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Chrono Trigger Walkthrough - (Fairground Mini Games)

Chrono Trigger Walkthrough - Chrono Trigger is another popular game on Steam, Android, and Windows. This game was released in 2018 and has been rated
Join us on Telegram Chrono Trigger Walkthrough - Chrono Trigger is another popular game on Steam, Android, and Windows. This game was released in 2018 and has been rated well by users(fans).

I heard about this game (Chrono Trigger) from a friend and decided that I would take my time and prepare a Chrono Trigger Walkthrough. This post is really not a walkthrough like I did for The Genesis Order, but trust me when I say it will cover a lot for you. 
If you are a beginner, you need to know that Chrono Trigger is another popular RPG game developed by the Dream Team of DRAGON QUEST creator, Yuri Horii.

In this game, players embark on quests from different eras, participate in battles, and lot more. Since the mobile version has been launched, updates has been made to this game.

Since you are here, let's take a look at the Chrono Trigger walkthrough. Do not also forget that you can get this game on Steam for $14.99 and $7+ on Google PlayStore.

    Chrono Trigger Walkthrough

    Looking for a better way to boost your gameplay? Well this guide will help familiarize you with the mini games and other activities available in the Chrono Trigger game.

    Silver Points (SP)

    • Usage: At Norsteim Bekkler's lab, you can use the Silver points to get more gold or win more prizes.
    • Conversion Rate: 10SP = 50G.
    • Strategy: Save SP for Bekkler’s lab to unlock late-game character rewards.

    Mini Game 1: Battle Gato

    • Gato Location: West of north plaza (Leene’s Bell area). 
    • Objective: Face Gato, the singing Robot in a battle. 
    • Reward: 15 SP, 10 XP, 1 TP. 
    • Lose Penalty: You will need to revive with 1 HP.

    Mini Game 2: Foot Race 

    • Location: East of entrance plaza. 
    • Objective: Place your bets on winning racer, by trying to get hints.
    • Interact: To slow racers, press the A button and you see it work. 
    • Reward: 20 SP. 
    • Note: Race outcomes are random.

    Mini Game 3: Hammer Challenge 

    • Location: Southwest of entrance plaza. 
    • Objective: Follow the instructions, so you can hit the bell at the right time. 
    • Reward: 1 SP.

    Mini Game 4: Guzzling Contest 

    • Location: East of northern plaza (Leene’s Bell area). 
    • Objective: To Guzzle soda, you tap on the A button
    • Bonus Tip: Use turbo controller or rounded object for speed.
    • Reward: 5 SP.

    Mini Game 5: Show Tent 

    • Provider: Norstein Bekkler’s lab. 
    Main Attractions: 
    • Guess Who: 10 SP cost, rewards include Poyozo Doll or Cat Food. 
    • Copycat: 40 SP cost, mimic clone’s actions, rewards include Clone or Cat Food. 
    • Save Your Friend: 80 SP cost, fend off Kilwalas and save friend, rewards include a Cat or Cat Food.
    Special Rewards
    Poyozo Doll: This doll plays your character theme song. 
    Clone: Changes sprite positions based on interactions. 
    Cat: Appears at Crono’s house; can accumulate up to 11 cats using Cat Food.

    Bonus Tips to help you complete Chrono Trigger Mini Tasks

    There are some bonus tricks you need to know before you can complete these tasks
    • First, you need to know that the races are always random, most times it's not advisable to depend on these hints.
    • Focus on the clone rewards, it helps you with unique characters.
    • Always save your SP for Bekkler's lab, this will give you maximum efficiency.

    Thanks for reading my blog post on the Chrono Trigger Walkthrough. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.

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