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DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - (How to Reroll)

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - Hey guys, DanMachi Battle Chronicle is another anime game for mobile phone users. This game has been available..
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DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - Hey guys, DanMachi Battle Chronicle is another anime game for mobile phone users. This game has been available since October and I am here with complete tier list guides for each character in this game.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle has gotten over 500K+ active downloads since its release. In this game, players are expected to go on adventures, participate in battle royale among 8 different players, and also perform some in-game deadly attacks.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - (How to Reroll)

With all that being said, Here is a well-prepared tier list of over 30 in-game characters, and each of them has been placed in the right category based on their abilities. 

If you are interested in the latest tier list, check out the Cyber Rebellion Tier List and Shield Hero RISE Tier List.

Table of Contents

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - (How to Reroll)
Each list you find online might be different because everyone has a different perspective on each character. Here is how I would grade each character, so yours might be different from mine. 

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - Tier S

  • Fox Spirit: Sanjouno Haruhime – Tier S 
  • Little Rookie: Bell Cranel – Tier S 
  • Elgarm: Gareth Landrock – Tier S 
  • Jormungandr: Tione Hiryute – Tier S
  • Maid of Fertility: Syr Flover – Tier S
  • Goddess of the Beach: Hestia – Tier S
  • Sword Princess: Ais – Tier S
  • Inexperienced Mage: Lefiya – Tier S

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - Tier A

  • Braver: Finn Deimne’s Bond – Tier A 
  • Antianeira: Aisha Belka – Tier A 
  • Dragon Girl: Wiene – Tier A  
  • God of Neutrality: Hermes – Tier A  
  • God of Medicine: Miach – Tier A 
  • Nine Hell: Riveria Ljos Alf – Tier A 
  • Mirabilis: Cassandra Ilion – Tier A 
  • Thousand Elf: Lefiya Viridis – Tier A 
  • Amazon: Tiona Hiryute – Tier A 

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - Tier B

  • God of War: Takemikazuchi – Tier B
  • Follower of the Cherry Blossoms: Hitachi Chigusa – Tier B
  • Deity of the Sacred Fire: Hestia – Tier B
  • Laurus Fuga: Daphne Lauros – Tier B 
  • Lady of the Two-Handed Blade: Tiona Hiryute – Tier B 
  • Red-Haired God of Smithing: Hephaistios – Tier B
  • Captivating Supporter: Liliruca Arde – Tier B
  • Vanargand: Bete Loga – Tier B
  • Absolute Shadow: Yamato Mikoto – Tier B
  • Gale: Ryu Lion – Tier B 
  • Prum Assist: Liliruca Arde – Tier B

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - Tier C

  • War Princess: Ais Wallenstein – Tier C
  • Twin-Bladed Dancer: Tione Hiryute – Tier C
  • Lady of Many Looks: Syr Flover – Tier C
  • God of Romance: Hermes – Tier C
  • Wolf: Bete Loga – Tier C
  • Blacksmith of the Flames: Welf Crozzo – Tier C
  • Unconquerable: Gareth Landrock – Tier C

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List - Tier D

  • Apothecary: Miach – Tier D
  • Delicate Girl: Hitachi Chigusa – Tier D
  • God of Guidance: Takemikazuchi – Tier D
  • Acquaintance of the Gale: Asfi AL Andromeda – Tier D
  • Queen of the Night: Ishtar – Tier D
  • Unreliable Statements: Loki – Tier D
  • Divine Artisan: Hephaistios – Tier D
There you have it, the 42 in-game characters have been categorized under one list or the other. You can still bookmark this page for more updates. Now let us go straight to how you can reroll characters in DanMachi Battle Chronicle.

How to Reroll Characters in Cyber Rebellion

Sometimes you look at the Tier List online, and character ability. You might not be cool with the characters, but this post will guide you on how you can reroll characters in Cyber Rebellion.

1. Download the app from Google PlayStore and launch it.

2. This game takes in guests, make sure you are not linking your Facebook, Google, or any other thing to it.

3. After signing in, make sure you complete the First Chapter (Bell Cranel Adventure) and unlock the gacha system.

4. Make use of codes online to add some extra bonuses.

5. Spend tutorial summons on getting characters from the top tier (10x draws).

6. Now if you do not want the character you get, Just uninstall or delete the app and register (for those who registered) again. Follow the same process over again until you get your character.

7. Instead of uninstalling the app, you can also try to delete cache & app data. That way you do not have to reinstall but just register again with another email.

8. If you are happy with the characters you have, you can now link your account to avoid losing game progress.

For those newbie, Rerolling is all about resetting your game progress and it is done when you need a particular character for their abilities.

Our DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List Ranks - (Explained Well)

Each character in the DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List has been ranked from the best to the worst. So this is why we begin with the S Tier to the D Tier. 

Remember back in college, we were given grades for each score on our tests. Imagine that stands for A+ and stands for F-. Now let us further break them down:

  • Tier S: Any character inserted in this category is considered the best in the game. Their presence alone guarantees you success.
  • Tier A: The characters in this list are also great additions, you just need to do some strategic thoughts.
  • Tier B: These characters have some great abilities but they are not as good and great as those in Tier S.
  • Tier C: I wouldn't say these are bad, but you might consider trying to reroll. (haha!)
  • Tier D: These characters are mid. However, they also have something that makes them special.

How Are The Rankings Decided?

Most of the game guides on this website are based on personal research and gameplay. 

Since I'm currently enjoying the Data Analysis world, I take my time to create a list. 

Later I visit other websites to check out their ranking, then later compare and compile to make you the perfect Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains Tier List Shield Hero RISE Tier Listand Reverse 1999 Tier List. To appreciate this stuff, make sure you bookmark this website for you to get more updates.

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Thanks for reading my DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier Listdo not forget to share it on Social media. If you have a suggestion, kindly drop a comment.
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