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Princess and Conquest Cheats - (Complete List)

Princess and Conquest Cheats - Another popular RPG game on Steam is Princess and Conquest. It has a lot of in-game cheats that can be used to unlock..
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Princess and Conquest Cheats - Another popular RPG game on Steam is Princess and Conquest. It has a lot of in-game cheats that can be used to unlock some items.

Princess and Conquest Cheats

There is little to talk about here other than to share the complete princess and conquest cheat and what they unlock. You can also check out my console command category, for more game cheats.

    Princess and Conquest Cheats - (Complete List)

    431502: Make all Princesses THICC 

    529730: Revert all Princesses to their starting weight 

    597340: Set Kingdom Le***ess (0~99) 

    949831: Toggle ON/OFF Prince looks for every Princess 

    582017: Party Kingdom (100% chance of Desert Festival/Tea Party/Spookfest/Chillbite Blessing/Bloomgaze Festival) 

    666358: Resurrect any Princess that died during this playthrough and make them available in the Putridarium 

    183683: Upgrade every Knight Trait to “++” 

    817957: Change Knight Trait 

    171225: Stop/Resume siege progression 

    864479: Progeny get

    115168: Reach max level with the “Knights INC.” 

    295136: +10 to all stats to the party’s leader 

    326923: -10 to all stats to the party’s leader 

    837263: Relationship with all the Princesses to 5 

    377213: Relationship with all the Princesses to 0 

    962552: Affinity with all the Reigns to 10 

    479390: Affinity with all the Reigns to 0 

    995596: Access CANDY cheat menu 

    872239: Access Bank CANDY cheat menu 

    587377: Get all the dowries

    467160: Get all Resistances (Poison, Heat, Cold, Diving) 

    359105: Get a series of delicacies from the Kingdom (10x) 

    275418: Make all Princesses succubi

    686883: Randomize/De-randomize Princesses and Soldiers 

    802246: Change Season 543230: Change weather to your liking 

    351909: Set Merchant Princess location 

    513900: Make all Princesses pregnant 

    909569: Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for all the Princesses 

    262803: Unlock every animation + “GALLERY TELEPORT” item 

    359583: Kingdom: TOTAL WAR 

    369965: Diplomacy reset 

    391493: Peaceful Kingdom

    There are other console commands I've shared here on this blog such as Hammerwatch 2 Console Commands and Necromerger Cheat Codes.

    I tried checking this game out on Steam, only to encounter an error page. 
    Princess and Conquest Cheats - (Complete List)
    But you can get it from their main website if you still need to. There are some questions I would like to answer about this game.

    How do you know if Princess is pregnant in Princess and Conquest?

    To know if the princess is pregnant, just move over to her and gift her an oxytocin salt. She will reject it if she is not pregnant or accept it if she is pregnant. You can also visit her to have s*xual relationship with her at night.

    How do you sneak into human Princess and Conquest?

    Sneaking into the princess' bedroom requires that you have Sleep Powder. This power allows one to sleep, and then you can sneak into the princess's bedroom. You can get the Sleep Powder for 500 swirlies in the Tavern at night.

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