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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V41091 - V51113)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like..
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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

I am still determining what category this game falls under, but most people say it's role-playing (RPG). But I think there is more to this game than all these reviews I've read on the internet.

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V59012 - V88101)
Genesis Order is one of the popular RPG games that allows you to play as a junior detective in a college, make a living, and impress your woman by solving crimes. The more crimes you solve, the more popular you become on the school campus.

I have always loved to play this game on Android, but some days ago during my research for the Genesis Order Walkthrough. I found out that this game is available on PCs and Macs. 

So you can remember, Just like Taffy Tales and Isekai Awakening. The Genesis order is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it on the internet.

This part contains the walkthrough from v41091 to v51113.


    • I went to the shop and bought a Treasure Detector.
    • I headed to the Farm and went to the right side of the house, just outside where I saw Hanna's profile. Go home
    • At the Farm again, I opened a chest outside and found a recipe for Goat Dessert. To make it, I needed some special ingredients: Corn: I went up and got it from the field on the right side. Barley: I went to the Strip Center and bought it for $500 from the Grill. Oats: I got a hacksaw from the Farm's Barn, found the Rubber Toe in the bathroom (Farm - Upstairs - middle door), and fixed the sink to get the closet key. go to the food pantry (farm 1st floor), get the recipe, and open the chest to get oats.
    • Soybeans: I visited Lilian's Kitchen at Wikes Mansion (Wikes Mansion - front door - right stairs - go right) and found them on the right side.
    • I used all these ingredients to craft the delicious Goat Dessert. Then, I went back to the Farm, went up twice, and saved a goat.
    • Back at the shop, I bought Rubber Wrap.
    • At the Gym on the first floor, I opened a chest and found a Rubber Heel. Right below where the goat was, I found the Rubber Sole. With Angelcraft, I crafted Wading Shoes.
    • I used the wading shoes to explore the creek in the middle, where the goat escaped. I found An artifact segment.
    • I went to the Warehouse and opened a chest.
    • Inside Eve Cathedral, I visited Judy's room, went downstairs, took the left path, and went down again. Open the chest - Jump in the water. Inside, I opened another chest and found a new page.
    • Finally, I explored Wikes Mansion again and found another easy chest inside.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v43092

    • I started by getting inside Channel 4 - Go to the Shop
    • After leaving Channel 4, I visited the Strip Center. From there, I went to the Grill.
    • I headed to the Farm. I found the chest key half to the right of the wooden cart, under the red shed.
    • I went to the Warehouse and picked up a mysterious package. 
    • Back to the Strip Center, I visited the shop again.
    • I gave the package to someone special at the Shop, and in return, I received a Love Potion.
    • Back at the Farm, after a memorable scene, I entered the main building and got Carol's profile from the lower left corner - Pantry (get the catnip)
    • My adventure took me to the Condos, where I clicked on a cat and got the second half of a chest key.
    • To complete the key, I went back to the Shop and bought some Glue. Then, I merged the two halves of the key.
    • I returned to the Farm and entered the Cave - Up x3 - to get the silver statue (lower right corner). There, I found a crate of bullets.
    • I crossed the river again and opened a chest, revealing a new page.
    • After all that action, I talked with the girls.
    • I returned to the Shop and bought an upgrade.
    • I used the phone to call Nellie.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v45101

    • I started by visiting Andrea's home
    • Next, I headed to Channel 4. The top floor was my destination. I went right and discovered a Wireless Transmitter. Nearby, I found the chest key tucked away in the lower right corner of the room. There was a number above the mirror—124. leave the room -through the right door - get the key - open the locker inside, I found a crowbar and a transmitter battery. There was also a piece of paper with a mysterious code—576.
    • I ventured to Eve Cathedral. I followed some girls.
    • Wikes Mansion was my next stop. I went inside through the front door and climbed the right stairs. From there, I headed to the Apartments. Along the way, I collected a lovely yellow flower called Acacia from the waterfall in the forest. I gave it to Erika. Inside the pantry, I fixed a transmitter and noted a number on a sack to the right—349.
    • Back at Channel 4, I returned to the top floor and went right. I made my way back to Wikes Mansion, entered through the front door, and climbed the right stairs. Under the dining table, I interacted with the wall and opened a chest, revealing a Page. I also noted some numbers on the wall—969.
    • Manholes were next on my list. I found them in various places: the Shop, Condos, Channel 4, Strip, and Apartments.
    • With a collection of codes in my inventory —124576349969, and 666 — I decided to try them all on the briefcases.
    • I bought everything I needed and made a call to Kimberly.


    • Visit the shop - chat with the friendly man outside.
    • From the shop, I ventured into the mysterious forest. I followed a path that took me up and to the left, where I stumbled upon the Weed Killer Recipe.
    • After my forest escapade, I decided to pay a visit to Eve Cathedral. From there, I headed over to Heather's home. In the pool area, I discovered a key that opened a safe. Inside the safe was something valuable—the Glyphosate, located in the upper left corner of the front garden.
    • Strip Center shop - I had to explore Heather's home once more, this time heading upstairs. There, I found a glowing profile on the left side. My curiosity led me into her room, saw a safe, and opened it.
    • Farm - There, beneath Judy, I uncovered  Dicamba by interacting with a rock. Inside the farm, I opened a box to the right of the house, which revealed Mecoprop. With a Basic Container from the shop, I was able to combine these ingredients to craft the Weed Killer, a recipe I had discovered earlier.
    • Armed with the Weed Killer, I returned to the Farm's upper path. Clean the weed open the chest and get the new page (Judy). As I cleared the way, I found a chest key. My journey then led me to the Forest, where I encountered more weed trouble. After cleaning up, I unlocked a chest and found a new page, marked "Judy."
    • Back at the Farm, I entered the red building and opened a grey box, revealing black pepper. With this ingredient in hand, I went into the main building and presented it to Carol. 
    • I decided to give Judy a call.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v49111

    • Heather's home - Upstairs, in the right room, I found Chloe's profile.
    • From there, I ventured into the forest. My path led me to a waterfall, where I found the Mage Grip on the other side. Feeling curious, I retraced my steps and took a different route, leading me to discover the Mage Handle hidden in a bush. As I continued, I came across an Antique key in the upper left corner of the church's backyard.
    • I decided to pay a visit to the Farm next. There, I had a chat with Carol.
    • I made a quick stop at the shop to purchase a Basic Container.
    • Eve Cathedral was my next destination. After some scenes, I explored the area, going left and upstairs. Open the chest and get an old book.
    • Back at the cathedral, Click on the first bench and get the rat. I coaxed a rat from the first bench inside, and then I went to the backyard of the church, where I gave the rat to a cat. In return, I received a chest key.
    • Returning to Heather's home. From there, I moved on to the Farm and then back to Eve Cathedral. Inside - Left - Left Room.
    • Andrea's home - Inside, I went right and discovered a secret door with a piano (CED). Behind it, I found a chest containing a new page for Nellie.


    • Strip Center - Channel 4. Climbing to the upper floor, I explored the Apartments and unlocked a lock to find a mysterious note dated 1998.
    • Heading over to the enigmatic Wikes Mansion, I delved into its mysteries. On the left side, I opened a sewer to find a saw blade. Then, I interacted with the bushes to the left of the door and uncovered the recipe for a Diamond Saw. To craft it, I needed a Rough Diamond, a Saw Handle, a Saw Blade, and some Glue.
    • Stepping inside Wikes Mansion, I opened the front door and activated a gargoyle. My exploration led me to a Saw Handle hidden among bushes to the right of an outside door. After securing the Saw Blade, I took the right path and ascended the stairs to reach the pantry. Enter the pantry and get the Watchers’s eye - place the eye in the eye socket of the gargoyle (dining room).
    • With all the required components, I crafted the Diamond Saw and put it to use. On Channel 4 (right side), I used it to obtain a silver statue. In the Strip Center (left side), I used it again to acquire a gold figurine.
    • Warehouse. I discovered a dumbbell in the top left corner and a chest key in the lower left corner, just to the left of the red container.
    • Returning to Wikes Mansion, I ventured inside and encountered a statue. After moving it aside, I opened a chest to reveal a new Melissa Page.
    • Heading to the Strip Center, I entered the Grill and Ella's apartment. Upstairs, I opened a chest to find a medium-sized item. Downstairs, I uncovered another chest, using the note's numbers (1998), which yielded a small-sized item.
    • In the parking lot (to the right), I interacted with some bushes to obtain Ella's key fob. Inside again, I met up with Ella.
    Thanks for reading The Genesis Order Walkthrough. It took me 10 days to draft these and I will write more walkthroughs when I get the chance to. If you have a suggestion, drop a comment.

    However, do not forget to bookmark this blog for more game content.
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