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GUIDES: All Chat Tricks for Pit People Game

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All Chat Tricks for Pit People Game - For players who have been looking for chat tricks for the popular co-op adventure game. This guide provides you with chat tricks that you can show off to your friends.

Table of Contents

All Chat Tricks for Pit People Game

All Chat Tricks for Pit People Game

I think this is one of the games I would advise that you buy on Steam because you get to perform quests,  recruit strange species, and customize your characters. The fact that you are allowed to play solo, or in a 2 player co-op is something I find interesting.

Pit People All Chat Tricks - Color Effects

Adding a number after ^C will help you color the text. Might be complicated but you are good to go if you follow the instructions. If you do not want a problem, you can stick with the default which is ^C0.

^C1 is orange
^C2 is red 
^C3 is green 
^C4 is a dark blue 
^C5 is yellow 
^C6 is purple 
^C7 is cyan 
^C8 is pink 
^C9 is grey

Pit People All Chat Tricks - Text Effects

This effect affects the display of text and how they look just like in HTML codes

^I is for Italics

^S is for shaking text

^W is for wobbling text

In order to toggle on ^W, ^I or ^S just write it again...

To toggle colors off, just write ^C0, and the rest of the text beyond that will be the default white.

^F toggles Fuzzy text

Thanks for reading my All Chat Tricks for Pit People Game, do not forget to share it on Social media. If you have a suggestion, kindly drop a comment.
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