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All Cheat Commands List for Urge - (How to Enable Cheat)

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All Cheat Commands List for Urge - For players who have been looking for cheat commands for the Urge game. In this guide, we are all going to see how you can use these cheats and their functions.

Before the developer of this game comes for me, let me just say this - Cheat Commands are spoilers and will not allow you to enjoy that game experience, especially if you plan to fly around to all the areas.

Table of Contents

All Cheat Commands List for Urge - (How to Enable Cheat)

All Cheat Commands List for Urge - (How to Enable Cheat)

Make sure you have played this game to your satisfaction before coming here for the cheat commands for the popular Steam game, Urge. Without wasting your time, here are some of the cheats online and their functions.

perception - Max out perception skill 

sick - Max out sickness 

guns - Max out gun skill 

vehicles - Max out the vehicle's skill 

fat - Max out fat 

strength - Max out strength skill 

endurance - Max out endurance skill 

urge - Reduce contamination to 0

fogdanger - Makes lightning strike if you are above ground, urid falls if you are below (needs a certain fog level) 

peaceful - Peaceful mode 

stats0 - Set all skills to 0 

fog0  - Set fog to 0 

fog - Set fog to 10% (dubious) 

-fog - Reduce fog by 10% 

fog10 - Set fog to 100% 

fly - Fly, obviously 

urge1 - Enable pee gain 

urge0 - Disable pee gain 

hints0 - Toggle hints 

freezesky - Stop fog progression

-day - Rewind time back a day 

day - Skip ahead a day 

creative - No cost for build the menu 

fevent - Random fog event 

time - Skip time by a small amount 

-time - Skip backward in time by a small amount 

kit - Spawn a kit at your position (assault rifle) 

kits - Spawn a kit at your position (shotgun) 

kitp - Spawn a kit at your position (pistol) 

kith - Spawn a kit at your position (herbs)

How to Enable Cheat in Urge Game

Before you can begin to enjoy these cheats, you need to create a file in .txt format with the name - cheats.txt. In this file, you can enter any of the cheats in our list and they will toggle on immediately after you enter the game.

Thanks for reading my All Cheat Commands List for Urge, do not forget to share it on Social media. If you have a suggestion, kindly drop a comment.
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