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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations - If you have been finding it hard to locate taxis in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, do not worry much I am here to help...
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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations - If you have been finding it hard to locate taxis in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, do not worry much I am here to help you with it. Since there are a lot of kids playing this video game, I will make sure it is very simple and straightforward.

Since its creation, fans have always held this Bomb Rush Cyberfunk vs. Jet set Radio. I honestly love this game because it has some characters which much more unique. First, you will need to unlock the taxi system in the game. 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations

For you to do this, you need to try out the main story, once you get to the Eclipse stage you unlock the Taxi System. Once you reach the very center of Millennium Square, find a taxi driver.

    All Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations

    Now that you have access to the taxi, it’s time to find the taxi location. Do not forget that you have to dance next to the taxi sign in order for you to get a taxi which will come in immediately. Here are the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations and how you can get to them.

    1. Versum Hill

    Head to Varsum Hill. Near the place where you can see the fight with Frank. To reach this taxi location, follow the stairs and make your way across the central square. When you arrive, you will see a taxi sign right in the middle of the street.

    2. Millennium Square

    At Millennium Square, turn left at the bottom of the central area and continue just below the main bridge. Before you reach the street, you will see the next taxi location (Just follow the signs), all this is possible when you already have enough reps to unlock the Millennium Square.

    3. Brinks Terminal

    Follow the highway on the street, jump down, and keep walking while looking at the map. Look closely at the person with a white globe on their head. Right next to this person, you will find a taxi sign.

    4. Millennium Mall

    Once you've collected enough Rep to reach the Millennium Mall area, head back to the center, near the big redfish deck. The taxi sign is clearly visible next to it.

    5. Mataan

    Now, let’s head to Mataan. Go to the bridge. Turn left, and look at the big square in the center of the map. On one side of the bridge, you will find a taxi stand.

    6. Pyramid Island

    Another taxi stand can be found on Pyramid Island. Find a room with a pipe and start spinning without using the ladder as it will keep leading you up till you find a taxi.
    Once you reach the top of the pipe, turn left, and you will see a taxi stand on your left. This one is kind of tricky because the taxi pipe is up and you need to reach there using a room with a pipe.

    7. Hideout

    There's the Hideout Taxi in the central square. You can see it from a distance, you can’t miss it. Just go to the Hideout and look for the Taxi sign.

    Now those are the seven Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations, Since I am still new to this game, I will try my best to answer every question relating to Bomb Rush Cuberfunk. You might want to check out some other game guides: How To Unlock The Spellbinder in Vampire Survivors and How I Got Gems Fast and Quick in Roblox A One Piece Game.

    Thanks for reading my blog post on Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Taxi Locations. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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