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Vindictus Tier List 2023 - (Best Characters Ranking)

Vindictus Tier List 2023 - Vindictus is another popular online game with mind-blowing characters. This game was developed by devCAT, Nexon............
Join us on Telegram Vindictus Tier List 2023 - Vindictus is another popular online game with mind-blowing characters. This game was developed by devCATNexon, and released on the 21st of January 2010.

If you have been looking for the Vindictus tier list 2023, do not worry much because, in this blog post, I have prepared the lists of characters and their rating based on my views and a little online research.

Vindictus online game has become the talk of the industry after it was revealed that over 800K+ active people play this game every day. 

Each Vindictus character comes with a unique ability and in this post, they are divided into classes according to their abilities.
Vindictus Tier List

My favorite feature in this game is that each player is allowed to customize these characters to their own taste. What about the storyline? It's not bad at all. 

The goal of each character in the Vindictus tier list is to protect the people whose area has been occupied by Evil Forces. (because you are the last hope for the survivors!!!)

If you are a regular visitor, you should know by now that our rating system is from Tier S to Tier D. Each character falls under the Tier based on their abilities, powers, and ranks.

For you to enjoy your gaming experience using the best characters from our Tier List. The list will be divided or should I just say categorized into two which are the Party Play and Solo Play

The moment you have been waiting for is here:

    Vindictus Tier List 2023 - Party Play

    For the Party Play section, we will list some characters using our Tier Rating System. Always remember Vindictus characters categorized under S are always the best and those in the F categories should be avoided.

    Tier S - Vindictus Tier List

    I can assure you that by using the Vindictus Party Play characters from this Tier, you will hardly lose when facing the enemies. However, do not limit yourself. You can try out some other characters if you are interested in exploring the game.
    • Bow Kai - Tier S
    • Eira - Tier S
    • Grimden - Tier S

    Tier A - Vindictus Tier List

    If you do not have the characters in S. The Vindictus characters are not bad too, they can also boost your gameplay.
    • Battleshade Lynn - Tier A
    • Belle - Tier A
    • Glaive Lynn - Tier A
    • Miri - Tier A
    • Spear Lann - Tier A
    • Sylas - Tier A

    Tier B - Vindictus Tier List

    These Vindictus Party Play Tier B characters would work well for you if you know how to use the controls. However, they are not as good as those in the S Tier and A Tier. (Always remember that!!!)
    • Cestus Karok - Tier B

    Tier C - Vindictus Tier List

    I would never consider picking Vindictus Party Play Characters in Tier C, but they are above-average characters. (That doesn't make them good enough for me!!!!)
    • Greatsword Hurk - Tier C
    • Longsword Fiona - Tier C
    • Spellsword - Tier C
    • Sword Lann - Tier C
    • Sword Vella - Tier C

    Tier D - Vindictus Tier List

    I remember telling you those in the C Tier List are above average. These Vindictus Party Solo characters are the average members of the game.
    • Hammer Fiona - Tier D
    • Spellwhip Arisha - Tier D
    • Teide Hurk - Tier D

    Tier E- Vindictus Tier List

    We have seen above-average and average characters. These are Vindictus Party Solo characters that are below average. (I'd not use them if I were you!!!)
    • Pillar Karok - Tier E
    • Scythe Evie - Tier E
    • Staff Evie - Tier E

    Tier F - Vindictus Tier List

    I have nothing to say about these characters. I'd avoid them over and over again because they are worse.
    • Crossgun Kai - Tier F
    • Chainblade Vella - Tier F
    • Delia - Tier F

    Vindictus Tier List 2023 - Solo Play

    The Solo Play List contains some interesting characters, we do not need a long talk. I will also rank these characters based on how important they are with their unique abilities. Mind you! Do not forget that characters in the F category are not cool.

    SS Tier

    • Longsword Fiona - Tier SS

    S - Tier – Vindictus Solo Play Tier List

    • Sword Vella - Tier S

    S Tier – Vindictus Solo Play Tier List

    • Grimden - Tier S

    A+ Tier – Vindictus Solo Play Tier List

    • Eira - Tier A +

    A Tier

    • Battleshade Lynn - Tier A
    • Greatsword Hurk - Tier A
    • Hammer Fiona - Tier A
    • Spellwhip Arisha - Tier A

    A- Tier

    • Cestus Karok - Tier A -
    • Miri - Tier A -
    • Spear Lann - Tier A -
    • Spellsword Arisha - Tier A -

    B+ Tier

    • Belle - Tier B+
    • Glaive Lynn - Tier B+

    B Tier

    • Bow Kai - Tier B
    • Chainblade Vella - Tier B
    • Crossgun Kai - Tier B
    • Delia - Tier B
    • Sword Lann - Tier B
    • Teide Hurk - Tier B

    C+ Tier – Vindictus Solo Play Tier List

    • Staff Evie - Tier C+
    • Scythe Evie - Tier C+

    C- Tier

    • Pillar Karok - Tier C-

    C Tier – Vindictus Solo Play Tier List

    • Sylas - Tier C


    Can I Play Vindictus With Controller

    Yes, you can. If you need a step-by-step guide to do that, check out How to Play Vindictus with an Xbox 360 Controller.

    Who are my favorite Characters in the Party Play?

    Bow Kai, Eira, and Grimden are the best Party Play characters in Vindictus. That is why they were classified under the Tier S category.

    Who are my favorite Characters in the Solo Play?

    Longsword Fiona is the best Solo Play character in Vindictus. The only character in Tier S.

    Which Characters Should I Avoid in Vindictus?

    Avoid these characters: Crossgun Kai, Chainblade Vella, and Delia are the worst Party Play characters in Vindictus..

    Wrapping Up

    I was so happy, writing this Vindictus tier list 2023 post and hopefully, you should know the characters you should use and those you must avoid. You can support us by sharing this with your friends.

    There are other Tier Lists written by me, Multiverse Defenders Tier List and Eternal Evolution Tier List. If you have any questions, drop a comment.
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