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A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List - (Best Fruits Ranked based on Abilities)

A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List - As you begin to explore the AOPG game, you continue to see a brilliant theme added to this game by developers...
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A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List - As you begin to explore the AOPG game, you continue to see a brilliant theme added to this game by developers. These in-game fruits make the game special as they grant you unique abilities.

If you would like to get your hands on any of these fruits, then you are in the right place for that. This post doesn't focus on how you can get these fruits but provides you with the official lists of in-game fruits that can help you become a better pirate.

A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List - (Best Fruits Ranked based on Abilities)

I have covered some queries relating to A One Piece Game such as: How I Got Gems Fast and Quick in Roblox A One Piece Game and A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List. Whenever  I find any new question on Quora, I will provide an answer, Just bookmark this blog for more game content.

    A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List

    I have prepared a simple table with the breakdown of Fruits into different Tiers just as I did for the Haze Piece Trading. The AOPG fruit list features some other stuff such as Rarity, Type, and Skills.

    DEVIL FRUITS Rarity Type Skills Tier Ranks
    Operation Mythical Paramecia 6 (9) S+
    String Mythical Paramecia 4 (5) S+
    Magma Legendary Logia 4 (5) S+
    Chainsaw Man Support Style Special 5 (9) S+
    Venom Mythical Paramecia 4 (9) S+
    Gravity Mythical Paramecia 4 (7) S+
    Soul Mythical Paramecia 6 S+
    Love Mythical Paramecia 5 S+
    Leopard Mythical Zoan 5 S+
    Dragon Mythical Zoan 8 S+
    Mochi Mythical Paramecia 5 (7) S+
    Soul Mythical Paramecia 6 S+
    Fire Legendary Logia 4 (7) S
    Rubber (Gear Fourth Snakeman) Mythical Paramecia 7 S
    Magnet Mythical Paramecia 6 S
    Dark Mythical Paramecia 5 S
    Flower Legendary Paramecia 4 S
    Revive Mythical Paramecia 5 S
    Phoenix Mythical Zoan 4 (5) S
    Sand Rare Logia 4 (8) S
    Quake Legendary Paramecia 5 S
    Paw Mythical Paramecia 7 A
    Chop Common Paramecia 4 (7) A
    Light Legendary Logia 4 (5) A
    Shadow Legendary Paramecia 5 A
    Lightning Legendary Logia 4 A
    Ice Legendary Logia 4 A
    Rubber (Base, Gear Second & Fourth) Mythical Paramecia 6, 4, 5 A
    Buddha Mythical Zoan 6 B
    Bomb Mythical Paramecia 2 B
    Gas Mythical Logia 4 B
    Smoke Rare Logia 4 B

    SIMPLIFIED UPDATED VERSION - A One Piece Fruit Tier List

    A One Piece Fruit List: S+ Tier 

    • Leopard Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+ 
    • Gear 4: Snakeman - Tier S+ 
    • Leopard Fruit - Tier S+ 
    • Soul Fruit - Tier S+
    • Dragon Fruit - Tier S+
    • Venom Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+
    • Sand Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+ 
    • Chop Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+
    • Mochi Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+
    • Shadow Fruit - Tier S+
    • Lighting Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+
    • Ice Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+
    • Soul Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+
    • Gas Fruit V2 - Tier S+
    • Operation Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+
    • Gear 5 - Tier S+
    • King’s Fruit - Tier S+
    • Revive Fruit - Tier S+
    • Love Fruit - Tier S+
    • Gravity Fruit (AWK) - Tier S+

    A One Piece Fruit List: S Tier

    • Magma Fruit (AWK) - Tier S
    • Fire Fruit (AWK) Tier S
    • Flower Fruit Tier S
    • String Fruit (AWK) Tier S
    • Magnet Fruit Tier S
    • Magma Fruit Tier S
    • Quake Fruit (V2) Tier S
    • Mochi Fruit: Tier S Tier S
    • Phoenix Fruit V2 Tier S
    • String Fruit Tier S
    • Light Fruit V2 Tier S

    A One Piece Fruit List: A Tier

    • Paw Fruit - Tier A
    • Buddha Fruit Tier A
    • Dark Fruit Tier A
    • Gravity Fruit Tier A

    A One Piece Fruit List: A Tier

    • Invisible Fruit - Tier C
    • Venom Fruit Tier C
    • Fire Fruit Tier C
    • Sand Fruit Tier C
    • Barrier Fruit Tier C
    • Bomb Fruit Tier C
    Since there is no official AOPG Fruit List, the first one was generated from Forums and game lovers. This list just provides a small insight for you. I remember from the beginning of this post, I said the post doesn't focus on how you can get fruits but I will include that so that you can understand how it works.

    Devil Fruits Rarities - (Bonus Talks)

    AOPG has a great number of fruits with in-game abilities but each fruit belongs to one out of the four rarities.

    AOPG Rarities
    • Mythical
    • Legendary
    • Rare
    • Common
    There are three types of devil fruits
    • Zoan
    • Logia
    • Paramecia

    The first table provided the tier list of each fruit, rarities, and types. Here is a simpler function of each fruit type

    ZOAN >> These type of devil fruits gives you the ability to transform into creatures or any animal.

    LOGIA >> Character transforms into an element.

    PARACEMIA >> These fruits can be anything, I really don't know a better way to define them.

    How Do I Get These Devil Fruits?

    • You can find them in any LOCATION around the game world.
    • They can be bought from Stores or at LOGUE TOWN with Beli.
    • During CHEST SEARCH, there is a 0.1% probability of getting a devil fruit.
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