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Civ 5 Tier List - (5 Civilizations Leaders Ranked)

Have you been looking for the Civ 5 Tier List? Then you are in the right place.
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Civ 5 Tier List - Another game you might be interested in is Civilization V. Have you been looking for the Civ 5 Tier List? Then you are in the right place

There are different Civilization series but most people prefer to play the 5th version. Anyways, if you are using an Android phone, you can no longer access Civ 5 (because Civ VI is out) on Google PlayStore but can get it from other websites. 

Civ 5 Tier List - (5 Civilizations Leaders Ranked)

Civilization V is one of the best strategy games on Android because you are expected to take on the role of a leader whose main goal is to guide the people from ancient times to the modern era. 

You will never get bored because there are over 43 different civilizations to play.

I have written some other tier lists, you might want to check out: ACNH Villagers Tier List and DBD Perk Tier List.

    Civ 5 Tier List - (5 Civilizations Leaders Ranked)

    This game is available on Steam, and Google PlayStore. It has gotten over 500K+ active downloads and you need 4.2 GB to download this game. 

    The Civ 5 Tier List will help you through the top 5 best civs which are Diety Category, Immortal, Emperor, King, Prince, Warlord, Chieftain, and Settlers. Here is the Civ 5 Tier List prepared for you.

    Civ 5 Tier List – Deity Tier Civilizations

    • Korea (Sejong
    • Mayans (Pacal
    • Arabia (Harun al-Rashid
    • Persia (Darius I)
    • Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II
    • Poland (Casimir III)

    Civ 5 Tier List – Immortal Tier Civilizations

    • Greece (Alexander
    • England (Elizabeth
    • Songhai (Askia
    • America (Washington)
    • The Inca (Pachacuti
    • The Zulu (Shaka
    • The Huns (Atilla)

    Civ 5 Tier List – Emperor Tier Civilizations

    • Sweden (Gustavus Adolphus
    • China (Wu Zetian)
    • Mongolia (Genghis Khan
    • Germany (Bismarck)

    Civ 5 Tier List – King Tier Civilizations

    • The Shoshone (Pocatello
    • Denmark (Harald Bluetooth
    • Egypt (Ramesses II
    • Siam (Ramkhamhaeng
    • Polynesia (Kamehameha)
    • Spain (Isabella
    • The Aztecs (Montezuma
    • Brazil (Pedro II
    • Russia (Catherine)

    Civ 5 Tier List – Prince Tier Civilizations

    • Ethiopia (Haile Selassie
    • Japan (Oda Nobunaga)
    • The Netherlands (William
    • The Celts (Boudicca)

    Civ 5 Tier List – Warlord Tier Civilizations

    • The Ottomans (Suleiman
    • Austria (Maria Theresa
    • Assyria (Ashurbanipal)
    • Morocco (Ahmad al-Mansur
    • Rome (Augustus Caesar)

    Civ 5 Tier List – Chieftain Tier Civilizations

    • Byzantium (Theodora
    • Iroquois (Hiawatha
    • Venice (Enrico Dandolo)
    • India (Gandhi)

    Civ 5 Tier List – Settler Tier Civilizations

    • France (Napoleon
    • Portugal (Maria I
    • Carthage (Dido)

    Civ 5 Tier List: Nations Comparison

    It is cool to not agree with these ranks, most of these leaders might be similar but there is something unique about each of them. So I just want to tell you that your views might be different but use the comment section for any suggestion.


    Tier Ranks: S
    Leader: Shaka
    Special Unit: Impi
    Special Ability: Iklwa
    Improvements: Ikanda


    Tier Ranks: S
    Leader: Casimir III
    Special Unit: Winged Hussar
    Special Ability: Solidarity
    Improvements: Ducal Stable


    Tier Ranks: S
    Leader: Nebuchadnezzar II
    Special Unit: Bowman
    Special Ability: Ingenuity
    Improvements: Walls of Babylon 


    Tier Ranks: S
    Leader: Sejong
    Special Unit: Turtle Ship
    Special Ability: Scholars of the Jade Hall
    Improvements: Hwach’a 


    Tier Ranks: S
    Leader: ement Harun al-Rashid
    Special Unit: Camel Archer
    Special Ability: Bazaar
    Improvements: Vanilla and Trade Caravans 


    Tier Ranks: S
    Leader: Darius I
    Special Unit: Immortal
    Special Ability: Achaemenid Legacy
    Improvements: Satrap’s Court


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Pachacuti
    Special Unit: Slinger
    Special Ability: Great Andean Road
    Improvements: Terrace Farm 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Enrico Dandolo
    Special Unit: Merchant of Venice
    Special Ability: Serenissima
    Improvements: Great Galleass 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Pacal
    Special Unit: Atlatlist
    Special Ability: The Long Count
    Improvements: Pyramid 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Alexander
    Special Unit: Companion Cavalry
    Special Ability: Hellenic League
    Improvements: Hoplite 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Askia
    Special Unit: Mandekalu Cavalry
    Special Ability: River Warlord
    Improvements: Mud Pyramid Mosque 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Washington
    Special Unit: B17
    Special Ability: Manifest Destiny
    Improvements: Minuteman 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Elizabeth
    Special Unit: Longbowman
    Special Ability: Sun Never Sets
    Improvements: Ship of the Line 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Attila
    Special Unit: Horse Archer
    Special Ability: Scourge of God
    Improvements: Battering Ram 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Genghis Khan
    Special Unit: Keshik
    Special Ability: Mongol Terror
    Improvements: Khan (Great Person) 


    Tier Ranks: A
    Leader: Bismarck
    Special Unit: Vanilla and GodsKings, Landsknecht, Panzer
    Special Ability: Furor Teutonicus
    Improvements: Hanse


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Wu Zetian
    Special Unit: Chu-Ko-Nu
    Special Ability: Art of War
    Improvements: Paper Maker 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Gustavus Adolphus
    Special Unit: Hakkapeliitta
    Special Ability: Nobel Prize
    Improvements: Carolean 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Catherine
    Special Unit: Cossack
    Special Ability: Siberian Riches
    Improvements: Krepost 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Haile Selassie
    Special Unit: Stele
    Special Ability: Spirit of Adwa
    Improvements: Mehal Sefari 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Ahmad al-Mansur
    Special Unit: Berber cavalry
    Special Ability: Gateway to Africa
    Improvements: Kasbah (Improvement) 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Isabella
    Special Unit: Tercio
    Special Ability: Seven Cities of Gold
    Improvements: Conquistador 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Pedro II
    Special Unit: Pracinha
    Special Ability: Carnival
    Improvements: Brazilwood Camp (Improvement) 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Montezuma
    Special Unit: Jaguar
    Special Ability: Sacrificial Captives
    Improvements: Floating Gardens 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Pocatello
    Special Unit: Pathfinder
    Special Ability: Great Expanse
    Improvements: Comanche Riders 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Kamehameha
    Special Unit: Maori Warrior
    Special Ability: Wayfinding
    Improvements: Moai (Tile Improvement) 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Boudicca
    Special Unit: Pictish Warrior
    Special Ability: Druidic Lore
    Improvements: Ceilidh Hall 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: William
    Special Unit: Sea Beggar
    Special Ability: Dutch East India Company
    Improvements: Polder (Improvement) 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Ramesses II
    Special Unit: War Chariot
    Special Ability: Monument Builders
    Improvements: Burial tomb 


    Tier Ranks: B
    Leader: Harald Bluetooth
    Special Unit: Berserker
    Special Ability: Viking Fury
    Improvements: Norwegian Ski Infantry 


    Tier Ranks: C
    Leader: Ramkhamhaeng
    Special Unit: Naresuan’s Elephant
    Special Ability: Father Governs Children
    Improvements: Wat 


    Tier Ranks: C
    Leader: Suleiman
    Special Unit: Janissary
    Special Ability: Barbary Corsairs
    Improvements: Sipahi


    Tier Ranks: C
    Leader: Oda Nobunaga
    Special Unit: Samurai
    Special Ability: Bushido
    Improvements: Zero 


    Tier Ranks: C
    Leader: Maria Theresa
    Special Unit: Hussar
    Special Ability: Diplomatic Marriage
    Improvements: Coffee House 


    Tier Ranks: C
    Leader: Ashurbanipal
    Special Unit: Siege Tower
    Special Ability: Treasures of Nineveh
    Improvements: Royal Library
    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Augustus Caesar
    Special Unit: Ballista
    Special Ability: The Glory of Rome
    Improvements: Legion 


    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Gajah Mada
    Special Unit: Kris Swordsman
    Special Ability: Spice Islanders
    Improvements: Candi


    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Theodora
    Special Unit: Cataphract
    Special Ability: Patriarchate of Constantinople
    Improvements: Dromon


    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Dido
    Special Unit: African Forest Elephant
    Special Ability: Phoenician Heritage
    Improvements: Quinquereme 


    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Napoleon
    Special Unit: Foreign Legion, Musketeer, Musketeer
    Special Ability: Vanilla and GodsKings, Ancien Régime, City of Light
    Improvements: Chateau (Improvement 


    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Gandhi
    Special Unit: War elephant
    Special Ability: Population Growth
    Improvements: Mughal Fort 


    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Maria I
    Special Unit: Nau
    Special Ability: Mare Clausum
    Improvements: Feitoria (Improvement) 


    Tier Ranks: D
    Leader: Hiawatha
    Special Unit: Mohawk Warrior
    Special Ability: The Great Warpath
    Improvements: Longhouse

    Civ 5 Tier List - (Bonus Talks)

    After making the Tier List, I try to give out some bonus guides that will help you see the reasons why each civilization falls under the category tagged. 

    If you disagree, you can always use the comment box. So this is my regular bonus talk for people who are interested in knowing each civilization and what they've got.


    One of my absolute favorites is Poland. They have these amazing Winged Hussar units that can help you win in a variety of ways. Not only are they great at conquering other civilizations, but they can also evolve their nations quickly due to their unique ability.


    Another civilization that interests me is Babylon. These guys are all about science. Being able to build an academy at the beginning of the game and increase the breeding of a great scientist, the game becomes positive. In addition, their Babylonian walls made them difficult to conquer. 


    The Incas are like mountain experts. Roads and railways can be built in the mountains free of charge. their units could easily pass through mountainous terrain with relative ease. They also have these cool Terrace Farms that help get food from the mountains.


    New cities cannot be built like other civilizations. Instead, you can buy cities or raid other cities to get them. Buying in town is good because it saves real estate. But it can be expensive. The good thing is that Venice has many trade routes, and with the right choices they can make a ton of gold.


    Greece is all about diplomacy. They are good when it comes to making friends with urban states. They do not easily lose influence with city-states, and can easily become allies. They also have these special units called Hoplites that are terrible against mounted enemies.


    The country China is beautiful because it can be scientific and territorial. Their leader, Wu Zetian, is good at picking out Great Generals, and they are super strong. They also have a Paper Maker room, which is used to make a lot of gold. You can use that gold to build a bigger army or advance in science. 


    When you make friends with other civilizations you are good at recruiting great people. And if you have these great people, you can give them to city-states to make them love you too.

    Our Civ 5 Tier List Ranks - (Explained Well)

    Each civilization in the Civ 5 Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

    Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now let us further break them down:

    • Tier S: Any civilization inserted in this category is considered the best in the game. Their presence alone guarantees you success.
    • Tier A: The Civilizations in this list are also great additions, you just need to do some strategic thoughts.
    • Tier B: These Civilization have some great abilities but they are not as good and great as those in Tier S.
    • Tier C: I wouldn't say these are bad, but you might consider swapping civilizations (haha!)
    • Tier D: These characters are bad. However, they also have something that makes them special.

    How Are The Rankings Decided?

    Most of the game guides on this website are based on personal research and gameplay. Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time to create a list. 

    Later I visit other websites to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List Multiverse Defenders Tier Listand Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.


    What is Civilization 5?

    Civilization 5, more commonly known as Civ 5, is a popular turn-based game that allows you to build and lead your own civilization throughout history.

    How many civilizations are there in Civ 5?

    There are 43 different civilizations in Civilization V, each with specific powers and factions.

    Which civilization is better for science and domination and conquest?

    China is a convenient strategic reform choice for domination and science conquest. Wu Zetian’s leadership and the Paper Maker room lead to more production.

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