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Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests Guide - (Rules & Access)

Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests Guide - Another guide is here for you if you are a lover of this popular game, Chrono Trigger.
Join us on Telegram Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests Guide - Another guide is here for you if you are a lover of this popular game, Chrono Trigger.

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There is nothing much to say about this game that you haven't heard in the Chrono Trigger walkthrough.

    Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests Guide

    Let's get straight to what this blog post is about, which is the Chrono Trigger Sealed Chests Guide.

    Chests Accessible with the Epoch

    • You can find this at the Northern ruins post Frog’s Sidequest.
    • Items and upgrades:
    • Nova Armor upgrades to Moon Armor.
    • Siren upgrades to Valkyrie.
    • Kali Blade upgrades to Shiva edge.

    Chests Accessible with a Charged Pendant

    >> Non-upgradable
    600 A.D.:
    • Guardia Forest: Speed Tab.
    • Magic Cave: Magic Ring.
    1000 A.D.:
    • Heckran Cave: Wall Ring and Dash Ring.
    • Guardia Forest: Power Ring.
    • Medina Village: Choose between Swallow (sword) or Safe Helm.
    Sealed Doors in 2300 A.D.:
    • Bangor Dome: Charm Top and Wallet.
    • Trann Dome: Gold Stud, Full Ether, and Magic Tab.
    • Arris Dome: Lumin Robe, Hit Ring, Gold Erng, Elixer, and Power Tab.
    • Elder’s House, Porre (600 A.D.): White Mail/Black Mail and White Vest/Black Vest.
    • Truce Inn (600 A.D.): Blue Mail and Blue Vest.
    • Guardia Castle (600 A.D.): Red Mail and Red Vest.

    Elemental Armor Absorption

    • This armor takes in the damage and heal the character.
    • Vests: Absorb and heal 50% of potential damage.
    • Mails: Absorb 100%.
    • Ruby Vest: Only blocks 50% of fire damage, not absorbing.

    Accessing Sealed Chests

    • Break the Seal onwards: Players will have a charged pendant.
    • The Time Egg onwards: This egg allows player fly.
    • Chest classifications:
    • Some require just the pendant.
    • Some require both the pendant and the ability to fly.
    Sealed chests and doors: Found across different timelines – 600 A.D., 1000 A.D., and 2300 A.D.
    Charged pendant: Essential for accessing these chests and doors.
    Time periods: Some chests offer different items based on when they are accessed.

    Overview of Sealed Chests

    • Chests with the Zeal crest: Present in 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D., black in color, require a charged pendant to open.
    • Sealed doors in 2300 A.D.: Also opened using a charged pendant.

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