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Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds Wiki - (Controls & Guide)

Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds Wiki - It was a funny experience with my friends when I told them I played this game and didn't enjoy it.
Join us on Telegram Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds Wiki - It was a funny experience with my friends when I told them I played this game and didn't enjoy it. They couldn't stop teasing me that my taste in games was poor.

On a Friday, I decided to play the strongest battlegrounds game on Roblox with a fresh mind and all I can say is - it is worth every hype.
The Strongest Battlegrounds is a popular action game that has been blowing up Roblox. This game has been played over a billion times (1.4 billion) and always record over 800K+ active players every hour.

In the Roblox gaming world, one thing I've learned is that if the game is not interesting you will find lesser people on it. 

If you have been looking The Strongest Battlegrounds Wiki, this blog post will cover everything you need to know about this popular game. (NPC, Special Cosmetics, and Combat Techniques)

    Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds Wiki (Saitama Battlegrounds)

    I'm so overwhelmed preparing this guide that I do not even know where to start. Should I start from the Controls or the Heroes?

    Let's just start from somewhere guys, do not forget to bookmark my website for more interesting game content and Tier List.

    Combat Technique

    Additional tweaking might support your M1 combo, helping you discover new and unique combos...

    Ragdoll Cancel
    If you side dash or back dash when your character is ragdolled or knocked down will cancel the ragdoll and your character immediately stands up.

    This can be done to your opponent by holding down space during the M1 combo, this will send your opponent up in the air.

    This is my favorite combat technique, all you have to do is use your M1 midair and this would slam the opponent into the ground.

    Roblox The Strongest Battlegrounds Control Guide

    • W + W – Sprint 
    • M1 – Punch / Use Skill 
    • W + Q – Lunge Punch 
    • S + Q – Backwards Roll 
    • A + Q – Dash Left 
    • D + Q – Dash Right 
    • Q (While Ragdolled) – Ragdoll Cancel} 
    • G – Activate Mode 
    • Space + M1 Combo – Uppercut 
    • Final M1 ( Midair ) – Downslam

    Mode Bar

    Every heroes in this game has a unique mode. If you'd like to activate Mode, all you have to do - press G.

    Upon dealing and receiving, this mode Bar fills up and help save you from death. Once you try using a skill, this will end your mode not caring if you've landed the move or not.

    Roblox Saitama Battleground Characters Guide

    Bald Hero

    Base Saitama

    Fist Strike
    Following a brief windup, unleash an extended-range punch that sends opponents sprawling and imparts knockback

    The initial punch cannot be blocked, yet the shockwave can be blocked and affects grounded opponents.

    Standard Punches
    Unleash a barrage of blows on your enemies, without interrupting your basic combo.

    Typical Shove
    Propel your opponent backward with a forceful shove using your right hand. This technique penetrates defensive blocks.

    Usual Uppercut
    Deliver an uppercut to your foe, propelling them skyward before they roll backward. This maneuver penetrates blocks and strikes grounded opponents.

    [ Mode ] – Deadly Serious
    The player flexes their knuckles, indicating a heightened commitment to the ongoing battle.

    Death Counter
    When subjected to an attack, initiate a teleportation and instantly appear behind your opponents, instilling them with sheer terror. 

    While the counter is active, you retain the ability to move and execute basic attacks. Opponents remain oblivious to the impending countermeasures from your character.

    Table Flip
    Forcefully repel any opponent while significantly slowing their movements. As you extend your right arm and overturn the surface in front of you, destroying anything in your path.

    Hero Hunter

    Base Garou

    Flowing Water 
    Dash forwards and barrage your opponent, followed by a heavy punch dealing knockback. Goes through block.

    Lethal Whirlwind Stream
    Grab your opponent and drag them across the ground, followed by a heavy slam into the ground.

    Hunter's Grasp
    Execute a forceful stomp and seize your opponent, then fling them in a backward trajectory, inducing them to somersault

    Hurling an enemy into another inflicts damage, penetrates blocking, and forces them to tumble backward.

    Prey's Peril
    Assume a vigilant stance, ready to swiftly advance and pummel your adversary's chest should they attempt an attack, ultimately launching them away.

    [ Mode ] Rage Mode
    Cleanse your mouth of blood, and unleash a substantial shockwave in your vicinity, causing harm and sending opponents skyward.

    Saitama Battleground NPC - Trello


    The weakest dummy is an NPC that you can use to try our some of your attacks and abilities. You can see their health displayed above their heads and does not attack back when attacks are tested. It respawns after death will full HP.


    How much does it cost?
    You can get any of these in-game cosmetics for free and you can decide to pay for special cosmetics (75 ROBUX) - To get these cosmetics for free, all you have to do is reach the kill amount needed for cosmetics.

    Immediately after you've got a Game pass, you will see a hat icon in the top left corner of your screen.

    Once you tap on this icon, you will get some cosmetic items that apply no buffs to your character, and are used for cosmetic purposes.

    Game Pass

    • Early Access - 300 ROBUX
    • Special Cosmetic - 75 ROBUX


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