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Laika Aged Through Blood Recipes - (All Recipes Guide)

Laika Aged Through Blood Recipes - These Recipes help provide you with special effects such as magnet radius, and combo multiplier and even grant...
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Laika Aged Through Blood Recipes - Another popular game on Steam you might want to check out is Laika Aged Through Blood. This guide contains a full recipe list and their ingredients, so if you have been looking for the recipe list, you are in the right place.

Laika Aged Through Blood Recipes - (All Recipes Guide)

Laika Aged Through Blood has a wonderful storyline, you are among the tribe that has been fighting battles with other occupant forces. Let's just say you are a warrior whose main aim is to take vengeance for his people.

Table of Contents

Laika Aged Through Blood Recipes - (All Recipes Guide)

Players are allowed to combat, jump, and challenge other intimidating bosses. Moves are also cool, you can shoot an enemy in slow-mo and reload your gun while doing a backflip at the same time.

These Recipes help provide you with special effects such as magnet radius, and combo multiplier and even grant you an extra life. Here is a list of Laika Aged Through Blood recipes and their effects on your character. 

Laika Aged Through Blood Recipes + Ingredients

Rice Burger recipe = 2x Filler  + 1x Military Supply

Rice Noodle Soup recipe 1x Flavor Bomb 1x Filler 1x Vending Juice

Rice Sausage recipe 3x Filler

Sardines Al Ajillo recipe 1x Oily Sardines + 1x Lemon 1x Red Garlic

Soup and Stew Leftovers recipe 2x Flavor Bomb + 1x Military Supply

Vegan Omelette recipe 2x Flavor Bomb 1x Filler

Yellow Rice recipe 1x Flavor Bomb + 1x Filler 1x Military Supply

Bean Stew recipe 2x Filler + 1x Vending Juicce

Bloody Spirit recipe 3x Vending Juice

Carajillo recipe 2x Coffee Can 1x Mini-Whiskey

Croquettes recipe 2x Vending Juice 1x Military Supply

Espeto recipe 3x Military Supply

Extra Spicy Taco recipe 1x Ghost Pepper 1x Canned Corn 1x Blood Beans

Garlic Soup recipe 2x Flavor Bomb 1x Vending Juice

Grandma’s Meatballs recipe 1x Flavor Bomb 1x Vending Juice 1x Military Supply

Grilled Chillies recipe 3x Flavor Bomb

Jackfruit Arepa recipe 1x Filler 1x Vending Juice 1x Military Supply

Laika Aged Through Blood Recipes – Effects

This section contains each recipe and what they bring to the table.

Rice Noodle Soup recipe = x1.5 combo multiplier 

Rice Sausage recipe = +10% Viscena after killing 

Sardines Al Ajillo recipe = x3 combo multiplier 

Soup and Stew Leftovers recipe = +15 magnet radius 

Vegan Omelette recipe = +15 magnet radius 

Yellow Rice recipe = +2 Parry Shields

Bean Stew recipe = +20% Viscena after killing 

Bloody Spirit recipe = +30% Viscena after killing 

Carajillo recipe = +1 bullet 

Croquettes recipe = +3 Parry Shields 

Espeto recipe = +60% resources 

Extra Spicy Taco recipe = +1 life 

Garlic Soup recipe = +25% resources

Grandma’s Meatballs recipe = x2 combo multiplier 

Grilled Chillies recipe = +1 Parry Shield 

Jackfruit Arepa recipe = +15 magnet radius

I will make sure I check up on this game regularly, in case there are some other recipes added in its update.

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