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How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain Returns

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How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain Returns - For the players who have been looking for the guide that will help them unlock the whole 15 survivors in the Risk of Rain Returns game.

In the Risk of Rain Returns Character Requirements Guide, I provided the requirements you need to meet up with before you can unlock the post but the list contained just 12 characters

Since the remaster version came in, three characters have been added to the list making them 15 characters.

How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is a game on Steam developed by Hopoo Games and was published by Gearbox Publishing. It has been on Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 since 2019

The game has a great storyline, each player has to find a way to survive in an alien planet filled with monsters lurking around.

Table of Contents

How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain Returns

Drifter - Recycle 6 drones in one playthrough. Collect six drops and take them to a drone recycler in a single playthrough. The recycling machines are found randomly.

Artificer - Visit 10 unique stages. Will naturally be completed as you play through the game multiple times.

Pilot - Collect 15 Monster Logs. Monsters have a chance to drop logs on defeat. This can be achieved through multiple playthroughs.

Chef - Obtain Meat Nugget, Bustling Fungus, Sprouting Egg, Bitter Root, and Foreign Fruit in one run. Note: Foreign Fruit counts as an equipment item, while the rest are normal items.

Loader - Obtain 30 different items in one playthrough. Find and acquire 30 unique items in a single playthrough. A single-player run is recommended to complete this challenge.

Mercenary - Beat the game five times. Complete the final stage and defeat the final boss, Providence, five times total on any difficulty.

Acrid - Free the chained creature. Found in either the third level (Sunken Tombs) or the Underwater level, search for a metal box near the top-right section. Interacting with it will release Acrid who must be defeated to unlock.

Sniper - Beat the game. Complete the final stage, UES Contact Light, on any difficulty.

Miner - Clear a path for the survivor. Found in the fourth level, Magma Barracks, look for a tunnel around the bottom-right section of the map. Follow the tunnel and slay the Elder Lemurian “Direseeker” to unlock Miner. The tunnel may not always be present.

Engineer - Purchase 40 drones in total. Note: Drones that are destroyed and repaired (purchased again) count towards the total.

HAN-D - Find the robot janitor. Found in the final level, UES Contact Light, look for the “Cargo 2” area with multicolored storage boxes. Find the grey door and interact with it.

Bandit - Complete the third stage of a run. Note: If playing co-op, you must be alive when the stage is complete to unlock Bandit.

Enforcer - Defeat the three initial bosses: Wandering Vagrant, Colossus, and Magma Worm. Can be achieved through multiple runs.

Huntress - This character is unlocked by default.

Commando - This character is unlocked by default.

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