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House Party Console Commands

House Party Console Commands - Hey guys, House Party is another game that I took my time to play for a day. Steam has made it available since 2015...
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House Party Console Commands - Hey guys, House Party is another game that I took my time to play for a day. Steam has made it available since 2015 for just $24, Do not play or engage if you are not an Adult.

Have you been looking for House Party Console Commands? Then you are in the right place.

This game allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual world where you get to visit friends' houses to party and hang out with other cool characters. 

    House Party Console Commands

    Another interesting thing about House Party is the fact that you are allowed to make choices, these choices can help you decide what happens next.

    Once you are at the house party, you can move your character around just to chat with other people. Each person at the party has a story and solving quests relating to an individual can help you build a better relationship with them.

    House Party In-game Characters

    I wouldn't discuss all the characters in this game to not bore. There are many characters in this game, and they all have a unique story. 

    Talking about my three favorites, There's Amy, who is a newcomer and wants to join a sorority. 

    Then, we have Ashley and her sister Madison with a little bit of drama going on between them. What of Brittney, the character who is shy and has a crush on someone.

    There are other characters such as Derek, Frank, Katherine, and more.

    People love this game because it gets regular updates and provides cheat codes for users. Introduction of new abilities such as making the character do funny poses, adding or removing items, or even upgrading the relationships and interactions.

    House Party Console Commands

    Makes characters appear/teleport in front of the main character 

    Command: [character name] warpto player 
    For example Derek warpto player - Typing this command will make Derek appear before you

    Being intimate with any person 

    Command: intimacy player [other character name] ‘s*x position’ se*ualact 

    For example: intimacy player Ashley 10052 - Typing this command will make the player and Ashley have sexual intercourse in the cowgirl position 

    Possible values for the third part: 9000 = make out, 10000 = bl****b, 10011 = ha****b, 10030 = mi**ionary, 10050 = d**gy, 10051 = mas****ate, 10052 = cowgirl, 10053 = cu**ilingus, 10054 = 69, 

    10055/56/57 = Various intercourse positions on the wall 

    Alternate command line 1: 0 intimacy [character name] 10051 

    For example: 0 intimacy Amy 10051 - Typing this command will make Amy self-pleasure herself. 

    Alternate command line 2: [active character name] 0 ‘s*x position [passive character name] intimacy 

    For example: Amy 0 10050 Arin intimacy - Typing this command will make Amy and Arin have sexual intercourse in the d**gy position.

    Adjusting or***m sensitivity 

    Command: values player Or***mSensitivity equals value 

    For example: values player Or***mSensitivity equals 1 - Typing this command will increase your orgasm sensitivity by 1

    Makes characters walk toward any desired location 

    Command: [character name] walkto [location name] 

    For example: Rachael walkto bed - Typing this command will make Rachael walk towards the bed 

    Possible values for the third part include: outside, bed(master bedroom), hottubseat1, and more

    Removing the clothes of the characters 

    Command: clothing [character name] [cloth number] [on or off] 

    For example: clothing Frank 2 off - Typing this command will remove Frank's pants 

    For other clothing in the game, replace the given codes in the command sentence instead of 2 in the example: 0 = top, 1 = bottom, 2 = pants, 3 = bra, 4 = shoes, 5 = accessory, 6 = strap-on(girls), All = everything

    Getting Drunk

    Command: social player drunk add [number] 

    For example: social player drunk add 80 - Typing this command will increase your drunk factor by 80 

    You can insert any value between 0 to 100 in the command line to represent your drunk state.

    Changing friendship factor 

    Command: social [target character] player [number] friendship add 

    For example: social Ashley player 20 friendship add - Typing in this command will increase the friendship between Ashley and the player by 20 factor 

    You can also decrease the romance factor using this command. Instead of using a positive value like 20, use -20

    Making any character pose in front of you 

    Command: [character name] pose [pose number] true 

    For example: Madison pose 30 true - Typing this command will make Madison pose like a model 

    You can insert any number between 0 and 42 for various poses

    Giving any character an item to hold 

    Command: [character name] mount [item name] [position] true 

    For example: Katherine mount item glasses head true - Typing this command will make Katherine wear glasses on her head 

    Other possible locations for mounting items are the lefthand and righthand. Replace these words with the head in the command sentence.

    Thanks for reading my blog post on House Party Console Commands. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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