I revisited Wike Mansion and went upstairs to the left. I went left two times and opened a chest, finding a new page.
    • I called my friend Nellie and bought everything I could from the shop.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v39084

    • Went to Wikes Mansion. Inside, I met Erica. I went into the forest, moved up found a beehive, and collected some honeycomb. I gave the honey to a leper in Lilian's kitchen at the mansion.
    • Visited Heather's Home. I needed to get a toothbrush from the church. I went inside, turned left, and found it in the bathroom. After that, I went to the Strip Center.
    • Back at Wikes Mansion, I talked to a policeman in the backyard. I also pressed on a barrel in the backyard and found something called "essence of strength." Then, I went right and met Kimberly near the cave entrance. She gave me wireless transmitters.
    • Inside the shop at the Strip Center, I opened a chest in the top right corner and found a dumbbell.
    • Farm - and when I went up, I entered the left field. Among the plants, I discovered a chest key. In the left area of the field.
    • Back at Wikes Mansion, I opened a chest in the kitchen and found a page. I also placed wireless transmitters in different locations inside the mansion.
    Thanks for reading The Genesis Order Walkthrough. It took me 10 days to draft these and I will write more walkthroughs when I get the chance to. If you have a suggestion, drop a comment.

    However, do not forget to bookmark this blog for more game content. There will be a part 2 because this blog template doesn't support long content.
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