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Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes - (Full Recipes List)

Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes - Volcano Princess is a very popular game on Steam. Have you been looking for the Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes?..
Join us on Telegram Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes - Volcano Princess is a very popular game on Steam. Have you been looking for the Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes? Then you are in the right place.

Funny how I was searching for games to write about on Steam and I came across Volcano Princess. I wasn't interested at first until I saw that it has over 21K+ reviews on Steam.
Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes - (Full Recipes List)
The Volcano Princess game has a nice storyline. In this game, you are a king who lost his wife. You have a daughter and you need to take care of her, find out her hobbies, train her for battles, and how she can socialize with the citizens she will one day rule.

Volcano Princess is available on Steam for $10.99 and can run on Microsoft Windows as long as you have 5GB storage available. This post will help list out all Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes with the ingredients needed to make them.

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    Volcano Princess Cooking Recipes - (Full Recipes List)

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    Fairy Carrot Gnocchi cooking recipe = 2 Fairy Carrot (effect = INT + 10 IMG + 10)

    Horse Milk Pudding cooking recipe = 5 Horse Milk (effect = Mind + 1)

    Stallion’s Diced Carrot cooking recipe = 2 Carrot (effect = Mood + 10)

    Cold Seaweed cooking recipe = 2 Kelp (effect = Mood + 10)

    Jasmine Tea cooking recipe = 2 Jasmine (effect = Mood + 10)

    Wild Berry Wine cooking recipe = 2 Wild Plum 1 Wheat (effect = Mood + 10)

    Aromatic Wine cooking recipe = 2 Grape 1 Wheat (effect = Mood + 20)

    Creamy Baked Egg cooking recipe = 2 Horse Milk 2 Giant Egg (effect = Mood + 25)

    Snow Smoothies cooking recipe = 2 Snow Flower 2 Ice (effect = Stamina + 1 Mood + 10)

    Nutritious Carrot Pork cooking recipe = 2 Carrot 1 Beast Meat (effect = STR + 20)

    Horse Milk Wine cooking recipe = 4 Horse Milk 1 Wheat (effect = Stamina + 1)

    Filling Bread cooking recipe = 2 Wheat (effect = Action Point + 1)

    Pan-fried Meat Sausage cooking recipe = 2 Beast Meat (effect = Action Point + 1)

    Giant Omelette cooking recipe = 2 Giant Egg (effect = Action Point + 1)

    Sizzling Grilled Fish cooking recipe = 2 Fish (effect = Action Point + 2)

    Grilled Lobster Meat cooking recipe = 2 Fire lobster (effect = Action Point + 3)

    Wild Berry Roast Pork cooking recipe = 3 Beast Meat 2 Wild Plum (effect = Action Point + 3)

    Grape Custard cooking recipe = 2 Grape 1 Horse Milk (effect = Charisma + 1)

    Grape Jam cooking recipe = 2 Grape (effect = EMO + 20)

    Lobster Gratin cooking recipe = 2 Fire Lobster 1 Beast Meat (effect = HP cap + 2)

    That's all the recipes you need to enjoy the Volcano Princess game. There are other interesting features added to this game, you can arrange some Volcano kingdom university for her to attend. 
    Do not forget that, you can't find out her hobbies if you do not her participate in various jobs and activities. I hope you enjoy your time playing this great game because the reviews on Steam are enough to convince gamers.

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