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How To Get the Mace V2 Weapon in Haze Piece

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How To Get the Mace V2 Weapon in Haze Piece - Haze Piece is one of my favorites on Roblox and I think we should both be happy to hear about the Gear 5th updates on Haze Piece.

This update has made a particular weapon popular which is the Mace V2 sword. You are here hoping to get an answer to this question. 

Before we go straight into getting the Mace V2 swords, make sure you have gone through the Haze Piece Sword Tier List as this would help you see how each weapon performs on our list.

    How To Get the Mace V2 Weapon in Haze Piece

    We all know that before you can wield this sword, you must take down the Island boss, Mace V2 Boss. Before you can get the Mace V2 Weapon, you need to first get your hands on the Mace V1.

    Get Mace V1 Weapon from Boss

    Head over to the SEA 1 and you'd see a cave behind Marine Base Town, then you see a gate that needs a Lava key before it can open (unlock the gate with a Lava key and drop lava ore into the cauldron).

    Go straight to find the Mace Boss, after defeating him you get the Mace V1 weapons and other items such as $5K, 15gems, and some accessories

    When you have gotten the Mace V1, you can check out some special moves using Z and X. The Z (Earth Crash) button allows you hit the ground hard and damaging anyone nearby. The X (Bagua) button can be used to move yourself straight to the target.

    How to Get the Maze V2 Weapon in Haze Piece

    Since you've gotten the Mace V1 Weapon, Head straight for the Dragon Island or Onigashima. Once you get there, the Mace V2 Boss or Kaido.

    Getting the Mace V2 Weapon is not an easy task, you need to fight with a Kaido and he is not going to leave this sword easily. Do not forget that the drop rate for this weapon is 1%, which is very slim.

    After defeating the Boss, you get to wield the Mace V2 weapon. You should check out the Haze Piece Bosses List if you need more insight on these in-game bosses.

    How Do I Get the Lava Key in Haze Piece?

    When you get to the Marine Base Town, you can get this from a Table. Look around and loot it when you see it.

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