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Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes + Ingredients

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes - This game looks like a kid game, but that doesn't mean you should try checking it out.
Join us on Telegram Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes - This game looks like a kid game, but that doesn't mean you should try checking it out.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is another popular game available on Apple Store. It comes with a lot of features, all you do is make friends and restore the island back to it's former glory.
Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes + Ingredients
This blog post contains some recipes to in-game foods. I have less information about this game, maybe because I still use an Android device but I've seen a lot of YouTubers review the Hello Kitty Island Adventures game.

You get recipes to Oven, Pizza, Desert Maker, Soda Machine, Espresso Machine, Potion Maker and other in-game foods.

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes + Ingredients

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes + Ingredients

    Potion Recipes

    Here we have the potions making recipes with their ingredients.

    Speedy Walking Recipe = Tofu + Glow Berry

    Stamina Potion Recipe = Apple + Glow Berry

    Thermal Potion Recipe = Magma Bloom + Glow Berry

    >> Mundane Potion Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Banana + Glow Berry 
    • Recipe 2: Strawberry + Glow Berry
    Swamp Swimming Speed Recipe = Swampmellow + Glow Berry

    Deep Diving Potion Recipe = Sugarkelp + Glow Berry

    Espresso Machine Recipes

    Here we have the Espresso machine recipes with their ingredients.

    Hot Cocoa Recipe = Candlenut + Chocolate Coin + Coral Milk

    Cappuccino Recipe = Candlenut + Coral Milk

    Mocha Recipe = Candlenut + Chocolate Coin

    Purple Recipe = Candlenut + Spinip

    Pink Latte Recipe = Candlenut + Strawberry

    >> Sweet Latte Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Candlenut + Swampmallow 
    • Recipe 2: Candlenut + Sugarkelp
    Spicy Pumpkin Latte Recipe = Candlenut + Cinna Bloom + Pumpkin

    Toasted Almond Coffee Recipe = Candlenut + Toasted Almond

    Candied Banana Coffee Recipe = Candlenut + Candy Cloud + Banana

    >> Candlenut Coffee Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Candlenut + Banana 
    • Recipe 2: Candlenut + Apple 
    • Recipe 3: Candlenut + Tofu 
    >> Chai Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Candluenut + Cinna Bloom 
    • Recipe 2: Candlenut + Magma Bloom
    >> Chocolate Chai Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Candlenut + Magma Bloom + Chocolate Coin 
    • Recipe 2: Candlenut + Cinna Bloom + Chocolate Coin

    Hello Kitty Adventure Cooking Recipes: Soda Machine

    Here we have the soda machine recipes with their ingredients.

    Strawberry Soda Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Strawberry

    Tropical Soda Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Pineapple

    Pineapple Lava Soda Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Pineapple + Magma Bloom

    Sakura Soda Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Sakura

    Joke Soda Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Tofu

    >> Sweet Soda Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Fizz Crystal + Sugarkelp 
    • Recipe 2: Fizz Crystal + Swampmallow 
    • Recipe 3: Fizz Crystal + Candy Cloud
    Pochacco Energy Pop Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Tofu + Spinip

    Apple Soda Recipe Fizz Crystal + Apple

    >> Swamp Soda Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Fizz Crystal + Pumpkin 
    • Recipe 2: Fizz Crystal + Spinip
    Cream Soda Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Coral Milk

    Pumpkin Spice Soda Recipe = Fizz Crystal + Cinna Bloom + Pumpkin

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes: Desert Maker

    Here we have the desert making recipes with their ingredients.

    Purple Pudding Recipe = Spinip + Cactus Cream

    Pumpkin Pudding Recipe = Pumpkin + Cactus Cream

    Sakura Pudding Recipe = Cactus Cream + Sakura

    Pineapple Chocolate Pudding Recipe = Pineapple + Chocolate Coin + Cactus Cream

    Tofu Pudding Recipe = Tofu + Cactus Cream

    Banana Ice Cream Recipe = Banana + Cactus Cream

    Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe = Strawberry + Cactus Cream

    >> Ice Cream Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Pineapple + Cactus Cream
    • Recipe 2: Almond + Cactus Cream
    Cinna Ice Cream Recipe = Cinna Bloom + Cactus Cream

    Apple Ice Cream Recipe = Apple + Cactus Cream

    Pudding Recipe = Coral Milk + Cuctus Cream

    Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe = Cactus Cream + Chocolate Coin

    Sweet Pudding Recipe = Swampmellow + Cactuc Cream

    Magma Pudding Recipe = Magma Bloom + Cactus Cream

    Mama’s Pudding Recipe = Coral Milk + Banana + Cactus Cream

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes: Pizza Oven

    Here we have the pizza making recipes with their ingredients.

    Spinip Alfredo Pizza Recipe = Dough + Coral Milk + Spinip

    Pumpkin Pizza Recipe = Dough + Pumpkin

    Pineapple Pizza Recipe = Dough + Pineapple

    Spicy Pizza Recipe = Dough + Cinna Bloom

    Tofu Pizza Recipe = Dough + Tofu

    Tasty Pizza Recipe = Dough + Toasted Almonds

    >> Veggie Pizza Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Dough + Spinip 
    • Recipe 2: Dough + Pumpkin
    Ultimate Joke Pizza Recipe = Dough + Pineapple + Tofu

    >> Dessert Pizza Recipe
    • Recipe 1: Dough + Sugarkelp 
    • Recipe 2: Dough + Candy Cloud
    Fruit Pizza Recipe = Dough + Apple

    Alfredo Pizza Recipe = Dough + Coral Milk

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes: Oven

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipes + Ingredients
    Here we have the oven recipes with their ingredients.

    Mama’s Apple Pie Recipe = Flour + Apple

    Pineapple Stack Cake Recipe = Flour + Pineapple

    Milk Bread Recipe = Flour + Coral Milk

    Red Bow Apple Pie Recipe = Flour + Magma Bloom + Apple

    Strawberry Shortcake Recipe = Flour + Strawberry

    Sakura Cake Recipe = Flour + Sakura

    Pastry Recipe = Flour + Candy Cloud

    Tofu Bread Recipe = Flour + Tofu

    Cake Recipe = Flour

    Cinnamon Bread Recipe = Flour + Cinna Bloom

    Macaron Recipe = Flour + Toasted Almonds

    Chocolate Balls Recipe = Flour + Chocolate Coin

    Aside making new friends, and solving exciting puzzles. Players are allowed to make different foods and that is why I prepared this recipe list for Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

    Other Game Recipes Guide:

    Thanks for reading my Hello Kitty Island Adventure Cooking Recipesdo not forget to share it on Social media. If you have a suggestion, kindly drop a comment.
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