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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V69041 - V75052)

Shop. Click on the lamppost on the left to score some fireworks. Head to the Apartments and grab some gasoline from the blue car. Forest, heading ...
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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

I am still determining what category this game falls under, but most people say it's role-playing (RPG). But I think there is more to this game than all these reviews I've read on the internet.

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V59012 - V88101)
Genesis Order is one of the popular RPG games that allows you to play as a junior detective in a college, make a living, and impress your woman by solving crimes. The more crimes you solve, the more popular you become on the school campus.

I have always loved to play this game on Android, but some days ago during my research for the Genesis Order Walkthrough. I found out that this game is available on PCs and Macs. 

So you can remember, Just like Taffy Tales and Isekai Awakening. The Genesis order is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it on the internet.

This part contains the walkthrough from v69041 to v75052

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v69041

    • Shop. Click on the lamppost on the left to score some fireworks.
    • Head to the Apartments and grab some gasoline from the blue car. 
    • Forest, heading left and then up. Open your inventory and combine gasoline with fireworks using the jerrycan. Move the rock on the right side to unveil the church key. Make your way back and head left to the church's backyard. Position the rock and grab the king's idol.
    • Inside the Warehouse, have a chat with Jonathan. Proceed through the yellow door, and if needed, sell him the king idol to obtain the unknown house key. 
    • Visit Andrea's home. Inside, go to the front, then the right door, and finally, the third door on the right. Here, you'll find the unknown amulet in the lower right corner.
    • Explore Eve Cathedral. Inside, head left, go upstairs and open the door to obtain the Torn page. Exit, go right twice, and enter the library. Check book number 21 on the second row for Zephaniah’s Last Letter recipe. You'll need two more torn pages and some glue from the shop. Leave the library, go downstairs to Heather's room, and collect a torn page from the lower left corner. Now, leave, go left, and enter the church. Interact with the lamp on the left to find the last torn page. 
    • Time to put your Angelcraft skills to work. Craft Zephaniah’s Last letter and give it a read in your inventory.
    • Return to Eve Cathedral, go right, head upstairs, and pay a visit to Father Solomon.
    • Inside Channel 4, go right and have a chat with the guy. Offer him the gisguise from your inventory and receive half of the chest key back. Take the elevator, go right, and enter the left door to find a maid uniform and a security card on the floor. Return to the elevator, go right, and trade the maid uniform for the other half of the chest key. You'll need some glue from the shop to unite both halves.
    • At Eve Cathedral, head left, go upstairs, and open the door to reveal a chest containing a valuable page.
    • Inside Channel 4, go right and keep pressing the switch until it turns green. Now, enter through that door.
    • Return to Andrea's home and continue your exploration.
    • Back at Channel 4, go right and find Erica’s profile. It's hidden on the wall in front of the black table.
    • buy everything from the shop.
    • Last but not least, make that all-important call to further the plot.


    • Start your journey by heading to the strip center. Visit the XX shop and grab a book. Next, make your way to D*ck Grill, enter through the left door, and snatch the rhodamine. While you're there, interact with three fires and some water, and don't forget to pick up the dropped book behind the table. Finally, find some fluorescein on the left.
    • Seek out dropped books in the Dock area and in the top right corner of the shop. Don't hesitate to return to the XX shop for more discoveries.
    • Head to Eve Cathedral
    • Inside the Police Station, engage in a conversation, and then make your way to the basketball court door. Before entering, interact with the white switch. You'll find a UV flashlight on the table. Grab it and leave.
    • Proceed to the Warehouse. Go all the way to the end and open the jar to uncover the recipe for the Fingerprint Lift Kit. All you need is the basic container from the store. Put your Angelcraft skills to use and create it. Now, head left and move the cabinet next to the door to reveal a keypad. The code is 2780. Inside, you'll discover a chest. But before you open it, make sure to place the TNT barrel next to the other six so they explode safely. Then, head left.
    • Exit the door above and follow the footprints, stepping on each one in order. Your reward will be the front half of the chest key. On your way back, don't forget to pick up Andrea’s profile and the four barrels.
    • Return to the Warehouse, marked by an exclamation point. Stock up on supplies: Defrost timer, Nut and bolt set, Condenser fan, Drum glides, Motor Pulley, Blower Wheel, and Handle seat.
    • Enter the Condos through the right door. Interact with the exclamation marks from right to left, using the items from your inventory: Blower Wheel, Defrost timer, Handle Seat. Once done, exit the room.
    • Look for the exclamation mark in the Apartments. Grab the Condenser fan and get the back half of the chest key. Glue both halves together (find glue in the shop). Open the chest and reveal a new page.
    • Head to the backyard of Wikes Mansion. Go right, keep entering until you reach the end, then go downstairs...
    • Last but not least, visit the shop and buy everything new. And don't forget to make that all-important call to further the story.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v73051

    • First things first, make a pit stop at the shop and grab some grease. 
    • Eve Cathedral, and after the scenes, be sure to snag the Bunker key. It's cunningly hidden on the wall in front of Melissa.
    • Descend right and then down, and again, make a right, and head further down. Here's a tricky part – follow the footprints from right to left and pick up the Used Rad. It's tucked away on the wall, to the right of the first footprint on the right. 
    • Reenter the Eve Cathedral, and inside, take a left to reach the second room. Descend, then veer left, and finally, go up and right. Now, it's time to create some explosions. Place the TNT next to the barrels and watch them go boom! Don't forget to grab the mysterious blue item before proceeding upstairs. At the end of the tracks, you'll find the coveted Thermite Grenade Recipe.
    • Head back downstairs, and access a hole in the wall beneath the cylinders and the chest. You'll discover the chest key hidden in the wall, approximately at the same height as the chest. Retrieve it and move on. Go up to grab the Powdered Aluminum and another blue item.
    • Interact with the TNT to blow up those barrels and head back up.
    • Onward to the right, go upstairs and reach for the front door. Inside, you'll discover Zephania's journal. There's more to explore, so head downstairs, go left, and collect Hannah's clothes. Next, grab Carol's clothes, and then open the door to find Heather's clothes to the left. Continue left to collect Cloe's clothes. Don't forget to grab the path below, where you'll find the Iron Oxide.
    • Use your Angelcraft skills to create the Thermite Grenade. Now, take the up/left path and reach the top of the stairs. Throw the thermite grenade at the hanging beam, cross the "bridge," and head back inside. Access the tunnels through the yellow container. Go up, left, and through the door. Left again, go down, down once more, and then up/left to cross another bridge. Open the chest for a valuable page.
    • Return once more and cross the bridge. Go down, right, and upstairs to leave the building.
    • Now, enter Wike's Mansion. Go forward and interact with the gargoyle, then head downstairs. Go right and up to have a chat with Brian. Turn left and left again to collect three unholy ashes from the fires next to the green lights. Go back upstairs, find the hidden passage below the table, and get Lillian's hair. You'll need to open the second door in the room to get more. Head back to the gargoyle room and go up the left stairs. Collect more of Lillian's hair in the first room, then interact with the gargoyle and descend left. Finally, interact with the three green lights to unlock the way.
    • Wike's Mansion. Go forward, take the right stairs, and use the hidden passage in the wall below the table. Grab Lillian's profile, and don't forget to buy the upgrade from the shop.
    • Time to make that crucial call to advance the storyline.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v75052

    • Start by heading inside the Warehouse to meet up with the girls. After a quick catch-up, make your exit.
    • Enter the Police Station and head left. Interact with the white switch to kick things off. Follow the tracks and snatch up a bagged lunch. Double back, go upstairs, and hang a left. In front of the exclamation mark, go behind the work tables until you get the chest key half
    • Proceed to the right, then right again, and open the last door. Follow the tracks and pocket the locker room key. leave the room > left > downstairs > left > basketball court
    • Swing by the shop and stock up on x2 interrogation marks and x2 glue.
    • Back at the Police Station, go upstairs on the left, enter the first door, and unlock it with glue. You'll find the front half of the chest key and a Fingerprint lock. Merge the two halves of the key together.
    • Pay a visit to Jonathan in the Warehouse and have a chat.
    • Enter the enigmatic Eve Cathedral, and as you venture left, go upstairs. open the door and read the note > leave the room and go left > enter the library To unlock the secrets of the game, read a book (row 3, number 88) and obtain the Book of Genesis.
    • Back at Andrea's home, head inside after the scenes and engage in a conversation with Andrea herself.
    • Enter Wike's Mansion and proceed through the front door. Chat with the gargoyle and head downstairs. Take a right and go up to speak with Brian. Don't forget to collect the Hell Boot by the rocks on the right and another pair of hell boots upstairs and to the left. Shift the lever to the left, head downstairs, and open the chest to find a new page (Chloe).
    • Face the puzzle at the base of the pillars. There are some round objects there; place the rocks on top of the round things on the top and bottom pillars, then stand on top of the round thing in the middle. Watch as the puzzle unfolds and take your leave.
    • Head over to Channel 4 and pay a visit to the Police Station. Go left to the basketball court and strike up a conversation with Judy.
    • Make that all-important call.
    Thanks for reading The Genesis Order Walkthrough. It took me 10 days to draft these and I will write more walkthroughs when I get the chance to. If you have a suggestion, drop a comment.

    However, do not forget to bookmark this blog for more game content.
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