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Chrono Trigger Battle Mechanics and Character Stats Guide

Chrono Trigger Battle Mechanics and Character Stats Guide - The last time I shared some of the mini games on Chrono Trigger and bonus tips that will a
Join us on Telegram Chrono Trigger Battle Mechanics and Character Stats Guide - The last time I shared some of the mini games on Chrono Trigger and bonus tips that will allow you to enjoy your game experience.

If you are here for Chrono Trigger, do not worry there are more guide posts that will be coming in. Don't forget to check out the Chrono Trigger Mini game guide.
Chrono Trigger is another popular RPG game developed by the Dream Team of DRAGON QUEST creator, Yuri Horii. It is available on Google PlayStore, Steam, and Windows.

This post contains the Chrono Trigger Battle Mechanics and Character Stats guide, it will also open your eyes to formulas, defense, and in-game strategies.

    Chrono Trigger Battle Mechanics and Character Stats Guide

    There are still some more guides coming through, just as we did for popular Roblox game, Haze Piece. Let's get straight to the guides for Chrono Trigger:-

    1. Trying out Physical Defense 

    >> Males
    • SNES: Equip OzziePants, Moon Armor, and Power Seal. 
    • DS: Equip Ozzie Pants, choice of armor, and Power Seal. 
    >> Females
    • Equip OzziePants, Prism Dress, and Power Seal for both SNES and DS.

    2. In-game Defense Mechanics 

    >> Defense

    • Physical damages won't affect much. 
    • Influenced by equipped armor and stamina. 

    >> Evasion

    • Helps you dodge attacks that can cause physical damage from opponents

    Note: Most magic attacks can’t be dodged. 

    >> Magic Defense

    • Lowers damage from magical attacks. 

    >> Stamina/Vigor

    • Enhances defense. Impacts certain tech damages.

    3. Some Character Special Damage Techniques

    Robo’s Crisis Arm:
    • Dynamic damage depending on Robo’s current HP and attack value.
    • Best utilized in the later stages of the game.
    • Formula: Attack = ((Power × 4/3) + (Weapon × 5/9))
    • Damage = ((Attack/2 * Last HP digit) * 2)
    Ayla’s Bronze Fist:
    • Achievable at level 96.
    • Critical strike delivers 9,999 damage.
    Lucca’s Wondershot:
    • Damage multiplier depends on your game playtime’s final second.
    Magus’s Doomsickle:
    • Amplifies in strength as more allies perish.

    4. Damage Mechanics 

    Basic Damage:
    • Equal to Attack value multiplied by four. 
    • Modified by a random number for dynamism. 
    • Defense and magic defense adjust the non-random part.

    5. Some Character Damage Attack Formulas

    • Ayla: Attack = ((Power × 1.75) + (Level² ÷ 45.5))
    • Lucca and Marle: Attack = ((Hit + Weapon) × 2/3)
    • Males: Attack = ((Power × 4/3) + (Weapon × 5/9))

    6. Important Variables in Damage Calculation

    • Represents a character’s accuracy.
    • Only relevant for Lucca and Marle’s damage formulas.
    • Affects the hit rate for normal attacks and certain physical techs.
    • Calculation: 1 Hit equals 2/3 Attack for Lucca and Marle.
    • Indicates a character’s physical strength.
    • Pertinent for Ayla and male characters’ damage formulas.
    • Calculation: 1 PWR is 4/3 attack for males, 1.75 attack for Ayla.
    • Reflects character progression and strength.
    • Influences all magic attacks, certain techs, and Ayla’s attack formula.
    • The power of a weapon.
    • Affects all characters except for Ayla.
    Attack Value:
    • Found on the pause menu.
    • Derived from Power and Weapon values.
    • Initial value is decimal but rounded to a whole number.

    • The number shown when attacking an enemy.

    7. Basic Mechanics

    Attack Function:
    • Attacks are non-elemental, physical techniques.
    • They strike an enemy once.
    • There’s a potential to deal double damage with a “crit” (critical strike).

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