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Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List - [Best Weapons to Use]

Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List - If you are a lover of horror related games or movies, you should check out this game on Google PlayStore...
Join us on Telegram Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List - If you are a lover of horror-related games or movies, you should check out this game on Google PlayStore.

Vampire Survivors is another mobile RPG game that has gotten over 1M+ active players on the Google PlayStore. In this game, players are expected to survive the attacks from vampires and night creature.
You can't play this game without dying, the main goal is to acquire enough in-game gold before the inevitable death comes for you. The horror storyline features hell and all you have to do is survive.

There are a lot of in-game abilities that can help you last longer during your gameplay. I might later explain some of these but for now, let's deal with the vampire survivors weapon tier list.

You won't have to waste your gold buying irrelevant weapons that might not help boost your game experience. 

Each weapon will be placed in the right category (how much damage they can cause) and this list will help you make better choices when purchasing weapons.

I have been enjoying my time on this game when I found out it is available on Steam for just $3.49. Funny how over 100K+ streamers already purchased this game.

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    Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List - Best Weapons

    If you have been visiting my blog, you should know that every character in this Tier List starts from S to D or more depending on how many characters are available.

    The vampire survivors' weapon tier list will also be listed in the same setting. Toward the end of the blog post, I will explain what each character Tier means.

    Tier S

    • Song of Mana Tier S
    • Pentagram Tier S
    • King Bible Tier S
    • Candybox Tier S
    • 108 Bocce Tier S
    • Flames of Misspell Tier S

    Tier A

    • Phier Der Tuphello Tier A
    • Eight the Sparrow Tier A
    • Laurel Tier A
    • Santa Water Tier A
    • Summon Night Tier A
    • Victory Sword Tier A
    • Silver Wind Tier A
    • La Robba Tier A

    Tier B

    • Garlic - Tier B
    • Clock Lancet Tier B
    • Cross Tier B
    • Carréllo Tier B
    • Shadow Pinion Tier B
    • Peachone Tier B
    • Ebony Wings Tier B
    • Whip Tier B
    • Runetracer Tier B
    • Bone Tier B
    • Lightning Ring Tier B
    • Greatest Jubilee Tier B
    • Bracelet Tier B

    Tier C

    • Axe - Tier C
    • Fire Wand - Tier C
    • Magic Wand - Tier C
    • Knife - Tier C
    • Cherry Bomb - Tier C

    Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List - Weapon Talks

    Tier S

    In the first tier (Tier S) we've got the Song of Mana. Sure, it starts a bit slow and can be situational, but once you pump up that range and power, it performs better. 

    Wielding it like a pro will help you slay foes left and right. But remember, you have to unlock Poppea Pecorina to enjoy this weapon's true potential.

    Tier A

    In our Tier List A, we've got Phier Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow. These two make quite the dynamic duo, dealing out tons of damage and even offering the option to duplicate for non-stop firepower

    Once you upgrade them, they turn into laser blasters, wreaking havoc across the entire opponent.

    Moving next to Laurel on our Tier List. Whenever you are in a tight spot, this weapon pops up and gives you a protective bubble.

    When you are in a crowded space it might not hold up for long but it should help you find your way out of a tight enemy's spot without getting much damage.

    Tier B

    Talking about Garlic. It's one of those divisive weapons that some players wish they could hate. 

    Sure, you might not really rate these tier B weapons but don't give up on it too quickly. One touch and most enemies go down, making it the perfect weapon for you to use.

    Now, the Clock Lancet is a bit of an underrated weapon. It moves in a clockwise motion, which can irritate you at first. But once you upgrade it, you can practically dance in the direction it's swinging and remain untouched.

    Moving on to The Cross. You can hit enemies twice with it, but it kills mercilessly. However, when you master it, you enjoy the power it holds.

    Lastly, Carréllo is a powerhouse. But it's a bit slow and situational, which can be a downer. As a secondary attack, it still dishes out some damage, but I'll admit there are better options out there in Tier S.

    Our Tier Ranks - (Explained Well)

    Each weapon in the Vampire Survivors Weapons Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

    Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now let us further break them down:
    • Tier S: Any weapon inserted in this category is considered the best in the game. Their presence alone guarantees you that you are leaving the battlefield victorious.
    • Tier A: The weapons in this list are also great additions to your team, you just need to do some regular upgrades with in-game coins.
    • Tier B: These weapons are in the category, you might want to consider swapping them for a better weapon after unlocking an A-tier or S-tier weapon.
    • Tier C: I wouldn't say these are bad, but you might consider swapping from your team when you need a stronger team.
    • Tier D: These weapons are bad, try everything in your power to change them and avoid using them.
    • Tier E: Sometimes, weapon may be too much. Just know that heroes in this tier are not something I'd recommend you use.

    How Are The Rankings Decided?

    Most of the game guides on this website are based on personal research and gameplay. Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time to come up with a list. 

    Later I visit other websites to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Eternal Evolution Tier ListVindictus Tier Listand Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.
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