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Counter Strike 2 Weapon List - (Pistol, Shotguns & Rifles)

I will explain just Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, and maybe Submarine Guns. If you are a beginner then I suggest that you patiently read through this...
Join us on Telegram Counter Strike 2 Weapon List - Since the launching of Counter Strike 2, I have tried my possible best to cover any queries I come across on Reddit.

This post contains some of the weapon talks and how you can use each weapon professionally. 

Counter Strike 2 Weapon List - (Pistol, Shotguns & Rifles) I was watching a YouTube video and I saw how easy the YouTuber was shooting at targets because he already familiarized himself with each Counter Strike weapons list and its performance.
Counter Strike 2 is a very popular game that has been accepted by every gamer. Back when I wrote the Counter Strike 2 Knife Commands, this game had only 100K+ active players. Now it has over 7M+ active players on Steam.

Another interesting thing is that the Counter Strike 2 is officially FREE on Steam. Let's not beat around the bush too much, we are going to see some of the in-game weapons and their performance.

    Counter Strike 2 Weapon List - (Pistol, Shotguns & Rifles)

    I will explain just Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, and maybe Submarine Guns. If you are a beginner then I suggest that you patiently read through this guide as it will help you utilize weapons to your taste.

    1. Pistols Counter Strike 2 Weapon List - (Pistol, Shotguns & Rifles)

    Pistols are naturally great and most beginners prefer to use the USP-S because of its silent killing abilities. These pistols have less ammo.

    There are other pistols that are fire, for example, the P250 which is a great and better choice for you to kill when surrounded by opponents. 

    Honestly, I can't explain every gun in the Pistol category, just take your time to understand the different types and their abilities. 

    Becoming good with pistols is important for clutch rounds and eco rounds since they are your go-to weapons in the early round when economy management is crucial.
    DO NOT USE THE R8 Revolver because it is TOTAL GARBAGE!!!

    2. Shotguns

    Maybe this is my favorite, I really can't say. Games with shotguns get my attention no matter how badly they are reviewed

    Shotguns are available on Counter Strike 2, you want to surprise your opponent off-guard? If YES. You need to check out this category and understand it.

    NOVA and Sawed-Off shotguns might actually be worth your time because their damage is perfect when your enemies are at close range. The damage they cause too counts.

    Take enough to learn your positioning, and work on your tactics when using the Shotgun weapons in CS: GO or Counter Strike 2.

    3. Rifles

    The uncountable amount of people that hype this Rifles on Reddit. Some even claimed that it is the backbone of Counter Strike: GO.

    Well, I would agree because rifles like AK-47 and M4A1-S are great choices for medium to long-range engagements. What of the Sniper Rifles? These weapons perform well when handled by a professional player.

    While playing Counter Strike 2, do not rush anything because knowing the exact Rifles to buy is an important thing in your game economy management. 

    When you eventually purchase one, work on your spray control technique to help you land more accurate shots.

    4. Submachine Guns - (Bonus)

    There is nothing much to say about this weapons category because I haven't gotten the time to explore them.

    Based on research, I found out that most of these machine gun offers crazy firing rate and mobility. Just take your time exploring these guns.
    Now that's all I've got on weapon talks, if you have any additional information for me use the comment box, and do not forget that your economy management skill must be 100 because you need to know when to buy, and save.

    When exploring the weapon shop, do not forget that grenade plays an important role and can scatter your enemies' plan and give you some petty advantages.

    And if you are having some issues playing this game, here is how to fix game crash on Counter Strike 2.

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    Thanks for reading my Counter Strike 2 Weapon Listdo not forget to share it on Social media. If you have a suggestion, kindly drop a comment.
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