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Coral Island Cooking Recipes - (Full List)

Coral Island Cooking Recipes - For players who have been looking for the complete recipe list for the popular simulation game on Steam, Coral Island..
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Coral Island Cooking Recipes - For players who have been looking for the complete recipe list for the popular simulation game on Steam, Coral Island. This guide covers everything including the Oven, Seasoning Sets, and many more.

Coral Island Cooking Recipes - (Full List)

There is no point in introducing the game to you again because for you to have gotten to our website, means you already know more about the game. If you do not, I did a little bit of introduction in Coral Island Insects Guides.

Table of Contents

Coral Island Cooking Recipes - (Full List)

Cooking is essential in any sims game and Coral Island is no exception. You need to keep your character well-fed and this skill can be available after you upgrade your farmhouse with a Kitchen. 

Every player gets to use our recipes listed here turn them into dishes and cook them manually. So whenever there is an incorrect food combination, the mini-game fails just like every other Sims game.

Skillet Recipes

Cauliflower Casserole recipe – Cauliflower Flour + Potato

Fish Taco recipe – Any fish Tortilla Mayonnaise

Hashbrowns recipe – Egg Flour Potato

Pancakes recipe – Any fruit Wheat Flour Maple Syrup

Pepper and Mushroom Flatbread recipe – Mushroom Flour Bell Pepper

Popiah recipe – Shrimp Carrot Bamboo Shoot

Sauteed Chard recipe – Oil Chard

Scrambled Egg recipe – Milk + Egg

Serabi recipe – Coconut + Rice Flour Sugar Gourmet Salt

Spring Frittata recipe – Any vegetables Egg

Sunnyrecipe -Siderecipe -Up Eggs recipe – Egg

Tortilla recipe – Wheat Flour

Vegan Taco recipe – Any vegetables + Tortilla Kracha

Seasoning Set Recipes

Burrito recipe – Any vegetables + Cheese Soybean Tortilla

Edamame recipe – Peas

Lettuce Wrap recipe – Lettuce Soybean

Onigiri recipe – Rice

Slimy Okra recipe – Okra + Slime Goop

Spicy Sauerkraut recipe – Hot Pepper Red Cabbage

Pot Recipes

Basil Pesto Pasta recipe – Tomato Wheat Flour Basil

Clam Chowder recipe – Milk Clam

Fish Soup recipe – Any vegetables any fish Sake

Gnocchi recipe – Flour Butter Potato Cheese

Green Curry recipe – Peas + Coconut Bell Pepper Basil

Hardrecipe -Boiled Duck Egg recipe – Duck Egg

Hardrecipe -Boiled Egg recipe – Egg

Hardrecipe -Boiled Quail Egg recipe – Quail Egg

Hot Cocoa recipe – Milk + Cocoa Bean

Kue Lapis recipe – Coconut Sugar + Taro Root

Lodeh recipe – Any vegetables Coconut Tempeh Eggplant

Red Curry recipe – Coconut Hot Pepper Shallot Carrot

Seafood Ramen recipe – Any fish Mussel Wheat Flour

Stew recipe – Mushroom Potato

Stone Soup recipe – Any ingredient Stone

Tomato Soup recipe – Tomato

Veggie Ramen recipe – Kombu Mushroom Wheat Flour

Wild Mushroom Polenta recipe – Mushroom Corn

Coral Island Cooking Recipes – Oven

Apple Pie recipe – Butter Honey Wheat Flour Apple

Bread recipe – Flour

Butter Croissant recipe – Milk + Flour Butter

Chocolate Chip Muffins recipe – Egg Flour Cocoa Bean

Cookies recipe – Flour Butter Cocoa Bean

Eggplant Lasagna recipe – Cheese Tomato Eggplant

Fruit Tart recipe – Any fruit x2 Sugar Wheat Flour

Hawaiian Pizza recipe – Wheat Flour Pineapple Cheese

Jackfruit Casserole recipe – Milk Mushroom Potato Jackfruit

Kue Kancing recipe – Sugar Flour Egg

Minced Jackfruit Pie recipe – Butter Flour Jackfruit

Mooncake recipe – Egg Flour Lotus

Mushroom Jerky recipe – Mushroom

Oven Baked Risotto recipe – Rice Cheese Mushroom Butter

Pineapple Upsiderecipe -Down Cake recipe – Sugar Flour Pineapple

Pizza recipe – Cheese Mushroom  Wheat Flour Tomato

Pumpkin Pie recipe – Sugar Egg Flour Pumpkin

Raisin recipe – Grape

Ratatouille recipe – Tomato Eggplant Olive Bell Pepper

Red Velvet Cake recipe – Milk Egg Flour Strawberry

Vegetable Jerk recipe – Any vegetables

Coral Island Cooking Recipes – Grill

Assorted Grilled Platter recipe – Any vegetables x2

Bug Jerky recipe – Any insect

Corn on the Cob recipe – Butter Corn

Grilled Fish recipe – Any fish

Herbed Tempeh recipe – Gourmet Salt Basil Tempeh

Smoked Fish recipe – Any fish (excluding Salmon)

Smoked Salmon recipe – Salmon Wood

Summer Burger recipe – Cheese Bread Shallot Pineapple
Coral Island Cooking Recipes - (Full List)

Coral Island Cooking Recipes – Frying Pan

Banana Fritter recipe – Oil  Flour Banana

Beet Chip recipe – Oil Beet

Falafel recipe – Oil Peas + Cucumber

Fried Rice recipe – Any vegetables Rice Egg Shallot

Fried Tempeh recipe – Oil Tempeh

Kale Chip recipe – Canola Oil

Omurice recipe – Rice Egg Ketchup Carrot

Pad Thai recipe – Any vegetables Shrimp Wheat Flour Lemon

Peyek recipe – Any caterpillar Almond Wheat Flour

Potato Chip recipe – Canola Oil Potato

Roasted Almonds recipe – Almond

Roasted Chestnut recipe – Chestnut

Roasted Mushroom recipe – Mushroom Olive Oil Basil

Sweet Potato Chip recipe – Oil Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Poutine recipe – Oil Cheese Sweet Potato

Coral Island Cooking Recipes – Chef Knife

Fish Sandwich recipe – Any fish Lettuce Bread Shallot

Fresh Salad recipe – Any vegetables

Rainbow Sandwich recipe – Any vegetables Tomato Bread Mayonnaise

Sashimi recipe – Any fish Wasabi

Sushi recipe – Any fish Rice

Whole Coconut Drink recipe – Coconut

Coral Island Cooking Recipes – Ceramic Bowl

Cenil recipe – Coconut Sugar Taro Root

Egg Custard recipe – Milk Sugar Egg

Es Cendol recipe – Syrup Coconut Rice Flour

Es Doger recipe – Syrup Coconut + Sweet Potato Milk

Klepon recipe – Coconut Rice Flour Sugar

Puree recipe – Any fruits or vegetables

Yogurt recipe – Milk

Wakame recipe – Seaweed x2

Coral Island Cooking Recipes – Blender

Green Smoothies recipe – Any vegetables

Guacamole recipe – Avocado Tomato Garlic

Hummus recipe – Peas Olive Oil

Ice Cream recipe – Milk

Jamu recipe – Ginger Honey Ginseng

Ketchup recipe – Tomato Gourmet Salt

Peanut Butter recipe – Almond Butter

Smoothies recipe – Any fruits

Wasabi Paste recipe – Wasabi

There you have it, the list of Coral Island cooking recipes and their ingredients. There are other blog posts you can check out such as Coral Island Crafting Recipes.
Thanks for reading my Coral Island Cooking Recipes, do not forget to share it on Social media. If you have a suggestion, kindly drop a comment.
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