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Haze Piece Fish List - (Common, Legendary, Rare & Mythical)

Haze Piece Fish List - I have covered almost everything users might want about one of the hottest Roblox games, Haze Piece...
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Haze Piece Fish List - I have covered almost everything users might want about one of the hottest Roblox games, Haze Piece. Here is another list that helps you identify each fruit and what category (common, legendary, rare & mythical) they fall under.

The one thing you should know is that the category they fall under determines their worth. In a simpler version, the higher the grade, the higher their value. Mythical Fish can fetch you over 100K+ in-game currency but it is very hard to see.

In this blog post, I have prepared the Haze Piece Fish List available in this game. I will also add another addition tip that contains the amount each is sold and their EXP.

    Haze Piece Fish List - (Common, Legendary, Rare & Mythical)

    Let's start by listing each fish from the Mythical to Common. I already shared the Haze Piece Trello & Official Discord Links, let's take a look at some of the Haze Piece Guides I have shared on my blog: Haze Piece Swords Tier List (If you have gotten a sword, it is better to know what tier it falls underWhere do you get electro fighting style? (This one will tell you where you can find the NPC that sells the Electro Fighting StyleHaze Piece Control List (contains some of the controls used while playing the game..)

    HAZE PIECE Fish List: Mythical

    Mythical: 0.1% Chances – 25 Gems + Random Rare Fruit + 10 Levels + 1 Race Spin + Sells for $100k

    • Mythical Hammerhead Shark 
    • Mythical Spearhead 
    • Mythical Hydra Shark
    • Mythical Kraken 
    • Mythical World Seeker Whale

    HAZE PIECE Fish List: Legendary

    Legendary: 1% Chances – 5 Gems + Random Uncommon Fruit + 3 Level + Sells for $10k

    • Legendary Kraken 
    • Legendary World Seeker Whale 
    • Legendary Hammerhead Shark 
    • Legendary Spearhead
    • Legendary Manta Ray 
    • Legendary Puzrat 
    • Legendary Anglerfish

    HAZE PIECE Fish List: Rare

    Rare: 28.9% Chances – +25% of Level EXP + Sells for $1k

    • Rare Puzrat 
    • Rare Tiger Barb 
    • Rare Guppy 
    • Rare Lionhead 
    • Rare Angelfish 
    • Rare Trout 
    • Rare Jellyfish
    • Rare Starfish
    • Rare Manta Ray
    • Rare Caeruleus
    • Rare Discus

    HAZE PIECE Fish List: Common

    Common: 70% Chances- +15% of Level EXP + Sells for 300$

    • Common Guppy 
    • Common Lionhead 
    • Common Angelfish‌ 
    • Common Trout 
    • Common Jellyfish
    • Common Starfish 
    • Common Manta-Ray 
    • Common Caeruleus 
    • Common Discus 
    • Common Puzrat 
    • Common Tiger Barb

    Haze Piece Fish List - (Bonus Talks) - Sell Values


    I can assure you that most of these common fish might be your first, according to the little stats extracted from our note. Each player has a 70% guarantee of catching this fish, I know $300 in-game currency might not be worth much based on the fact that some swords in our Haze Piece Swords Tier List might be worth more. The more fish in this category, the more money made. 


    These fishes are rare but if you are lucky you can get them. Judging from some of the posts on Reddit, One player got over 5 rare fishes in one game. Each player has a 28.9% chance of getting this fish. However, if you are lucky to get it, do not forget they cost $1K.


    I really do not have much to say about these fish and that is because I haven't gotten it before. I even went on Reddit and found out that not many people have this fish. Based on stats and probability each player has a 1% chance of getting this fish. That's how slim it is for players to get a fish in this category if you are lucky enough to get this fish, they are worth $10K.


    These guys are just there, I doubt if there are many people with fish in this category. Maybe I'm just frustrated that I do not have any of them yet. Based on the probability, each player has a 0.1% chance of getting this fish. Mythical fishes worth $100K+ and you must sweat to get them.
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