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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V53121 - V57011)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like..
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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

I am still determining what category this game falls under, but most people say it's role-playing (RPG). But I think there is more to this game than all these reviews I've read on the internet.

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V59012 - V88101)
Genesis Order is one of the popular RPG games that allows you to play as a junior detective in a college, make a living, and impress your woman by solving crimes. The more crimes you solve, the more popular you become on the school campus.

I have always loved to play this game on Android, but some days ago during my research for the Genesis Order Walkthrough. I found out that this game is available on PCs and Macs. 

So you can remember, Just like Taffy Tales and Isekai Awakening. The Genesis order is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it on the internet.

This part contains the walkthrough from v53121 to v57011.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v53121

    • Eve Cathedral - Upon entering, I headed to the right and upstairs. There, I stumbled upon Judy's profile right in front of a column. I decided to treat myself and bought an upgrade from the shop.
    • Leaving the cathedral, I paid a visit to Heather's home. From there, I ventured into the Apartments. Eventually, I made my way to the Wikes Mansion.
    • The farm - I found the Pen Door Recipe to the right of the red shed door. Crafting it required some items: Wood from a car just below the red shed, gold paper hidden behind the counter at the Strip Center's Grill, Corn Chips (for which I made a quick purchase), and a good read of the other paper. My journey led me to the Dock, where I got my hands on a boomerang. Returning to the Strip Center, I acquired the Chest Key in the Left Alley.
    • Wikes Mansion's backyard, where I picked up an Old Book from the top left. Back at the farm, I plucked a fresh apple from the apple tree and took the path above to chat with some friendly girls. Clicking on a metal box to the right, I uncovered some Nails. My journey then led me to the Warehouse, where I found a Hinge under an umbrella and a Latch that opened the sewer.
    • I crafted the Pen Door and talked to the girls back at the farm, specifically the Red Shed.
    • Returning to Heather's home, I decided to treat myself to some Red Wine from the Grill. I took a moment to read through some recipes. I learned that combining Soy Sauce, Sugar, and Cornstarch yielded something delicious.
    • I made my way back to the Wikes Mansion, this time going inside. After a brief detour, I clicked on the right gargoyle and re-entered. I proceeded to the right and opened a chest, discovering a new page. Satisfied with my progress, I headed back to Heather's home.
    • Using the new page to make a call, I bought everything I could from the shop.


    • Police Station - Inside, I headed right, then left, and upstairs. I found a note (top right table) and checked the clocks, which revealed a mysterious number (169). I opened a door (top left), proceeded downstairs, and finally left the police station.
    • My next destination was Channel 4. 2nd floor (elevator) - right - left door - There, I had a conversation with Kimberly and snagged a pair of stylish sunglasses from the lower left corner of the room. I made my exit.
    • Apartments next. A quick trip to the Warehouse yielded some Nails from a can next to an umbrella, and I also picked up a Diving Mask.
    • Forest, where I secured the right Swim Suit from the middle, grabbed a Snorkel from the trees and interacted with a manhole cover to collect the rest of the equipment. My river-crossing efforts were rewarded with a valuable coin.
    • The Farm was my next stop, where I went up, up, left, and up again to obtain the Electromagnet Recipe.
    • Warehouse - I traded the valuable coin for Ella's apartment key. I also made a purchase, acquiring some copper wire from the left of Jon.
    • Using the newly acquired key, I ventured into Ella's apartment, specifically the Pink Room.
    • I paid a visit to Andrea's home, where I made my way up and up. A blue box caught my attention, and I obtained some Electric Tape. With Angelcraft skills, I crafted the Electromagnet Recipe.
    • Back at the Apartments, I ascended to Ella's apartment and ventured upstairs. Here, I uncovered a safe near Ella, where I found a Katana.
    • After a pool event, I returned to Andrea's home. Inside, I moved right and clicked on a red switch. My journey led me further right, where I interacted with a floor button. This sent me down into a tube, and I eventually left the house.
    • At the Condos, I made my way through the right door.
    • Police Station: Get a Police Uniform from one of the cars. Upstairs, I went right and entered the top left door. Here, I clicked on a red switch and successfully opened a safe (code = 169), retrieving a thumb drive. A hidden corridor beckoned beneath a cone, and I discovered a chest key, located just in front of the rightmost chair.
    • I paid a visit to the Shop, where I bought a dress, a picture, and some new improvements for my house.
    • Returning to Andrea's Home, I went right and up. An opened chest yielded a new page dedicated to Andrea.
    • At the Condos, I once again entered through the right door.
    • I called Andrea.


    • Head to the shop and meet Carol.
    • Make your way to Channel 4 on the 2nd floor. Go right, and there you'll find a blue button. Click on it to grab the Ant Killer Recipe.
    • Wikes Mansion. Enter through the front door, then head up the right stairs. Click on the blue ball to acquire the Mace Head.
    • Head downstairs and keep moving forward. In the next room (lower right corner), unlock the Mace Recipe.
    • It's time to put our crafting skills to the test. Buy glue from the shop, and let's craft that mace (Angelcraft).
    • Forest, Head left and then up. Grab the gold idol now that you have the maze.
    • Take the upper path, and then take the upper path again. Go left, and you'll find the chest key (top of the three).
    • Return to Wikes Mansion. Keep exploring until you reach the backyard and meet Diana. She's going to hand you the dark chapel room key.
    • Go right and enter the chapel. Open the front door, and then head downstairs to open the chest. There's a new page inside. Try to reach the other door, and let's see what's waiting.
    • Head to the warehouse via the far end (enter, go upstairs, and head to the left room).
    • Heather's home. Search the pool area and grab the bathroom key (among the purple clothes on the sofa).
    • Click on the red button at D*ck's Grill to get some vinegar
    • Head back to the farm and check out the pantry. Grab some baking soda, and let's work our magic.
    • Buy a basic container from the shop, and let's craft the ant killer.
    • Return to Heather's home and use the ant killer near the pool.
    • Finally, make sure to buy everything new in the shop.
    Thanks for reading The Genesis Order Walkthrough. It took me 10 days to draft these and I will write more walkthroughs when I get the chance to. If you have a suggestion, drop a comment.

    However, do not forget to bookmark this blog for more game content.
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