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Coral Island Crafting Recipes - (Full List)

Coral Island Crafting Recipes - For players looking for crafting guides for this sim-like game. This post contains the different crafting materials...
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Coral Island Crafting Recipes - For players looking for crafting guides for this sim-like game. This post contains the different crafting materials and tools you need to make them.

Coral Island Crafting Recipes - (Full List)

If you have read the Coral Island Cooking Recipes, you know you need the crafting recipes for this game. Coral Island allows players to create items by following the listed crafting recipes. 

Table of Contents

Coral Island Crafting Recipes - (Full List)

All items created serve a specific purpose, some can be used for farming, decorations, and a lot more. 

Each player can access the crafting menu by pressing the T button, but if you still need the list, I am happy to provide you with all crafting recipes for Coral Island that cover Farming, Decor, and Equipment.


Compost Bin (Farming Level 2) Recipe = 20 Wood + 5 Trash 5 Sap

Extractor (“The Extractor” Quest) Recipe 20 Scrap 20 Bronze Kelp 40 Wood

Furnace (“All Ore Nothing” Quest) Recipe 40 Stone 20 Bronze Ore

Kiln (Foraging Level 2) Recipe 20 Bronze Ore 25 Stone

Recycling Machine (Diving Level 2) Recipe 20 Trash 30 Stone 15 Bronze Kelp

Scrap Gate (Diving Level 3) Recipe 5 Scrap

Bee House (Catching Level 2) Recipe 50 Wood 15 Bronze Ore

Keg (Farming Level 4) Recipe 20 Wood 1 Bronze Bar 1 Silver Bar 20 Scrap

Mason Jar (Farming Level 3) Recipe 25 Wood + 10 Glass

Coral Island Crafting Recipes – Farming

Fertilizer I (Farming Level 1) Recipe 2 Compost + 1 Sap

Fertilizer II (Farming Level 6) Recipe 2 Compost + 1 Sap + 1 Silver Kelp

Flash I (Farming Level 2) Recipe 2 Compost + 2 Sunray Venus Shell

Hydro I (Farming Level 3) Recipe 2 Stone

Makeshift Chest (Default) Recipe 25 Wood + 10 Trash

Makeshift Scarecrow (Farming Level 1) Recipe 15 Wood + 10 Trash

Ordinary Scarecrow (Farming Level 5) Recipe 20 Wood + 20 Fiber + 10 Sap

Sprinkler I (Farming Level 2) Recipe 5 Silver Kelp + 5 Bronze Kelp + 10 Scrap

Decor Crafting Recipes

Makeshift Arch (Farming Level 3) Recipe 1 Wood + 5 Trash

Makeshift Fence (Default) Recipe 1 Wood + 1 Trash

Makeshift Floor Tile (Default) Recipe 1 Wood + 2 Trash

Makeshift Gate (Default) Recipe 2 Wood + 5 Trash

Makeshift Path (Default) Recipe 1 Trash

Makeshift Sign (Default) Recipe 5 Wood + 10 Trash

Scrap Fence (Diving Level 3) Recipe 1 Scrap

Scrap Floor Tile (Diving Level 3) Recipe 2 Scrap

Stone Fence (Default) Recipe 1 Stone

Stone Floor Tile (Mining Level 3) Recipe 2 Stone

Stone Gate (Mining Level 3) Recipe 5 Stone

Stone Path (Default) Recipe 1 Stone

Stone Sign (Mining Level 2) Recipe 20 Stone

Wood Floor Tile (Foraging Level 3) Recipe 2 Wood

Wood Path (Default) Recipe 1 Wood

Wooden Fence (Foraging Level 3) Recipe 1 Wood

Wooden Gate (Foraging Level 3) Recipe 5 Wood

Miscellaneous Recipes

Vortexanator I (Diving Level 1) Recipe 1 Bronze Kelp + 4 Glass

Ball of Goop (Combat Level 1) Recipe 3 Slime Goop

Candied Tree Seed (Foraging Level 1) Recipe 1 Sap + 3 of any Tree Seed

Scuba Snack (Diving Level 1) Recipe 10 Seaweed

Explosive I (Mining Level 1) Recipe 1 Bronze Ore + 4 Coal

Rope (Mining Level 2) Recipe 99 Fiber

Coral Island Crafting Guide (Bonus Talks)

Coral Island Crafting Recipes - (Full List)
Coral Island is another popular game that allows players to collect raw materials during their travels and these raw materials are later transformed into useful items through the crafting menu.

Crafting is available in the Menu, with a simple click on the wrench icon (left of the bag icon) in the inventory screen. Blueprints unlock as you continue to progress, complete missions, and earn skill points.

Some items in this game can be unlocked through gifts or mission rewards. Items like recycling machines and fertilizers. Larger structures like a chicken coop or barn might require you to visit the Carpenter.

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