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Haze Piece Fishing Rod List - (How To Buy)

Haze Piece Fishing Rod List - Aside from participating in quests and fighting enemies, another interesting thing to do in this game is FISHING...
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Haze Piece Fishing Rod List - Aside from participating in quests and fighting enemies, another interesting thing to do in this game is FISHING. Last time, I wrote a blog post on the Haze Piece Fish List, which contains some of the legendary, rare, and common in-game fish.

We all know that in order to fish (Haze Piece), the character needs some important tools which include a Fishing Rod. Most of these tools are sold by NPC (Non Playable Characters) which you can find in the game (they are always standing stagnant beside a tree or on the road).

    Haze Piece Fishing Rod List - Complete List

    This is the part where we list each Fishing Rod and how much they cost. I already shared the Haze Piece Trello & Official Discord Links, let's take a look at some of the Haze Piece Guides I have shared on my blog: Haze Piece Swords Tier List (If you have gotten a sword, it is better to know what tier it falls underWhere do you get electro fighting style? (This one will tell you where you can find the NPC that sells the Electro Fighting StyleHaze Piece Control List (contains some of the controls used while playing the game..)

    Legendary Fishing Rod 

    Costs 599 Gamepass
    • 1.5x Mythical/Legendary Fish Chance 
    • 1.5x EXP / 1.5x Money

    Rare Fishing Rod 

    Costs 50 gems + lvl 350 req 
    • 1.25x Mythical/ Legendary Fish Chance 
    • 1.25x EXP / 1.25x Money

    Wooden Fishing Rod 

    Costs $5000
    • 1x Chances 
    Once you get your fishing rod, you can access them through your inventory. It appears there after you've made a purchase.

    How To Buy Fishing Rod in Haze Piece from NPCs

    At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that you can get these fishing rods by interacting with NPCs. You might have questions like "How do I know which NPC to interact with???". Once you begin at the spawn island, just begin to look around toward the seaside for Fisherman Puzrat.

    To locate him faster, you will find him beside Fisherman Charles. Puzrat is the NPC in charge of fishing rods, interact with him and pay your $5000 in-game currency.

    How To Catch Fishes on Haze Piece

    Since you have solved the main task which is purchasing your fishing rods. The next step is to walk towards the river and cast your rod into the river. If you are lucky you will get one of the fishes on our list, otherwise, you get special items. When you are done fishing, you can go check your inventory for everything you have.

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