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How Do You Fix Fenris Unexpected Errors in Diablo IV?

How Do You Fix Fenris Unexpected Errors in Diablo IV? - If you have been facing some issues while playing Diablo IV, maybe something like the Fenris..
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How Do You Fix Fenris Unexpected Errors in Diablo IV? - If you have been facing some issues while playing Diablo IV, maybe something like the Fenris crash. 

Do not worry much because I have some simple solutions that might solve your problems.

While playing the Diablo IV, it is so sad that this Fenris crash often pops out of nowhere leaving us hanging in the middle of the game or sometimes at the start screen.

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How Do You Fix Fenris Unexpected Errors in Diablo IV?

Since I have made it my life goal to always pass my knowledge to others, here are some easy steps that can help you fix this issue.

But before that, we need to understand the Fenris crash. Just like the old saying "Know your enemy before going to battle with him."

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Understanding the Fenris Crash

The Fenris Crash error is an error that occurs after a game patch or hotfix, just like the Patch 1.2 Steam version of Diablo IV. This bug triggers an unexpected error that disrupts your gameplay. 

The team behind this game has tried all possible best to address some of the issues but not all of them have been solved, leaving some players still facing this problem.

How Do You Fix Fenris's Unexpected Errors in Diablo IV?

How Do You Fix Fenris Unexpected Errors in Diablo IV?
If you have done some personal research on Steam Forum, you know that the most popular advice for you to fix the Fenris crash is to delete the dstorage.dll in the game directory.

Trust me when I say this fix doesn't work for everyone but it was included here so that you can try it out, who knows you might be among the lucky ones

But for those who still struggle with this problem, here is the answer you have been looking for. 

While reading through the Steam forum, it was funny to read that even the Blizzard team doesn't have the right solution.

Mind you, I will still include them here because we do not know which of them might end up fixing your Fenris Crash in Diablo IV.

Uninstall these Programs

The first problem the team was able to come up with after a guy messaged them. The team advised him to uninstall some of these programs as they can bring conflict to the game.
  • Razor Software
  • Kaspersky
  • Discord
  • MSI Nahimic Surround Sound.
After deleting the listed software, use the WINDOWS + R key to look for some of these files and also delete them.
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RzChromaSDK.dll
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\RzAPIChromaSDK.dll
  • C:\Windows\System32\RzChromaSDK64.dll
Make sure these files have been deleted and nothing else. This is not actually the fix that worked for me but you can check them out too.

Delete Diablo IV Folder Completely

How do you fix Fenris unexpected error in Diablo IV? Well here is the main fix that worked for me. 

Mind you, if you were lucky to get your problems fixed from the beginning of this article make sure you drop a comment for me.

The first you want to do is back up your game files, there is a category that teaches people how to get their game files located on my website. 

Steam Library >> Right-click on Diablo IV >> Installed files >> Backup game files.

After doing this, locate the steamapps folder and delete the "Diablo IV" folder completely. Restore your backup and do not worry much because Steam automatically downloads the missing files.

Once you begin the game after this fix, you will see that your game begins to work without the Fenris crash error. 

Adjust Texture Settings

There is a rumor on Reddit, a user who claimed that the Diablo IV has some memory leak issues. Well, if that is true, you might need to adjust your game texture settings from ultra to lower.

This will help you reduce the VRAM consumption and maybe address the alleged issues.

Since that's all I have for you, If this helps you fix the Fenris crash I will advise that you comment so that those who are interested can know how helpful it is to read this article.

However, do not forget that sometimes a simple tweak makes a difference.

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    Do not forget to also install the latest driver version for their dedicated GPU.
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