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Everdream Valley Recipes - (Full Recipes List)

Everdream Valley Recipes - Everdream Valley is another simulation game you need to check out on Steam. Have you been looking for the Everdream Valley?
Join us on Telegram Everdream Valley Recipes - Everdream Valley is another simulation game you need to check out on Steam. Have you been looking for the Everdream Valley Recipes? Then you are in the right place.

Everdream Valley is a simulation game on Steam. This game has cool graphics, and each player is allowed to build the farm of their dream. I really love this game because almost everything we do daily is included.
Everdream Valley Recipes - (Full Recipes List)
Users can enjoy the fantasy of creating their dream farm and protecting the plants from pests and other dangerous animals. You can check out collectibles and more animals. Everdream Valley costs $14.99 on Steam.

This post focuses mainly on Everdream Valley Recipes and the ingredients needed to make the cooking easier. You can also check out some other Steam game cooking recipes: I am Future Game Recipes and Farworld Pioneers Crafting Recipes. 

    Everdream Valley Recipes - (Full Recipes List)

    Ratatouille Recipe – Tomatoes x2 + Carrot x1 + Eggplant x1 + Red Bell Pepper x1

    Scrambled eggs with Boletus Recipe – Eggs x2 + Boletus x5

    Scrambled Eggs with chanterelles Recipe – Eggs x2 + Chanterelle x5

    Corn on the cob Recipe – Corn x1

    Fried Cabbage Recipe – Cabbage x1 + Flour x1 + Cornish Cross Chicken Egg x1

    Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe – Bottle of Water x1 + Bottle of Cream x1 + Boletus Mushroom x2

    Stir fried Vegetables Recipe – Carrot x1 + Peas x1 + Red Bell Pepper x1

    Fruit Salad Recipe – Strawberries x1 + Raspberrys x1 + Blackberry x1 + Gooseberry x1 + Cherry x1
    Scramble Eggs Recipe – Eggs x2

    Mashed Potatoes Recipe – Potatoes x2 + Milk Jug x1 + Eggs x2

    Vegetable Soup Recipe – Bottle of water x1 + Potatoes x2 + Cabbage x1 + Carrot x1

    Vegetable Stew Recipe – Tomato x1 + Carrot x1 + Eggplant x1 + Milk Jug x1

    Fruit Soup Recipe – Bottle of water x1 + Strawberries x1 + Bottle of Cream x1 + Cherries x1

    Milkshake Recipe – Milk Jug x1

    Berries and Cream Recipe – Strawberry x2 + Bottle of cream x1

    Pumpkin Soup Recipe – Pumpkin x1 + Bottle of water x1

    Bottle of Cream Recipe – Milk Jug x1 + Bottle of water x1
    This list contains every recipe in the Everdream Valley game. Take your time to explore different game menus and most especially take care of the farms like it was a real life thing and you will enjoy your time.

    I will make sure I check up on this game regularly, in case there are some other recipes added in its update.

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