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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V59012 - V67033)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like S
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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

I am still determining what category this game falls under, but most people say it's role-playing (RPG). But I think there is more to this game than all these reviews I've read on the internet.

Genesis Order is one of the popular RPG games that allows you to play as a junior detective in a college, make a living, and impress your woman by solving crimes. The more crimes you solve, the more popular you become on the school campus.

I have always loved to play this game on Android, but some days ago during my research for the Genesis Order Walkthrough. I found out that this game is available on PCs and Macs. 

So you can remember, Just like Taffy Tales and Isekai Awakening. The Genesis order is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it on the internet.

This part contains the walkthrough from v59012 to v75052


    • Head to Eve Cathedral. At the Strip Center, grab that much-needed ammo.
    • Now, within Eve Cathedral, venture to the top left of the tower. There, you'll find the essence of strength. Time to craft the Seed of Strength using your Angelcraft skills.
    • Navigate to the farm, take the upper path, and then go up again. Head left and continue upward by the river. Open the jar to uncover the stun gun recipe.
    • Put that Seed of Strength to good use. Break the rock and open the other jar to claim the Titan Shovel Head.
    • Head right and re-enter Eve Cathedral. This time, open the box in the bottom left corner to reveal the Titan Shovel Recipe.
    • Ascend the stairs on the right and meet Andrea.
    • Descend the stairs and click on the gargoyle in the top-right corner.
    • Inside the warehouse, make a quick stop at the police station. Don't forget to move that stubborn rock in Eve Cathedral's backyard.
    • Grab those batteries — the blue glowing gems on the left wall. They might just come in handy later.
    • Use the electromagnet to bypass the security lock to the right of the Police Station entrance. This unlocks the high-voltage inverter.
    • Back at Eve Cathedral, venture forward and click on the gargoyle in the top right again. But this time, head down, go right, and interact with the container to retrieve the nails.
    • Visit the Shop for some essential purchases. Buy Glue and Chloe's profiles. Now put those Angelcraft skills to work and craft the Stun Gun. 
    • Return to Eve Cathedral's backyard and face off against the gator. Use the Stun Gun to conquer the beast.
    • Inside Eve Cathedral's main entrance, move forward and meet Heather. The plot thickens.
    • Head back, take the corridor on the right, and go upstairs. On the left, open the box to find the Titan Shovel Shaft
    • Visit Andrea's home and explore the left side of the garden. Open the jar to acquire the Titan Shovel handle.
    • Back to the shop, buy more Glue, and complete the Titan Shovel through Angelcraft.
    • Head to the river (Farm > Up) and open the chest to reveal a new page.
    • Lastly, make your way to the condos. Find Melissa's profile next to the bottom right window, and then purchase her profile from the shop.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v61021

    • Begin your journey on the Upper Floor of Channel 4. Go right, open the right door, and claim Kimberly's profile from the lower left corner.
    • Head to the Apartments and take the right door to the dorm. You will find a Jar on the right wall. Break it open to reveal a dumbbell, a valuable item.
    • Make your way to the Police Station. After a scene, go left and hit the switch before entering the basketball court. Click the switch again and head to the door above. Interact with the white paper.
    • Back to Channel 4's Upper Floor, go right, and enter the left door. Change your clothes and proceed to the On-Air Door. Grab the studio key after the scene.
    • Venture inside Eve Cathedral. Go right and enter the first door to find white paper. Head upstairs for another one. Open the door and interact with the books. Choose to read book number 12 to discover the Snake Trap recipe, book 78 for an old book, and 98 for the attic box key. Don't forget book 88 for the chest key. Leave the room, re-enter, and open the chest for a New Page.
    • Head downstairs, go left and enter the right door. Go upstairs and open the box to find some nails. Then, click on the top right of the window on the right to get eggs. Now, use a silver figurine in the middle cauldron to get the Essence of Intelligence and craft the Seed of Knowledge (Angelcraft). 
    • Move the barrel below to get the other half of the Attic Box key. Merge the two halves of your inventory. Downstairs, go up the other stairs (left) and open the box to get Reliquia. Dive into the lore by reading the open book.
    • It's time to put your Angelcraft skills to work. Craft the Snake Trap, and if you lack any materials, you can always buy them in the store.
    • Head to the Farm and meet the girls in the red shed. After some scenes, access the plantation on the left through the hole on the left. Find the snake and capture it in a box. Don't forget to collect some corn while you're there.
    • Call Melissa and buy everything new in the shop.


    • Start your adventure by entering the warehouse. To the right of the entrance, you'll find Nellie's profile. Don't forget to buy it from the shop to expand your collection of profiles.
    • Head over to the Farm and enter the house. In the red shed, interact with the friendly goat. Your reward? The truck key is conveniently located by the table.
    • Outside the shop, spread a little kindness. Give bubble gum to the girl, and she'll reward you with Penicillin.
    • Get ready for some action. In Channel 4, head to the elevator, then the glass door. Keep moving forward, open the next glass door, and grab the chest to the right. Inside, you'll find the Antibiotic cream. Use your Angelcraft skills to craft it. If you're missing any items, you can find Aloe on the farm (up the path) and containers in the shop. Once crafted, use the antibiotic cream to heal your leg.
    • Pay a visit to Andrea's home. Inside, grab the kitchen key from the right wall. Leave the room, go right and up, and interact with the fridge to retrieve the fuse.
    • Now, head to Heather's home. Inside, use the fuse in the entrance garden to bring some light to the darkness.
    • Eve Cathedral. Inside > right > upstairs > open the door. Cross to the other stairs, go left, and interact with the electromagnet on the red switch. Place the stone on top of the mark in the lower left corner and go back with your friends to enter the new room together
    • Return to the Farm and take the up path, then go up again (swimming). Move the rock and proceed to the right. Enter the building and go down. Interact with the gargoyle and descend. Go right, then up, and take the chest key, resting on top of the lamp in the middle. Head back to the catacombs entrance, go upstairs (left), and interact with the red button to open the door. Inside, open the chest and collect the page. 
    • Buy everything and Make that call.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v65031

    • Shop: Buy the siphon, a container, glue, and all the house expansions. Go outside and get gas from the back of the car on the right.
    • Head to the Police Station, go upstairs and then go right. Here, you'll meet Andrea through the right door.
    • Journey to Eve Cathedral's backyard, and make your way up. Here, you'll find the Crucifix and the Demon Horn. Venture inside through the main entrance to meet Father Solomon. Afterward, leave the building and have another encounter with Andrea. Then, enter the chapel, head to the left stairs, and explore the top floor before going downstairs.
    • Now, it's time to go on a cellar key hunt. Leave the chapel, head left, and enter the second door. Go downstairs into the catacombs to find half of the cellar box key. Don't forget to take a phone call from Kimberly outside.
    • Visit the Apartments and go upstairs. On the right wall, there's a jar that holds the flame thrower recipe.
    • Inside the Warehouse, grab the compressor from the top-left fan. Now, put your Angelcraft skills to work and craft the flame thrower.
    • Return to Eve Cathedral and head to the chapel. use the flame thrower, get a crucifix, demon feather, and cellar box key half. Attach both keys to your inventory to get the cellar box key. leave the chappel > left > 2nd door > downstairs (catacombs) > left path > cross the river and use the flame throwerYour reward? The gold idol. Go back with your companions and open the box to find some surprising items.
    • Back in Eve Cathedral's backyard, make your way up, and you'll find an arrow. Follow it up to open a chest and discover a new page.
    • Inside Wikes Mansion, venture upstairs on the left to find a demon fang. go left > go down (in front of the 2nd door) > down again. Head left to find a tricky-to-reach demon feather. Then, go right, right, and grab the demon horn. Finally, make your way to the catacombs (downstairs after interacting with the gargoyle), go left, and place everything on top of the green lights.
    • Return to Eve Cathedral's backyard, follow the arrow up, and open the chest to reveal a new page.


    • Start at the Police Station, head inside, then make your way to the Warehouse. Grab the Dimmer circuit. Now, return to the Police Station, head to the left basketball court, and enter the first bathroom. Install the dimmer in the electrical box.
    • Head to the shooting room and arm yourself with a pistol. Take aim and shoot the white enchufe first, then hit the target multiple times. Precision is key. Exit the basketball room.
    • Get yourself a basic container from the shop. Now, head to Eve Cathedral's fountain and fill it with Holy water.
    • There's more to discover. Find a crucifix hidden on the right side of Wikes Mansion Backyard. Enter through the front door and grab another crucifix from the lower left corner. Continue your search in the Forest—head left and up to find yet another crucifix on the left side.
    • Back at Eve Cathedral, go inside, turn right, and go up to the front door. Talk to Father Solomon and receive blessed crucifixes. Go left, place the crucifix on the wall, then go left and downstairs to do the same. Head right place another crucifix, and enter the door to the left. Go upstairs on the right and place the crucifix. Now, go back, go upstairs on the left, and place yet another crucifix.
    • After some intriguing scenes, return to the library. Head upstairs once more, then go right twice, left twice, and downstairs. Enter Judy’s room through the second door.
    • Venture inside Wikes Mansion and experience some gripping scenes. Open the passage of Wilkes Mansion with the Gargola and go down. Head left and open the chest to obtain the Hellfire extinguisher recipe.
    • Back at the shop, buy another basic container
    • Return to Eve Cathedral and fill your new container with Holy water. Now, head to Andrea’s home, go inside, go right twice, and head up. In the lower right corner, use the code 9112 and obtain vinegar and baking soda. Put your Angelcraft skills to work and craft the Hellfire extinguisher. It might just save your life.
    • Use the Hellfire extinguisher in the bathrooms on the side of the basketball court in the Police Station. Retrieve the chest key.
    • At Wikes Mansion, head to the front door, go up the left stairs, then down in front of the second door. Continue down, then go left to enter the second door. get Ella’s profile (lower left corner) Leave the room and go left to open the chest and discover a new page.
    • Don't forget to buy Ella's profile from the shop.
    • Open the passage to Wikes Mansion with the Gargola and go down. Head right and up to open another passage with the Gargola. Grab the demon horn. Then, go left and collect the demon feather and demon fang. Place these relics on the green lights.
    • Finally, visit the shop one more time. 
    • Make that Booty Call.
    Thanks for reading The Genesis Order Walkthrough. It took me 10 days to draft these and I will write more walkthroughs when I get the chance to. If you have a suggestion, drop a comment.

    However, do not forget to bookmark this blog for more game content.

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