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Eternum Walkthrough v0.6 - (Complete Guide)

Eternum Walkthrough v0.6 - Have you been looking for the eternum walkthrough for version 0.6? Then you are in the right place.
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Eternum Walkthrough v0.6 - Have you been looking for the eternum walkthrough for version 0.6? Then you are in the right place

Mind you, I wouldn't like to discuss much about this game because it contains some explicit content kids are not to view. So take this as a disclaimer that this blog does not promote any adult games or sexual content.

Eternum Walkthrough v0.6 - (Complete Guide)
Table of Contents

Eternum Walkthrough v0.1 to v0.6

If you are among those who would love to unlock some in-game points and any other scenes available in this game. Patiently read through this Eternum Walkthrough.

We will not only guide you through the latest version (v0.6) but also give out the right walkthrough from v0.1 to the newest.

Eternum Walkthrough – V0.1

  1. Annie
  2. Pick up the phone
  3. Let her make the call
  4. Let them go
  5. Yes
  6. There’s no need for that
  7. About what you were saying
  8. Be aggressive with the guy
  9. Go
  10. Yes
  11. Clean it thoroughly
  12. Stay hidden
  13. I was stunned by your beauty
  14. Say something
  15. Barack Obama, 1989, 8000 miles, 1 month and 14 days, Demeter, 88 days, East Timor,
  16. William Bardot
  17. Hug her
  18. Give it a like
  19. Compliment her pencil
  20. Activate the glasses
  21. Buy the pendant
  22. Go explore
  23. Go with Eva
  24. Intervene
  25. Go with her
  26. Go with her
  27. Click the attack button in the top right corner when Dalia says “You’re just a f**king
  28. moron”
  29. Stay
  30. Go with her

Eternum Walkthrough – V0.2

  1. Let Annie come with you
  2. Punch him
  3. It’s cool, I love anime too
  4. Don’t buy any (and after discount, pick the animal you prefer)
  5. Go yourself
  6. Fastest route: To the hall, To the living room, To the garden, To the Bedroom, To the
  7. corridor, Office, Bedroom, Safe Room, Open the safe (3, 2, 18)
  8. Ask her about the gloves
  9. Let her sleep in your room
  10. Go further
  11. Offer to make breakfast
  12. A ticket to a show
  13. Do something
  14. Hire Noah and Raul
  15. Pat her head
  16. Family, Hobbies, Religion, Tattoos
  17. Say something
  18. Hug her back
  19. Yes
  20. Call her
  21. Get a coffee for Penelope
  22. 3 teaspoons of sugar
  23. Take the photo with normal zoom
  24. Tell Mr. Valentino to f**k off
  25. Compliment her
  26. Open the box yourself

Eternum Walkthrough – V0.3

  1. Forgive her
  2. Go rescue Nova
  3. F**k Maat
  4. Steal Maat’s money
  5. Dalia’s brownies / Alex’s bagels (1 point for the girl you choose)
  6. Tell her you like her
  7. Kiss her
  8. Potions
  9. You’re special to me
  10. Emporium
  11. Try it (-60 eternals)
  12. (Go back to Potions after you’re done)
  13. Conjuration
  14. Dark Arts
  15. Divination
  16. Penelope
  17. Claim Prize
  18. Restoration
  19. Buy an apple
  20. Don’t buy it
  21. Give him 6 eternals
  22. Ask for something spicy
  23. Click Dodge, Block, Attack
  24. Spare his life
  25. Accept the invitation
  26. Yes
  27. The Lord of the Rings

Eternum Walkthrough – V0.4

  1. Don’t open the letter
  2. Stay close to reality
  3. Grab her by the shoulder
  4. LEAVE (or you can try your luck)
  5. Sit between them
  6. Tails
  7. Give her a small tip
  8. Play along
  9. Convince her to participate
  10. Tell her about it
  11. Keep it a secret
  12. Kiss her back
  13. Say something to him
  14. ATTACK
  15. Go after her
  16. Yes
  17. Phone:
  18. Alex: Of course. How could I forget about our first date, babe?
  19. Dalia: Funny you should mention that…
  20. Penelope: What’s up? How can I help my favorite client?/All photos are great
  21. when the girl in them is so stunning (after that, pick your favorite)
  22. Nova: That’s kind of an oddly specific question to ask (after that, pick your
  23. favorite)
  24. Luna: Really? I’d love to!/EXTRA SPICY!/Haha no worries, your dad’s just as
  25. awesome as you
  26. Nancy: I think you’d look better without it/That sounds awesome!
  27. Chang: What do you need?(after that, pick any of the two first options)
  28. Take the leap of faith!
  29. Interstellar
  30. (Only the “About Kredon…” option is mandatory to get a point)
  31. Agree
  32.  Grab the audio log device (you can listen to different audios with it clicking on the new
  33. icon at the top-right corner)
  34. Go find the egg
  35. Take the gun
  36. Help Vasil/Help commander Hasler: There’s no “rightoption” here. I’d recommend you
  37. to see the different paths and choose the one you prefer. This decision might have
  38. consequences in the future.
  39. Listen to his last audio log (it’s not mandatory, though)
  40. You look like a high-society gal!
  41. (Before leaving, talk to Calypso and Mr. Mos to get 120 eternals)
  42.  Answers
  43. Nah, let’s hang out here

Eternum Walkthrough – V0.5

  1. Refuse
  2. I fight to protect others
  3. Don’t look
  4. Give a mission to Chang
  5. Get in the car
  6. Sit in the back with Luna
  7. Play the game
  8. Is this person… pretty?
  9. She’s perfect
  10. Play 2 times. 3 possible options: Raul, Nova, or Idriel
  11. Put your arm around her
  12. Play along
  13. I like her
  14. Send a photo to Annie
  15. Do I look stronger to you?
  16. Can you speak Spanish?
  17. Do you have any hobbies?
  18. Don’t you want to take your gloves off?
  19.  Kiss her
  20. Hold Luna by the waist
  21. Join the ofrenda
  22. Say something
  23. Offer to give her a massage
  24. Don’t push it
  25. Go back inside
  26. Luna chat
  27. Sounds awesome! Have fun
  28. Not the fishing simulator
  29. Nova chat
  30. I won’t move an inch!
  31. Annie chat
  32. Yes! I took this photo this morning at Luna’s
  33. Right? I thought so too. Glad you like it
  34. Wow! I love it
  35. Can’t wait to see that! Now I just wish you’d taken that photo vertically
  36. OMG
  37. I just love it
  38. Yes
  39. Party
  40. TALK
  41. First, go right and talk to Penny and watch her short scene with the bucket.
  42. Then go back and turn left to talk to Nova at the cafeteria.
  43. Ready
  44. Stop here
  45. Go to the locker room and talk to Penny
  46. Go back to the cafeteria
  47. Girl
  48. That bl was something else
  49. Propose touching yourselves
  50. Grab Nova/Let her come: both are good, up to you.
  51. Go back to Penny’s class
  52. Dare
  53. Dare
  54. Tails
  55. Penelope/Charlotte: both are good. (Not Regina)
  56. Help her
  57. TALK to Penny at the main hall
  58. Romantic approach/Rough approach: Player’s choice
  59. Thank her for the coffee
  60. Roleplay as Nancy’s child/Correct her: Player’s choice
  61. Other Gem of Doom owners/Next Ulysses’ event/The Founder: Player’s choice
  62. I know what I want, too

Eternum Walkthrough – V0.6

  1. Nickname: any
  2. But not as beautiful as the Elven Princess that stands in front of me!
  3. Formal farewell
  4. Physicals/Magic
  5. Physicals: + Dalia
  6. Magic: + Penelope
  7. Flirt
  8. The Collector’s house
  9. Speak with Harley Jones
  10. I love them
  11. Try opening the locked door on the left side of the corridor
  12. Speak with Clonk
  13. Be nice to Clonk
  14. Vote: Any of them
  15. Inspect the reception
  16. Go back to the locked room and open it
  17. Speak with Gemini > Harley Jones > Clonk
  18. Vote: Gemini
  19. Go back to the locked room and inspect the briefcase. The password is 1491
  20. Trust her and let her investigate
  21. Speak with Harley Jones
  22. Pat her head
  23. Speak with sister Baek
  24. I want more
  25. Speak with Clonk
  26. Vote: Any of the first three
  27. Speak with Clonk
  28. Vote: Any of the first two
  29. Artifact
  30. My true family is here in Kredon
  31. Let her find her own rhythm/Push her limits: Your choices
  32. My true family is here in Kredon
  33. Barbecue
  34. Oh shit, really? I can come anyway and look after you
  35. Get some meds and blankets and visit her anyway
  36. Lend Chang $25
  37. You both look stunning
  38. Tell him what you know
  39. Blackridge
  40. Dalia (first time) > Rock-paper-scissors: It’s random. Try until you win
  41. Calypso: Stay and protect the princess >Tease her
  42. Alex: Kiss me >Kill him
  43. Dalia (second time): Go with her
  44. Gertrude/Charlotte/Praetorian
  45. Idriel > Micaela-> Dalia
  46. her first (x6)
  47. Slap her
  48. again
  49. Continue b
  50. I loved playing with you
  51. About the girls…> those Praetorians…> your brother…
  52. Caress her/Ask her to caress you: Your choices
There are other guides in the Walkthrough categories. I do hope that this guide meets with your intent, could have shared more about the game but I do not promote adult content on my blog.

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