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Blox Fruits Sword Tier List - (Best Swords Ranking)

Have you been looking for the Blox Fruits sword tier list? Then you are in the right place.
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Blox Fruits Sword Tier List - Blox Fruits is the most popular game on Roblox. I have been a fan of Roblox for a long time but this particular game I've just avoided for unknown reasons. Have you been looking for the Blox Fruits sword tier list? Then you are in the right place.

After the recent update, Blox Fruits has become one of the most-played games on Roblox. This game has over 800K+ active players every hour, sometimes when I wake up at midnight to play Blox Fruits. I see over 1M+ active players every time. 

Blox Fruits Sword Tier List - (Best Swords Ranking)

Due to Update 20, Here is the Blox Fruits Sword Tier List and I will add some of the updates made to this game. I have seen lots of Blox Fruits in-game questions and I promise to make sure I cover everything like I always do.

    Blox Fruits Sword Tier List - (Best Swords Ranking)

    Swords are important in the Blox Fruits game because players are expected to train to become the best swordsman player ever to live. Now you see the reasons why you need the Blox Fruits Sword Tier List so that you can see the ability each sword possesses.

    Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: TIER S

    • Hollow side - Tier S
    • Curse Dual Katana Tier S
    • Spiky Trident Tier S
    • Twin Hooks Tier S
    • Triple Dark Blade Tier S
    • Shark Anchor Tier S
    • True Triple Katana Tier S

    Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: TIER A

    • Rangoku Tier A
    • Shark saw Tier A
    • Sad Tier A
    • Wando Tier A
    • Soul G Tier A
    • Yama Tier A
    • Tou Tier A
    • Dark Blade Tier A
    • Dark Dagger Tier A
    • Dragon Trident Tier A
    • Coco sword Tier A

    Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: TIER B

    • Gravity cane Tier B
    • Midnight Blade Tier B
    • Saber V2 Tier B

    Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: TIER C

    • Tripo katana Tier C
    • Can vender sword Tier C
    • Dual-headed blade Tier C
    All these swords are categorized under these five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. There were some adjustments that came in with the last update and I will talk about them briefly.

    These rarities determine how hard it will be to get the sword. In a simpler form, the higher the rarities, the harder it is to get such a sword.
    There are times when the low-tier swords tend to perform better than the high-tier. You can get this sword from an NPC on the Island, and to get the high-tier sword, you might need to defeat a boss just like in Haze Piece.

    Blox Fruits Sword Tier List: What was improved?

    >> Tosheeda Swords
    • User-friendly with remarkable combo potential
    • Adaptable for both Player vs. Player battles and resource accumulation. 
    >> Yama Blades
    • This sword does some perfect damage on opponents, but to do this, you must be able to aim well.
    • It has some cool stuff and allows you to do some combos when fighting.
    It does good damage, but you need to aim well. It's super mobile and lets you do some sweet combo
    Suggestion: Most fitting for players endowed with pinpoint marksmanship.

    There are other queries I will talk about in the future about this newly discovered game, Blox Fruits. You might consider using the bookmarking of my blog for more game content.

    Our Blox Fruits Sword Tier List Ranks - (Explained Well)

    Each sword in the Blox Fruits Sword Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

    Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now let us further break them down:

    • Tier S+: Any sword inserted in this category is considered the best in the game. Their presence alone guarantees you that you are leaving the battlefield victorious.
    • Tier S: The swords in this list are also great additions to your team, you just need to do some regular upgrades with in-game coins.
    • Tier A: These swords are in the category, you might want to consider swapping them for a better sword after unlocking an A-tier or S-tier sword.
    • Tier B: I wouldn't say these are bad, but you might consider swapping from your team when you need a stronger team.
    • Tier C: These characters are bad, try everything in your power to change them and avoid using them.
    • Tier D: Sometimes, the swords may be too much. Just know that swords in this tier are not something I'd recommend you use.

    How Are The Rankings Decided?

    Most of the game guides on this website are based on personal research and gameplay. Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time to come up with a list. 

    Later I visit other websites to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier ListMultiverse Defenders Tier Listand Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.

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