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Scene Investigators Answers - (Complete Guide)

Have you been looking for the Scene Investigators Answer? Then you are in the right place...
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Scene Investigators Answers - Scene Investigators is another popular game on Steam. In this game, you are expected to uncover mysteries and solve cases.

Have you been looking for the Scene Investigators Answer? Then you are in the right place.

This game was recently launched, I think six days (24th October 2023) and it has been getting some good reviews from people who have made purchases on Steam.

    Scene Investigators Answers - (Complete Guide)

    Well, today's post provides answers to the questions asked in this game.

    The Scene Investigator Answers will help you solve cases fast, Here is a list of questions and answers guide for Scene Investigator.

    Scene Investigators Answers – Bloodbath

    Question: Who was the dirty cop? 
    Answer: Michael Mike Snyder 

    Question: How many people were murdered? 
    Answer: 4 

    Question: Was Harry Baker in a reasonable state of mind, yes or no? 
    Answer: Yes 

    Question: Which prisoner was in interrogation room #1? 
    Answer: Carl Tristan

    Question: What is in the package by the exit? 
    Answer: Gift 

    Question: Was the gun the killer using standard issue? 
    Answer: Yes 

    Question: Who died by the office doorway? 
    Answer: Harry Baker

    Scene Investigators Answers – Missing

    Scene Investigators Answers
    Question: Did Janine move to another state? 
    Answer: No 

    Question: How many times did Phillip assault someone in the house between Nov. 7 and Nov. 15? 
    Answer: 3 

    Question: Who has an appointment with the tattoo artist on the 17th? 
    Answer: Irene Haynes 

    Question: Who is the intruder? 
    Answer: Thomas Harrington 

    Question: Who entered through the window? 
    Answer: Thomas Harrington 

    Question: Who died here? 
    Answer: Thomas Harrington 

    Question: Who is the killer? 
    Answer: Phillip Haynes

    Question: Who was the getaway driver? 
    • Katherine: 4572 – Charter St – Santa Clarita – CA 
    • Thomas: 4830 – Sunrise Rd – Las Vegas – NV 
    • Hazel: 2839 – Garners Ferry Rd – Los Angeles – CA 
    • Nicholas: 2839 – Garners Ferry Rd – Los Angeles – CA 
    Question: Would the Insurance cover the hospital bill? 
    Answer: No 

    Question: Who picked up the kids on September 18th? 
    Answer: Hannah Olson 

    Question: Who stole Emma’s money? 
    Answer: Frank 

    Question: When was Marley hospitalized? (MM/DD/YYYY
    Answer: 11/12/2018

    Scene Investigators Answers – The 4th Floor

    Question: Who is Jessica’s cousin? 
    Answer: Victor 

    Question: Who sat in chair #4? 
    Answer: Ronnie Grayson 

    Question: Who was killed? 
    Answer: Jessica Grayson 

    Question: Who is the killer? 
    Answer: Carol 

    Question: Who died? 
    Answer: Brian Olson 

    Question: Who was the second last to arrive? 
    Answer: Lisa Olson 

    Question: Who is the owner of the blue sports bag? 
    Answer: Lisa Olson 

    Question: Who is the killer? 
    Answer: Jack Carter

    Question: Who broke into the apartment? 
    Answer: Clyde Kent Peterson 

    Question: Who was present during the break-in? 
    Answer: Brenda Peterson, Sarah Peterson & Clyde Kent Peterson 

    Question: Who was killed? 
    Answer: Clyde Kent Peterson 

    Question: Who is the killer? 
    Answer: Brenda Peterson 

    Question: How many people live in the apartment? 
    Answer: 2

    Hughes Manor Feud Answers

    Scene Investigators Answers
    Question: How many people were killed in this mansion? 
    Answer: 2 

    Question: Please fill in the set(s) of names of both the victim and the perpetrator in the following fields. 
    • Set 1: Glenn Hughes & Ellis Hughes 
    • Set 2: Ellis Hughes & Roger Hughes
    Question: Among the money to be distributed to the children, how much % was each supposed to receive? 
    • Ellis (22%)
    • Roger (26%)
    • Roman (28%)
    • Glenn (24%)

    Preliminary Trial Answers

    Question: Who was the getaway driver? 
    Answer: Frank Carter 

    Question: Who was involved in stealing Helen Turner’s purse? 
    Answer:  Frank Carter & Anthony Young

    If there are other questions to answer about this game, I will make sure they are available for you on this blog. 

    For now, do not forget to bookmark my blog for new game content.

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    Thanks for reading my blog post on Scene Investigators Answers. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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