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Haze Piece Fruit Tier List [Dough Update] - (Best Fruits & Abilities)

Haze Piece Fruit Tier List - At this point, there is nothing special I want to say about Haze Piece that you haven't read in the last article.
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Haze Piece Fruit Tier List - At this point, there is nothing special I want to say about Haze Piece that you haven't read in the last article. There are some interesting in-game items and among them is the Fruits.

If you have been a user of Roblox, you should know that these fruits give your characters new abilities

I remember in the Haze Control List Guide, I mentioned that Haze Piece has over 27 in-game fruits and also a VIP server that spawns at least 5 fruits per server.

In this list we will list all 29 haze-piece fruits and what makes them special among others. Just continue reading and you will learn a lot. 

If you still have any problems, I have tried my best to write everything you need to know about this Roblox game, Haze Piece.

Table of Contents

Roblox HAZE PIECE Fruit Tier List

Tier S: Haze Piece Fruit Tier List 

  • Phoenix – Tier S
  • Dragon – Tier S
  • Magnet – Tier S
  • Magma – Tier S
  • Shadow – Tier S
  • Mammoth – Tier S
  • Buddha – Tier S
  • Flame – Tier S
  • Phoenix – Tier S

Tier A: Haze Piece Fruit Tier List 

  • Sand – Tier A
  • Gas – Tier A
  • Snow – Tier A
  • Gravity – Tier A
  • Light – Tier A
  • Ice – Tier A
  • Electricity – Tier A
  • Darkness – Tier A

Tier B: Haze Piece Fruit Tier List

  • Chop – Tier B
  • Barrier – Tier B
  • Smoke – Tier B
  • String – Tier B
  • Paw – Tier B
  • Tremor – Tier B
  • Clear – Tier B

Tier C: Haze Piece Fruit Tier List

  • Spin – Tier C
  • Spike – Tier C
  • Kilo – Tier C

Tier D: Haze Piece Fruit Tier List

  • Bomb – Tier D
  • Rubber – Tier D
  • Operation – Tier D

Haze Piece Fruit Tier List (Random Fruit Talks from each Tier)

I wouldn't want to bore you with all these fruit talks but you know this Tier List is not complete without some explanations.

I can't cover every fruit but I will make sure that I discuss at least one fruit from each Tier and what abilities they offer in-game characters.

Phoenix - Tier S

This is a good in-game fruit that allows you to transform into a phoenix as soon as you get to Level 30. You are also allowed to pour out flames as a phoenix to strike your enemies.

Once you get to Level 60, you can assume the phoenix figure and attack enemies. Level 90 gives you access to the Healing Flame. Slamming impact on enemies on Level 150.
  • Tier Rank: S
  • Level 30: Transforms into a Phoenix.
  • Level 30: Unleash flame as a phoenix to strike enemies.
  • Level 60: Unleash a strike on enemies in Phoenix form. 
  • Level 90: Healing Flame.
  • Level 150: Slamming Impact ability that strikes enemies.

Dragon - Tier S

Dragon is another special fruit in the S-tier that allows characters to transform into a Dragon and also utilize every power a dragon has (FLAMES).

Once you get to Level 150, you will able to spill out a blast breath (pressing B) to spill out fire from your mouth. Level 30 allows you to roar and scare away enemies.
  • Tier Rank: S
  • E: Transformation. Transforms you into a Dragon. (Level 30)
  • B: Blast Breath. Cast a fiery beam from your mouth (Level 150)
  • V: Violet Rain. Conjures up a purple mist that explodes in AoE around you (Level 120)
  • C: Tornado. Spin around, creating a tornado (Level 90)
  • X: Blast Shots. Rain down hellfire. (Level 60)
  • Z: Roar. Cast a massive roar. (Level 30)

Operation - Tier A

Let's talk about some of the Tier A fruits. Operation beholds some in-game abilities and skills that unlock at Levels 30/60/90 and 120.
  • Tier Rank: A
  • Description: Melee and Ranged strikes with skills that unlock at levels 30/60/90/120/150.

Electricity - Tier A

These Haze Piece fruits help you with electric abilities which include thunder palm strike, electric teleport, and using electric beams to burn down enemies.
  • Tier Rank: A
  • Description: Lightning Strike.
  • Level 60: thunder palm strike.
  • Level 90: Electricity Teleport.
  • Level 120: Unleash an electric beam to strike enemies.
  • Level 150: Massive Electric AoE Explosion. 

Smoke - Tier B

The Smoke fruit allows you to unlock special abilities such as using smokes to fly around, throwing out balls of smoke to enemies, and smoke cloud flash bangs.
  • Tier Rank: B
  • Description: Throws a ball of smoke to strike enemies. Unleash a smoke tornado. Uses smoke to fly. Smoke cloud flashbang for AoE strike.

Bomb - Tier C

I haven't gotten to use these bomb fruits but all I can say is that the Bomb fruits also have their own uniqueness. It changes as soon as you reach a new level.
  • Tier Rank: C
  • Description: Unlocks new abilities at fruit level 30/60/90/120. At each level, you gain a new ability to fire and explode enemies.

Clear - Tier D

The Clear fruit helps you turn invisible but at some cost. It reduces your stamina over time and as soon as you get to Level 30, you enjoy some new abilities.
  • Tier Rank: D
  • Description: Ability to become invisible. Consume stamina over time. Fruit Level 30.
I already shared the Haze Piece Trello & Official Discord Links, let's take a look at some of the Haze Piece Guides I have shared on my blog: Haze Piece Swords Tier List (If you have gotten a sword, it is better to know what tier it falls underWhere do you get electro fighting style? (This one will tell you where you can find the NPC that sells the Electro Fighting StyleHaze Piece Control List (contains some of the controls used while playing the game..)

Our Haze Piece Fruit Tier List Ranks - (Explained Well)

Each fruit in the Haze Piece Fruit Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now let us further break them down:

  • Tier S+: Any fruit inserted in this category is considered the best in the game. Their presence alone guarantees you that you are leaving the battlefield victorious.
  • Tier S: The Fruits in this list are also great additions to your team, you just need to do some regular upgrades with in-game coins.
  • Tier A: These Fruits are in the category, you might want to consider swapping them for a better Fruit after unlocking A-tier or S-tier weapon.
  • Tier B: I wouldn't say these are bad, but you might consider swapping from your team when you need a stronger team.
  • Tier C: These Fruit are bad, try everything in your power to change them and avoid using them.
  • Tier D: Sometimes, the fruits may be too much. Just know that fruit in this tier are not something I'd recommend you use.

How Are The Rankings Decided?

Most of the game guides on this website are based on personal research and gameplay. Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time to come up with a list. 

Later I visit other websites to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier ListMultiverse Defenders Tier Listand Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.
Thanks for reading my blog post on the Haze Piece Fruit Tier List. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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