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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V77061 - V83072)

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like S
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The Genesis Order Walkthrough - Genesis Order is one of my favorite games and I wouldn't lie when I say, playing a detective game makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes.

I am still determining what category this game falls under, but most people say it's role-playing (RPG). But I think there is more to this game than all these reviews I've read on the internet.

The Genesis Order Walkthrough - (V59012 - V88101)
Genesis Order is one of the popular RPG games that allows you to play as a junior detective in a college, make a living, and impress your woman by solving crimes. The more crimes you solve, the more popular you become on the school campus.

I have always loved to play this game on Android, but some days ago during my research for the Genesis Order Walkthrough. I found out that this game is available on PCs and Macs. 

So you can remember, Just like Taffy Tales and Isekai Awakening. The Genesis order is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it on the internet.

This part contains the walkthrough from v77061 to v83072


    • Channel 4. Elevator > Left > Through the glass door >. Continue forward through the front glass door.
    • Inside the mysterious cathedral, head left and enter the second door. Descend the stairs, then go left, up, and right. Keep advancing forward until you reach the sanctuary. Exit through the front door, and on your way out, grab the ladder segment. Return to the sanctuary, head downstairs, go down three times, and then to the right. Instead of ascending the stairs, take the path above. Continue up and right, downstairs, and retrieve another ladder segment from the box.
    • Make your way to the farm, enter the left building, and go upstairs. Open the right door to find yet another ladder segment using the footprints.
    • Return to the Eve Cathedral. Inside, head left, enter the second door and go downstairs. Follow the path as you did before, and once again, reach the sanctuary. Place the ladder segments below where the girls are located.
    • Make a pit stop at the Warehouse and purchase the Motor Pulley and Nut and Bolt Set.
    • Head back to where you placed the ladder segments, cross over, and take the downward path. Use the Motor Pulley to fix the generator. Then, join forces with the girls.
    • Return to the Warehouse and head inside.
    • Inside the Eve Cathedral, enter the front left door and go upstairs to reach the top floor.
    • Swing by the Shop and load up on everything you need, including some handy glue.
    • Visit the Police Station and interact with the exclamation mark. Offer the Nut and Bolt Set to receive the front half of the chest key.
    • Now, return to where you placed the ladder segments, cross over to the left, and collect the back half of the chest key, which is positioned above the door. Merge both halves and unlock the chest.
    • Make that all-important call to advance the storyline.

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – v79062

    • Start by visiting the shop. Purchase the Miner's Shaft and grab those two mysterious "?".
    • Eve Cathedral.
    • Wikes Mansion. After a conversation with the girls and the cop, proceed through the door going up to acquire the Master Key. Don't forget to grab some gasoline too. Explore further by heading left, going downstairs, and opening another door. Inside, you'll discover the Demon's Offering Coin, a Treasure Map, and a lever to pull. Now, leave the room and explore upstairs on the right. Open the second door to find a Devil's Container, and follow the markings to uncover its secrets. There's more to explore, so go left, downstairs, and up on the left side. Open the first door and follow the markings to obtain another Demon's Offering Coin. Keep going down and pick up a seemingly useless key in the upper left corner. Don't forget to pull that lever too. 
    • Proceed left, get the Chest Key recipe in the lower right corner, and interact with the machine. Now, head upstairs, pick up another useless key, and discover the Hell Key recipe hidden within the right wall. There's more to explore, so leave the room and go right, right, and into the first door upstairs. Uncover a useless key near the bathtub and leave. Continue left and break a jar to reveal the Miner's Tool recipe.
    • Step outside the mansion and head downstairs. Follow the markings to find the Devil's Container and Hercules Grip. Go down again, get the Mining Shovel Head, and then head right to cross the bridge. Go up, cross the river, and head left to grab the Pickaxe Head. Combine all these parts to craft your very own Miner's Tool. Leave, cross the river, go up, and cross the bridge again to find another useless key. Cross the bridge once more, go down, head right, and pick up the unknown relic. Ascend the stairs, leave the room, and interact with the girls.
    • Return to Wikes Mansion, and inside, head to the front door. Go upstairs on the right side, enter the second door, and obtain the key mold. Use it to craft the Chest Key.
    • Back inside Eve Cathedral, at the front door, use the Unknown Relic as part of a mysterious ritual.
    • Return to Wikes Mansion, interact with the gargoyle, and descend into the depths. Follow the guidance of the girls, making choices that lead you to new discoveries. 
    • Back in the Eve Cathedral, at the front door, utilize the three Demon's Offering Coins to acquire Unholy Metal. Collect water from the entrance to obtain Unholy Water.
    • Return to Wikes Mansion, interact with the gargoyle, and go downstairs. Grab three Unholy Ashes, then use them to craft three Hell Keys. Leave and go upstairs on the left. Proceed down, open the chest, and claim the Amulet of Shime, Amulet of Hamalos, and Amulet of Kimpet.
    • Leave the room and witness the revelation of the Lasso Gun Recipe.


    • Start by exploring the mysterious Eve Cathedral. Inside, head left, go upstairs, and reach the front door to acquire the Useless Key.
    • Warehouse and have a chat with Jonathan. He might just have something valuable for us. While we're here, uncover the Detonator recipe.
    • Make a quick pit stop at the Strip Center's Grill and buy an energy drink.
    • Take a refreshing swim at the Dock and snag that seemingly "useless" key. Little do we know, it might hold the key to something greater. Afterward, craft the Chest Key through Angelcraft.
    • Our underwater exploration continues. Swim upward to retrieve the Rope, and then venture back down to gather the Lid of Extreme Holiness and some fishing weights. Keep going, and to the left, you'll find another Lid of Extreme Holiness and a fishing net. Dive even deeper to find not one but two rusted handguns.
    • Return to the Warehouse and head to the Bunker. Make your way to the front and turn left. Search the lower right corner of the wall to discover the valuable copper wire.
    • Head back to the Strip Center's Grill and enter the left door. Follow the marked path and obtain the Cooking Timer.
    • Make your way to Channel 4 via the Elevator. Explore right and right again through the door to find a battery, following the marked path. Now, backtrack through two glass doors. Grab the switch, following yet more marks. It's time to craft the Detonator through the mystical art of Angelcraft.
    • Return to the Warehouse and speak with Jonathan once more. This time, claim the crossbow and, with your newfound knowledge, craft the powerful Lasso Gun.
    • Revisit the Eve Cathedral, and head right through the second door to secure the Chalice. Then, journey back to the entrance, go left through the second door, head downstairs, and go up and right to find yet another Chalice.
    • Acquire two containers from the shop. Return to the Eve Cathedral and fill both containers with holy water. Ascend the front-right door, reach upstairs, and obtain two Essence of Intelligence. These elements will be key in crafting Holy Water Bombs through Angelcraft.
    • Back in the Eve Cathedral, go right through the second door, and deliver both Chalices to Father Solomon. Then, kindly offer the Lasso Gun to Tasha.
    • At the entrance of Wikes Mansion, head upstairs on the left, then left, and descend. Engage in a crucial meeting. Proceed to the left, go upstairs, and then downstairs. Head right twice, enter the first door, and move up. In the first door, step on the button to obtain Lillian's pin. Following an intriguing scene from the bedroom, head right, descend (before the first rays), and go down. Proceed right, avoiding the rays, and navigate through the middle door, repeating the path.
    • Visit the shop...

    The Genesis Order Walkthrough – V83072

    • Eve Cathedral. Head down, then left, to find the Devil's container. Now, interact with the two enigmatic gray pedestals. Through the left door near Father Solomon, head down, right, and up to secure the elusive demon's offering coin and a hidden chest key. Don't forget to grab some Unholy Ashes from the little fire.
    • Eve Cathedral, make a pit stop at the fountain to collect Unholy Water. Front door > Upstairs right. Utilize the Demon's offering coin to summon Unholy Metal and, through Angelcraft, craft the formidable Hell Key.
    • Inside Wikes Mansion, approach the front and meet the gargoyle. Head downstairs, go right and ascend to reach a portal. Cross through it. Click on the hanging latch for a pleasant surprise. Afterward, venture back through the portal, head left, and go up. Open the chest on your right for a treasure trove of knowledge in the form of a new page.
    • Our next challenge is the Demon Puzzle. Strategically place the two little rocks inside the designated marks. Interact with the right grey rock and then Henry to retrieve the chest. Now, interact with the left grey rock, then Ella to launch an attack, and finally, communicate with the policeman to progress our journey.
    Thanks for reading The Genesis Order Walkthrough. It took me 10 days to draft these and I will write more walkthroughs when I get the chance to. If you have a suggestion, drop a comment.

    However, do not forget to bookmark this blog for more game content.
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