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Being a Dik Vault Codes - (Unlock Every Episode)

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Being a Dik Vault Code - Here we are again after sharing the Being A Dik console commands. Today we will help you with the vault codes as this will help save a lot of stress during gameplay.

Have you been looking for Being A Dik vault codes? Then you are in the right place.

    Being a Dik Vault Codes - (Unlock Every Episode)

    This game is similar to the House Party game, the only difference is that its storyline does really include a party. To make things easier for gamers I have compiled a list of being a dik codes found online from Episodes 1 - 8.

    Episode 1 to 8 Being A Dik Vault Codes List

    Episode 1 Vault Code: 1386 

    Episode 2 Vault Code: 4413 

    Episode 3 Vault Code: 3985 

    Episode 4 Vault Code: 0421 

    Episode 5 Vault Code: 4426 

    Episode 6 Vault Code: 4463 

    Episode 7 Vault Code: 1159 

    Episode 8 Vault Code: 3211

    How Do I Find These Being A Dik Vault Codes?

    This is a bonus tip for those who still wish to find these codes themselves. People complain that it is very hard, but it is way simpler than you think.

    The first thing you should know is during your free roam, do not rush. Make sure you utilize every time at hand to explore the game world. 

    When you get to a digit, it will always be highlighted in green, making it easier for you to see.

    Okay let's take Episode 5 as an example and this is how I found the combinations:

    18th Free Roam: After the end of Riona's scene, click on the drawer. The door on the right will have the suit you're searching for. 

    During your internal dialogue, the MC will emphasize the number 42 – that's part of the vault's password for this version.

    20th Free Roam: Just after you close the phone, head back, then click on the door at the left to enter the hall. 

    On your left is a drawer, open it and you will see the number 6 highlighted (part of your vault codes). 

    Your next move, click on the stairs and go straight up into the bathroom. 

    Make sure you check out the shampoo bottles in the shower and number 2 will be highlighted green. That's all on that episode.

    I will advise that you do not open this guide if you are not interested in the codes yet. So you can avoid spoilers here.

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