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Lethal Company Money Making Guide for Beginners

Lethal Company Money Making Guide - Sell Smart, Always Scan Items, Stay Alive, Be Picky with your Scraps, and Aim for Maximum Profit...
Join us on Telegram Lethal Company Money Making Guide - Hey guys, I have a quick tip that will help you make enough money in this popular Steam game, Lethal Company.
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Lethal Company Money Making Guide for Beginners

Lethal Company Money Making Guide for Beginners
We all know how important in-game currencies can be used to purchase weapons, teleporters, and ship upgrades. Trust me, these tips don't contain complicated stuff, just some straightforward points that can help you get rich in Lethal Company.

1. Sell Smart (Sell Late)

If there is something I have learned during my time playing this game is that you should not rush to sell your loot. Wait until you are sure the quote is about to expire because that will help you farm more money for your items.

2. Always Scan Items (Most Especially Escape Routes)

Maybe you do not know how important the scanner is in this game. It will help you identify scrap items and even enemies' locations. Just make sure you do not forget to use it.

3. Stay Alive

As hard as it will be, you need to keep everyone alive because if someone dies in the squad, their stuff goes with them unless it has been stored in the ship. So make it your goal, that everyone comes out alive. Here is How to Become Employee of the Month in Lethal Company.
Lethal Company Money Making Guide for Beginners

4. Be Picky with your Scraps

I would have advised that you pick all because there is nothing to lose but at the same time, not all scrap is made equal

Choosе wisеly. Onе-handеd itеms can chill in your pockеt, but thosе hеfty two-handеd onеs slow you down. 

Storе thеm stratеgically or drop thеm at thе facility еntrancе for latеr pickup. 

5. Aim for Maximum Profit

Here is another thing I observed, always turn over your scraps when the clock hits zero because that is when the company pays more for them. As simple as it sounds, it is very risky but with a co-ordinated team, you are good to go.

Those are the simple Lethal Company money-making guide for beginners, I will keep ransacking Steam Forums so that I can provide more answers for you guys to enjoy...
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