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NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

Have you been looking for the NBA 2k22 Nintendo Switch Controls? Then you are in the right place...
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NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls - There are many video games on Steam and trust me when I say most of these are worth both the HYPE and PRICE

Have you been looking for the NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls? Then you are in the right place.

I had to skip sharing articles on Sunday because there were some problems with my blog's last template, but you don't have to panic I am back better than before. 

NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

We all know that the popular basketball simulation game, NBA 2k22 is available on the Nintendo Switch Platform. 

Trust me when I say this game gives you access to the NBA court from the comfort of your house. 

Just as you watch in basketball games, players are allowed to dribble, pass, shoot, and dunk. 

But the most interesting part is allowing you to raise your team from nothing to something. Here is How to Change a Player's Hair in NBA 2k23.

The Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2k23 makes this even way cooler offering it some nice visuals and a distinct set of controls specifically for the Switch hardware. 

These NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls allow you to perform some crazy moves and strategize like a professional whether you are using handheld mode or a big screen.

In this blog post, I will provide some of the controls you need to know as a beginner player

You will also understand these button combinations, joystick movements, and some special moves to boost your game experience.

    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

    We are going to start with the basic controls, default controls, and a lot more. I will also include a few controls for Xbox and PlayStation users. 

    Just continue reading till the end, and if you are an Xbox or PlayStation user, keep scrolling till you see a header with a PS or Xbox inscription.

    Basic Controls

    Lob Pass/Alley-Oop or Block/Rebound –

    Dribble Moves/Shooting/Passing -or Steal/Hands Up/Contest – Right Stick 

    Takeover (MyCareer) – Press Right Stick 

    Bounce/Flashy Pass or Take Charge (press and hold) Flop (double tap) –

    Pass/Touch Pass or Player Swap(Closest to the ball) –

    Move Player – Left Stick 

    Sprint – ZR 

    Icon Pass or Icon Swap –

    Post-Up or Intense-D/Defensive Assist/Hard Stop – ZL 

    Call Play/Pick Controls or Double Team – L 

    Call Timeout or Intentional Foul – – 

    Pause – +

    Default Controls on Nintendo Switch

    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

    The picture above shows the controls for both the Joy-Con grip & the Joy-Con™ (L) and Joy-Con™ (R).

    Basic Offense & Defense Controls For Switch

    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls
    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

    Joy-Con Default Control

    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

    Advanced Offense Controls For Nintendo Switch

    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

    Advanced Defense Controls For Nintendo Switch

    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

    Shooting Controls For Nintendo Switch

    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls
    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls
    I do not claim ownership of these pictures, I had to use them because they contain almost everything needed for every player. The pictures above cover everything you need to know about NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls.

    Now let us go straight to the NBA 2k22 PlayStation & Xbox Controls. I will also share some pictures containing everything you need to know about the control buttons. 
    NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls

    NBA 2k22 Nintendo Switch Controls: How I Play the Game

    In the MyCareer mode, you get to make a player just like in other basketball games. 

    You can choose to ignore this part of the article because I will just mess around with the game modes and how I always play them.

    Anyway, I started by making my own basketball player, since I want to start a career

    In this mode, if you look closely, this is where will determine if you want your character to be a better shooter, a better dunker, or someone who is unpredictable with moves. 

    This is cool because I get to select how my player performs on the court. 

    Now, while making my basketball character in NBA 2k22. I make sure I learn about other important stuff such as dunking, and shooting, and also test out moves. 

    That was why I added the NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls for you to enjoy your game experience. 

    So after setting up my player, the next thing to do is to make sure I am picking the right team.

    One of the Mistakes beginners make is picking the wrong team.

    When looking for a team, you need to find a team that needs someone like your character,

    A simple example: If you have a character that is good at shooting, then you want to join a team that loves shooters.

    Another important thing, you want to do in NBA 2k22 is constant practice. Just like in real life, you need to practice more to better what you are doing.

    If you get to buy the game through the above link, I get a little discount and that is the way I keep this website running. So go get it, if you haven't. 

    Buy NBA 2k24 New Edition
    There are still more how-to tips, that will be added to this post. I have prepared a list of some popular questions people ask about this game. Bookmark this blog for more game content, but for now, enjoy the NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls.

    If you have gotten your account banned, this should help you: How to Get Unbanned from NBA 2k22

    Thanks for reading my blog post on NBA 2k23 Nintendo Switch Controls. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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