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I am Future Game Recipes + Ingredients

Join us on Telegram I am Future Game Recipes - Another survival game to write about is the I am Future Game. This blog post will contain every food recipe for you to try out.

I am Future is another popular game on Steam. Although it costs $14.99, people keep talking about it on Facebook and YouTube. This game was released around February and it is available on Microsoft Windows.
I am Future Game Recipes + Ingredients
In this game, you wake up in a city that looks abandoned, now you can either build a future on it or try to solve the mystery behind your sudden sleep. There are a lot of things for you to check out such as old computers, microwaves, and a lot more.

We are not here to talk about the game, because for you to visit this blog, you must need the recipes badly. Well, today I will share the I am Future Game Recipes, and do not forget to check out Dragonheir Silent Gods Cooking Recipes.

    I am Future Game Recipes + Ingredients

    Jam Sandwich recipe = 1x Bread 1x Blueberry Jam

    Latte recipe 1x Energizing Coffee +1x Almond Milk

    Nutritious Salad recipe 2x Yellow Flowers 2x Lettuce 2x Foliage

    Patty recipe 2x Fish Fillet 1x Fish Oil

    Seafood Salad recipe 1x Nutritious Salad 2x Seafood

    Seafood Soup recipe 1x Drinking Water 2x Seafood

    Almond Milk recipe 2x Almonds 1x Drinking Water

    Baked Mushrooms recipe 3x Purple Mushrooms

    Blueberry Milkshake recipe 1x Blueberry Jam 1x Almond Milk

    Bright Soup recipe 2x Yellow Flowers

    Bread recipe 4x Foliage 1x Drinking Water 1x Fish Oil 2x Lunar Tubers

    Burger recipe 2x Bread 1x Patty 1x Hot Sauce 1x Lettuce

    Canapes recipe 1x Fish Fillet 1x Bread 1x Caviar

    Fish Steak recipe 1x Fish Fillet 2x Lettuce

    Fish Soup recipe 1x Drinking Water 3x Fish Fillet

    Fresh Water Bottle recipe 1x Salt Water Bottle

    Hearty Mushroom Stew recipe 2x Purple Mushroom 1x Drinking Water

    Hot Sauce recipe 3x Chilli Peppers

    Drinking Water Bottle recipe 1x Fresh Water 1x Coal

    Energy Bar recipe 3 x Foliage 2x Blueberries 2x Coffee Beans 2x Almonds

    Energizing Coffee recipe 2x Coffee Beans + 1x Drinking Water

    I will constantly update this blog post, in case there are any changes in the future. Now that we have the I am Future Game Recipe and its ingredients, It's time to explain how you can unlock a recipe.

    How To Unlock A Recipe in the I am Future Game

    Before you can unlock a recipe in I am Future, you want to first set up your cooking arena and also upgrade your cooking station.

    To start with it, you need to destroy the closest campfire to your starting point. Now you've got the blueprint 🐾.

    Head straight to the construct menu place your blueprints in the most comfortable location and watch the magic happen.

    Now click on Campfire. In the bottom left look for the Chef tab and start combining the recipes seen on our list to make a new dish. As you continue to enjoy your gameplay do not forget to always upgrade your campfire to unlock more cooking space.

    Some recipes can be unlocked when you interact with the fridge or when you participate in Quests

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