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Monster Black Market Guide - (Day 50 Save Files Unlocked)

Monster Black Market Guide - MBM is another popular mobile adult game. This game has garnered over 1,000,000+ downloads on the website...
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Monster Black Market Guide - MBM is another popular mobile adult game. This game has garnered over 1,000,000+ downloads on the website and other Mod APK websites

Although this game has some explicit scenes, there are ways you can unlock some parts of the game without playing everything from the start. 

    Monster Black Market Guide - (Day 50 Save Files Unlocked)

    I really do not find much information about this game but in this game, players are expected to run a whorehouse with monsters and slaves, testing their abilities.

    Monster Black Market Guide: Save Files

    Mind you, this game is also available on Windows. All you have to do is visit the right place to download it. 

    During my research, I found the Monster Black Market Save Files that can help you unlock different endings in this game.

    All thanks to a player named Armstrong who helped upload a Day 50 Save Files that unlocks two different endings in the game. Another interesting fact about this save is that it is compatible with any future patches.

    If you have a saved file that you would like to upload here. Kindly send it to us via email (

    Monster Black Market Guide: Day 50 Save (V2.0.3.0+DLC) 

    Monster Black Market Guide - (Day 50 Save Files Unlocked)

    Author: Armstrong 

    Uploaded Date: 2023-1-29 

    Description: Day 50 save with both endings. 

    Everything is already done, just wait until the end of the day to get them. 

    1. The save slot is Harem Ending
    2. The save slot is Rune Ending

    Save Game Location: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\ApplePie\MonsterBlackMarket\SaveData

    Download File (Google Drive)

    Download File (Mega NZ)

    Monster Black Market Guide: Day 100 Save (V2.0.3.0+DLC) 

    Author: CulCol

    Uploaded Date: 2023-1-29 

    Description: Day 100 save with unlocked endings. 

    Download File (Google Drive)

    How to Install the Monster Black Market Save

    Before you start this process, make sure you have closed the game.

    Download the uploaded files here (It is in a zipped folder format.)

    Uncompress it and look for the save location, Replace it with the downloaded one. (Do not forget to backup your own saved file)

    Start the game.

    I found out that you can also get a 'Gallery Unlocker' and even a 'Day 100 Save File' to unlock more things in the game. 

    Gallery Unlocker (Google Drive)

    There’s a fix for some issues too, like babies not being the right race and other small problems in the game. I think with this post, you get to unlock things without having to play everything from the start.

    What's New?

    • A fixed screen reduces the range of the device 
    • Add brutishness and labor to the inclinations of your clients 
    • Add the option to turn on or off the skirt for the instructional exercise 
    • Pixie Line On/Off capability should be added to the choices menu 
    • A new option has been added to the console screen development speed menu 
    • The top picks have been fixed so that they cannot be sold or destroyed in the future. 
    • In consequence, we have managed to accomplish the accomplishment of "Gold Short interestingly" on Expert troubleshooting 
    • The pubic hair of Karen has been fixed 
    • If you died during labor, you were unable to drag, which was fixed as a result of the issue described above 
    • A problem was fixed where Niel's creating could be accessed before it actually came to fruition 
    • Add an On/Off switch for Greenery glasses
    Thanks for reading my blog post on Monster Black Market Guide. If this post answers your questions, bookmark my blog for more game content, and if you want to add a suggestion, drop a comment.
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