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How To Fix Game Crash On Counter Strike 2

How To Fix Game Crash On Counter Strike 2 - If you have been facing some game issues while playing the new version of Counter Strike...
Join us on Telegram How To Fix Game Crash On Counter Strike 2 - If you have been facing some game issues while playing the new version of Counter Strike, Don't panic much because this post will provide a solution to your problem.
There are several things that can cause game crash, each of them will be explained in the post and how you can fix them by yourself.

    How To Fix Game Crash On Counter Strike 2

    The reasons for the game crash on counter strike might differ, so we must ignore any little fix such as updating your windows or drives.

    1. Update Windows and Some Listed Drives

    This might be a problem for you, especially when your windows is not properly updated. The graphics driver might not be capable of playing this game until you install some updates.

    Here are some graphics driver I think you should update when considering this particular point.
    • AMD[]
    • NVIDIA[]
    • Intel[]
    After updating these graphics driver, you might want to consider shutting down some software that might conflict with your gameplay.
    • Armory Crate
    • NZXT CAM
    • MSI Afterburner
    • IP filtering or blocking software
    • iCUE
    • Razer Synapse
    • Razer Cortex

    2. Disable Hardware Acceleration on Discord

    This category is for users with Discord on their personal computer. To avoid having game crash issues on Counter Strike 2, you need to disable the hardware acceleration on discord. To do this open your Discord, click on Users Settings (you'd see appearance) click on it you will see hardware acceleration, just turn it OFF.

    3. Slight Settings Change in Windows Game Bar

    This might really not count, but you can check out the settings by launching this software, head for the settings and click on gaming.

    Once you are on the game bar, turn off the toggle with the inscription - Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar.

    Move to the capture tabs, and off the toggle with the inscription - Record the background while I’m playing a game.

    4. Be Sure Your PC is Compatible with Counter Strike 2

    Yes I know that you love this game a lot but you need to be sure that your computer is compatible with this game unless you will keep having this game crash

    Well if you are under this category, some blogger posted a simpler way to fix this. Mind you, I didn't try this out because my laptop was compatible with the game.

    Run the game in compatibility mode and disable Fullscreen optimizations. To set this, right click on the cs2.exe file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\game\bin\win64

    and click on properties.

    5. Disable in-game Discord Overlay

    The same way we disabled the hardware acceleration ratio, all you have to do is open your Discord and under the app settings, you will see Overlay. Check if the toggle is on for Enable in-game overlay and turn it OFF.

    How To Fix Game Crash On Counter Strike 2 - (Bonus Check-outzzz)

    • If you have earlier installed Faceit Anti Cheat, you might want to consider disabling this to enjoy your gameplay.
    • Disable AMD FSR.
    • Putting unnecessary pressure on  the CPU or GPU than the manufacturer intentions - Stop it if you’re doing it.
    • Disable full-screen mode when you’re playing Counter-Strike 2, and use window-bordered mode instead.
    There are still some interesting tips that will be coming in for the Counter Strike 2 game. You can check out the Counter Strike Knife Commands.
    Thanks for reading my How To Fix Game Crash On Counter Strike 2do not forget to share on Social media. If you have a suggestion, kindly drop a comment.
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