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Xbox's Latest Update: New Features You Didn't See Coming

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Another exciting news for Xbox lovers as Microsoft comes in with a new software update, aiming to streamline data management on consoles.

We all know that our Xboxes are getting better with each software update. And with the Xbox Series X/S leading the charge, these updates have become a regular treat for people like you and me.

Now, Let me give out a little leak. Thanks to the ongoing court case between the FTC and Microsoft, we got a tip on the Xbox Series X/S roadmap

Xbox's Latest Update New Features You Didn't See Coming

You need to be ready for this because it seems like a diskless version of the Xbox Series X is on the way. Plus, information online hints at Dishonored 3 and a new Doom game making their debut.

Do not forget that we are focused on the updates. Once the September system update lands on your Xbox Series X/S, you'll notice a little change in the Dashboard - the new Events bar

Similar to PlayStation 5's activity cards, this feature focuses on live challenges, not story progression. Perfect feature for fans, especially with upcoming multiplayer events in titles like Halo Infinite.

Wanted to stop writing, but then I found out that there is more. Microsoft is shaking things up with user-generated content on the Xbox network. Any footage you upload will disappear after 90 days

The smart move here is to save your epic gaming moments to an external hard drive or Microsoft's One Drive cloud storage. One Drive will be the default option from now on, so you do not have to worry much about your precious gaming memories disappearing.

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