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Critical Legends Trello & Official Discord Link

Have you been looking for the Critical Legends Trello? Then you are in the right place.
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Critical Legends Trello & Official Discord Link - Another Roblox game that has been blowing the internet is Critical LegendsHave you been looking for the Critical Legends Trello? Then you are in the right place.

Most Roblox game has a Trello which contains personal information about the game such as the tier list, in-game currency, recent log updates, and a lot more. Critical Legends is another good game on Roblox that has been played over 34M+ times and liked by over 100K+ users on Roblox.

Critical Legends Trello & Official Discord Link

Although the game gets 340 players per hour, there is still a probability that if developers add new features, we will all be back for a better experience.

Because I do not want to break this post into different categories, I will briefly share the tier list for the best class and this will help boost your gaming experience. The Critical Legends Trello contains links to a website that has been officially created by the developers of this game.

In case you are new to this website, there are other Trello you might want to check out such as Roblox Peroxide Trello & Official Discord Links and Anime Adventures Trello & Official Discord Link.

    Roblox Critical Legends Trello Link

    Yes, you might be wondering why people keep looking for the Critical Legends Trello. Well, the answer to your question is simple

    Trello is like a lifesaver for game developers and companies - This is the spot they go to share secrets, spill beans about some new characters and also keep the community in the loops.

    Critical Legends Trello is the place every user can access if you are interested in uncovering the game guide - islands, specs, items, and other things you would like to know.

    Critical Legends Trello Link

    Roblox Critical Legend Discord Link

    Most Roblox games have a personal Discord hangout for gamers all around the world. This is another great place where fans, players, and developers come together to chat, strategize, and come up with engaging game features that can be added to the game.

    If you are looking forward to getting updates from game developers, it is advisable to join their DISCORD group as this will help you meet other players, stage contests, and drop suggestions.

    Critical Legends Discord Group

    Critical Legends Trello: Critical Legends Class Tier List

    I will soon prepare a well-detailed guide on the Critical Legends Class Tier List, but for now, let's briefly discuss which class is best for your gameplay.

    >> S TIER <<
    • Shotgun of Imagination: Use Imagination Fragment on Bandite Guns. 
    • Hands of Hope: Use Hope Fragment on Holy Sword. 
    • Chaotic Defender: Use Chaos Fragment on Heart Shield. 
    • Timer Warden: Use Time Fragment on Nature’s Staff. 
    • Star Slayer: Use Star Fragment on Ocean’s Blade. 
    • Reality Breaker: Use Reality Fragment on Golden Bow. 
    • Book of Wish: Combine different elements for Spellbook tier 3.
    • King Slime: Use King’s Gem on Blue Slime. 
    • Luna: Use Moon Shard on Elementalist. 
    • Void Scythe: Use Void Ticket on Scythe. 
    • Immortal Sword: Combine certain knives and flames. 
    • Void King: Use Void Ticket on King. 
    >> A TIER <<
    • Nature’s Staff: Use Mana Berry Bush on Hex Staff. 
    • Holy Sword: Use specific scrolls on the Priest Staff. 
    • Bandite Guns: Use a Bag of Gold on Dual Guns. 
    • Awakened Dragon Brawler: A story of the Void Ticket and Blubb’s challenge. 
    • Heart Shield: Upgrade using Heart Pieces on Flame Shield. 
    • Golden Bow: Use a Bag of Gold on the Longbow. 
    • Ocean’s Blade: Use Ocean’s Eye on Longsword.
    • King: Use the Crown Of the King. 
    • Blue Slime: Use Blue Slime Extract on Purple Slime. 
    • Solar Eclipse Great Sword: A sequence involving Luna and the Greatsword. 
    • Scythe: A journey involving the Flesh Key and lava. 
    • Venom Katana: Use Mana Berry Bush on Venom Dagger. 
    • Fire and Ice: A combination of different elements for Spellbook tier 2. 
    >> B TIER <<
    • Valkyrie Over Heaven: A quest involving the Ichor Torch and a jump. 
    • Dragon Brawler: Use Ancient Artifact on Boxer tier 1. 
    • Master Programmer: Attacking enemies with specific codes. 
    • Apple Tree
    • Void Tiki
    • Purple Slime: Varied methods to unlock.
    • Longsword
    • Longbow
    • Flame Shield
    • Hex Staff
    • Priest Staff
    • Dual Guns: Upgrades using Tier 2 cores. 
    >> C TIER <<
    • Staff of Healing
    • Gu
    • Valkyrie Spear: Obtained from specific statues and monuments.
    • Combo Sword
    • Hunter’s Marksman
    • Starter Shield
    • Apprentice Staff

    Disclaimer: This blog post has been made very SIMPLE after analytics showed that most of my visitors are in the range of 13-19 years old. The Critical Legends Trello has been designed to be easily understood and enjoyed by these younger audiences.

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