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ACNH Villagers Tier List - (Animal Crossing: New Horizon 2.0)

ACNH Villagers Tier List - Going back in time to 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizon was one of the popular games on Nintendo Switch...
Join us on Telegram ACNH Villagers Tier List - Going back in time to 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizon was one of the popular games on Nintendo Switch. Have you been looking for the ACNH Villagers Tier List? Then you are in the right place.

Animal Crossing New Horizon was developed by the Nintendo team for the Nintendo Switch console. In this game, players are allowed to build and customize their own virtual world on a deserted Island
ACNH Village Tier List - (Animal Crossing: New Horizon 2.0)
Similar to the I am Future game, you are allowed to gather resources, construct buildings, and even design the Island to match your taste.

What makes the ACNH more interesting is the ability to interact with anthropomorphic animal villagers who are residents of the Island. 

As the main players, you can choose to interact, and befriend the ACNH Villagers because each animal has a unique personality.

    ACNH Village Tier List - (Animal Crossing: New Horizon 2.0)

    I am here with the latest and updated ACNH Villagers Tier List. You can also check out some of our other game Tier List such as Vampire Survivors Tier List and Anime Adventures Tier List.

    If there are any other questions that need to be answered on ANCH, I will try my best to cover them.

    ACNH Villagers Tier List: Tier S

    • Raymond - Tier S
    • Wade Tier S
    • Shino Tier S
    • Bob Tier S
    • Marshal Tier S
    • Molly Tier S
    • Maple Tier S
    • Sherb Tier S
    • Joey Tier S
    • Ankha Tier S
    • Zucker Tier S
    • Sasha Tier S
    • Lolly Tier S
    • Stitches Tier S
    • Fuchsia Tier S

    ACNH Villagers Tier List: Tier A

    • Lucky Tier A
    • Judy Tier A
    • Coco Tier A
    • Poppy Tier A
    • Ketchup Tier A
    • Fauna Tier A
    • Kabuki Tier A
    • Ione Tier A
    • Roald Tier A
    • Merengue Tier A
    • Erik Tier A
    • Marina Tier A
    • Punchy Tier A
    • Beau Tier A
    • Cherry Tier A
    • Tangy Tier A
    • Boris Tier A
    • Pietro Tier A
    • Marlo Tier A
    • Rosie Tier A
    • Audie Tier A
    • Goldie Tier A
    • Merry Tier A
    • Filbert Tier A
    • Fang Tier A

    ACNH Villagers Tier List: Tier B

    • Kiki Tier B
    • Wolfgang Tier B
    • Pekoe Tier B
    • Whitney Tier B
    • Zell Tier B
    • Kabuki Tier B
    • Flora Tier B
    • Chai Tier B
    • Bam Tier B
    • Agnes Tier B
    • Skye Tier B
    • Aurora Tier B
    • Reneigh Tier B
    • Genji Tier B
    • Kid Cat Tier B
    • Bill Tier B
    • Pashmina Tier B
    • Chrissy Tier B
    • Gayle Tier B
    • Bones Tier B
    • Ruby Tier B
    • Daisy Tier B
    • Bianca Tier B
    • Flurry Tier B
    • Fuchsia Tier B
    • Chevre Tier B
    • Katt Tier B
    • Ozzie Tier B
    • Henry Tier B
    • Clay Tier B
    • Drago Tier B
    • Dobie Tier B
    • Hornsby Tier B
    • Deirdre Tier B
    • Muffy Tier B
    • June Tier B
    • Peanut Tier B
    • Phoebe Tier B
    • Rudy Tier B
    • Blaire Tier B
    • Sylvana Tier B
    • Kyle Tier B
    • Static Tier B
    • Julia Tier B
    • Wendy Tier B

    ACNH Villagers Tier List: Tier C

    • Dotty Tier C
    • Olivia Tier C
    • Kidd Tier C
    • Bunnie Tier C
    • Mitzi Tier C
    • Teddy Tier C
    • Hazel  Tier C
    • Chief Tier C
    • Alice Tier C
    • Papi Tier C
    • Ellie Tier C
    • Celia Tier C
    • Francine Tier C
    • Eugene Tier C
    • Poncho Tier C
    • Roscoe Tier C
    • Purrl Tier C
    • Shep Tier C
    • Alfonso Tier C
    • Freya Tier C
    • Dizzy Tier C
    • Megan Tier C
    • Snake Tier C
    • Hopkins Tier C
    • Bea Tier C
    • Hamlet Tier C
    • Flo Tier C
    • Wade Tier C
    • Vivian Tier C
    • Bella Tier C
    • Joey Tier C
    • Biskit Tier C
    • Vesta Tier C
    • Lobo Tier C
    • Tutu Tier C
    • Boomer Tier C
    • Frita Tier C
    • Mira Tier C
    • Midge Tier C
    • Cheri Tier C
    • Broccolo Tier C
    • Lopez Tier C
    • Blanche Tier C
    • Lyman Tier C
    • Chadder Tier C
    • Canberra Tier C
    • Gala Tier C
    • Cranston Tier C
    • Olive Tier C
    • Cyd Tier C
    • Carmen Tier C
    • Tammy Tier C
    • Buck(Brows) Tier C
    • Maelle Tier C
    • Chelsea Tier C
    • Felicity Tier C
    • Antonio Tier C
    • Agent S Tier C
    • Jeremiah Tier C
    • Willow Tier C

    ACNH Villagers Tier List: Tier D

    • Nan Tier D
    • Hugh Tier D
    • Freckles Tier D
    • Cole Tier D
    • Norma Tier D
    • Tiffany Tier D
    • Bree Tier D
    • Rod Tier D
    • Scoot Tier D
    • Savannah Tier D
    • Mint Tier D
    • Bangle Tier D
    • Nana Tier D
    • Deli Tier D
    • Pompom Tier D
    • Tipper Tier D
    • Grizzly Tier D
    • Biff Tier D
    • Murphy Tier D
    • Maddie Tier D
    • Rodeo Tier D
    • Diva Tier D
    • Frobert Tier D
    • Drake Tier D
    • Stella Tier D
    • Sydney Tier D
    • Pinky Tier D
    • Drift Tier D
    • Puddles Tier D
    • Bruce Tier D
    • Walt Tier D
    • Colton Tier D
    • Tabby Tier D
    • Eunice Tier D
    • Sprocket Tier D
    • Moe Tier D
    • Amelia Tier D
    • Goose Tier D
    • Sterling Tier D
    • Egbert Tier D
    • Elvis Tier D
    • Cube Tier D
    • Gonzo Tier D
    • Piper Tier D
    • Admiral Tier D
    • Penelope Tier D
    • Annalisa Tier D
    • Walker Tier D
    • Winnie Tier D
    • Raddle Tier D
    • Axel Tier D
    • Tom Tier D
    • Rolf Tier D
    • Spike Tier D
    • Sylvia Tier D
    • Nate Tier D
    • Kody Tier D
    • Kitty Tier D
    • Shari Tier D
    • Butch Tier D
    • Tasha Tier D
    • Camofrog Tier D
    • Margie Tier D
    • Weber Tier D
    • OHare Tier D
    • Bubbles Tier D
    • Rilla Tier D
    • Benjamin Tier D
    • Derwin Tier D
    • Rodney  Tier D
    • Gladys Tier D
    • Doc Tier D
    • Coach Tier D
    • Tank Tier D
    • Ribbot Tier D

    ACNH Villagers Tier List: Tier E

    • Anabelle Tier E
    • Barold Tier E
    • Caroline Tier E
    • Nibbles Tier E
    • Portia Tier E
    • Yuka Tier E
    • Flip Tier E
    • Boots Tier E
    • Puck Tier E
    • Keaton Tier E
    • Kevin Tier E
    • Olaf Tier E
    • Greta Tier E
    • Toby Tier E
    • Pecan Tier E
    • Pate Tier E
    • Bonbon Tier E
    • Pippy Tier E
    • Rex Tier E
    • Hopper Tier E
    • Hamphrey Tier E
    • Bertha Tier E
    • Friga Tier E
    • Mac Tier E
    • Angus Tier E
    • Jacques Tier E
    • Marcel Tier E
    • Leonardo Tier E
    • Leopold Tier E
    • Iggly Tier E
    • Monique Tier E
    • Plucky Tier E
    • Rory Tier E
    • Beardo Tier E
    • Stu Tier E
    • Maggie Tier E
    • Boone Tier E
    • Frank Tier E
    • Billy Tier E
    • Tad Tier E
    • Big Top Tier E
    • Stinky Tier E
    • Deena Tier E
    • Paolo Tier E
    • Graham Tier E
    • Ken Tier E
    • Cally Tier E
    • Victoria Tier E
    • Gaston Tier E
    • Lucha Tier E
    • Cleo Tier E
    • Del Tier E
    • Huck Tier E
    • Tucker Tier E
    • Peck Tier E
    • Pango Tier E
    • Annalise Tier E
    • Renee Tier E
    • Hippeux Tier E
    • Mathilda Tier E
    • Cousteau Tier E
    • Chester Tier E
    • Phil Tier E
    • Anchovy Tier E
    • Prince Tier E
    • Marcie Tier E
    • Pierce Tier E
    • Pudge Tier E
    • Ava Tier E
    • Vic Tier E
    • Avery Tier E
    • Sally Tier E
    • Crackle(Spork) Tier E
    • Peewee Tier E
    • Anicotti Tier E
    • Cyrano Tier E
    • T-Bone Tier E
    • Mallary Tier E
    • Naomi Tier E
    • Monty Tier E
    • Tybalt Tier E
    • Claude Tier E
    • Benedict Tier E
    • Cesar Tier E
    • Patty Tier E
    • Eloise Tier E
    • Klaus Tier E
    • Kitt Tier E
    • Dora Tier E
    • Soleil Tier E
    ACNH Villagers Tier List: Tier F
    • Hans Tier F
    • Quillson Tier F
    • Lionel Tier F
    • Lucy Tier F
    • Rocket Tier F
    • Astrid Tier F
    • Claudia Tier F
    • Samson Tier F
    • Knox Tier F
    • Sparro Tier F
    • Simon Tier F
    • Gabi Tier F
    • Bud Tier F
    • Chow Tier F
    • Elmer Tier F
    • Pancetti Tier F
    • Rocco Tier F
    • Jacob Tier F
    • Croque Tier F
    • Boris Tier F
    • Broffina Tier F
    • Becky Tier F
    • Twiggy Tier F
    • Jay Tier F
    • Ursala Tier F
    • Tammi Tier F
    • Robin Tier F
    • Rowan Tier F
    • Vladimir Tier F
    • Peggy Tier F
    • Ike Tier F
    • Cobb Tier F
    • Buzz Tier F
    • Rooney Tier F
    • Gigi Tier F
    • Timbra Tier F
    • Alli Tier F
    • Ricky Tier F
    • Bettina Tier F
    • Mott Tier F
    • Moose Tier F
    • Opal Tier F
    • Sly Tier F
    • Al Tier F
    • Tex Tier F
    • Curlos Tier F
    • Velma Tier F
    • Chops Tier F
    • Curt Tier F
    • Jambette Tier F
    • Gwen Tier F
    • Truffle Tier F
    • Clyde Tier F
    • Rasher Tier F
    • Charlise Tier F
    • Carrie Tier F
    • Snooty Tier F
    • Paula Tier F
    • Baabara Tier F
    • Sandy Tier F
    • Jitters Tier F
    • Harry Tier F
    • Miranda Tier F
    • Bitty Tier F
    • Violet Tier F
    • Wart Jr. Tier F
    • Groucho Tier F
    • Limberg Tier F
    • Sheldon Tier F
    • Ed Tier F
    • Louie Tier F
    • Gruff Tier F
    • Boyd Tier F
    • Rhonda Tier F
    • Curly Tier F
    • Candy Tier F
    • Gloria Tier F
    • Rizzo Tier F
    • Elise Tier F
    • Queenie Tier F
    • Peaches Tier F
    • Cashmere Tier F

    ACNH Villagers Tier List - (Bonus Talks)

    Once you arrive at your island, Tom Nook will provide you with a tent. Think of this tent as your future home, as it will eventually become a comfortable home. 

    When setting up your pavilion, consider its future size and the placement of other buildings such as the museum, Nook’s cranny shop, and visitor’s center. 

    Planning carefully now will save you from having to reorganize later. Research, collect, and gather everything together because everything in Animal Crossing has a price

    Initially, you will need to earn Nook Miles to pay off the first loan. These miles can be earned by completing various tasks such as mowing lawns, fishing, and catching bugs. The good news is that Timmy and Tommy Nook buy almost anything you collect. So, don’t hesitate to sell things like grass, pears and fish.

    You will be given four random maps. My advice? Don’t rush into this decision. Take the time to examine each one. Look for an island that offers open spaces close to the sea, as you will want room to expand your island as you progress. Remember, you can’t change the name of your island once, so choose wisely.

    While writing this ANCH Villagers Tier List, I only wanted to give out the list because we might have some beginners reading this article. I added some bonus talks that can help guide them.

    Our ACNH Village Tier List Ranks - (Explained Well)

    Each villager in the ACNH Villagers Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

    Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now that is how our list was made, it was crafted based on votes.

    How Are The Rankings Decided?

    Most of the game guides on this website are based on personal research and gameplay. Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time to create a list. 

    Later I visit other websites to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier ListMultiverse Defenders Tier Listand Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.

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