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My Time at Sandrock Museum Collection - (Full List)

My Time at Sandrock Museum Collection - The In-game Museum has a lot of items and the reason why this list was made is to expose players to all the it
Join us on Telegram My Time at Sandrock Museum Collection - The In-game Museum has a lot of items and the reason why this list was made is to expose players to all the items you can find in the museum.

My Time at Sandrock is another interesting game on Steam. If you are in love with simulation, you might want to try it out. 
    My Time at Sandrock Museum Collection - (Full List)
    In this game, every player takes on the role of a builder, socializes, builds relationships, helps develop the city, and takes care of buildings. 

    The last time I had something similar to the experience on My Time at Sandrock was when I was still playing The Sims 4.

    My Time at Sandrock Museum Collection

    For those players trying to cap out all the items in the Museum. Here is a simpler list of items in the game Museum, scan through and follow them.

    Furniture, decorations, and relics

    Simple Bookcase
    Simple Cabinet
    Simple Chair
    Simple Wooden Chair
    Single Bed
    Spaceship Model
    Stone Painting
    Stone Trough
    Techno Calendar
    Techno Cup
    Techno Floppy Disk Box
    Techno Lamp
    Techno Phone
    Techno Table
    Terracotta Soldier
    Tin Frog
    Toy Axe Soldier
    Toy Scepter Soldier
    Toy Spear Soldier
    Toy Sword Soldier
    Train Model
    Windmill Weather Vane
    Wooden Bookcase
    Wooden Storage
    Working Desk
    Yakboy Bookshelf
    Yakboy Display Board
    Yakboy Horn Decoration
    Yakboy Small Round Stool
    Yakboy Small Square Stool
    Yakboy Swing
    Yakboy Target
    Armor Display
    Art Museum Model
    Bamboo Vase
    Basic Awning
    Basic Cushion Chair
    Beast Head Jade Chalice
    Boom Box
    Bronze Builder Award Trophy
    Cable-stayed Bridge
    Cact-o’-Lantern Scarecrow
    Ceramic Bottle
    Chrysanthemum Vase
    Clear Sky Painted Pottery
    Conch Shell Goddess Statue
    Coral Horn
    Cowboy Scarecrow
    Cowprint Sofa
    Cross Anchor
    Dancing Lion Doll
    DNA Model
    Elegant Bench
    Elegant Flower Box
    Elegant Painted Pottery
    Elegant Square Table
    Elegant Sun Umbrella
    Elegant Swing
    Equatorial Mount
    Exquisite Painted Pottery
    Fairy Fox Mask
    Fake Yakmel
    Ferris Wheel
    Fish Fossil
    Flag Waving Astronaut Model
    Floating Galaxy
    Folder Holder
    Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
    Golden Builder Award Trophy
    Golden Bull Head
    Golden Candlestick
    Golden Eagle
    Golfing Astronaut Model
    Gorgeous Painted Pottery
    Grand Theater
    Great Wall
    Guitarist Astronaut Model
    Hotpot Lamp
    Inflated Astronaut Model
    Jeweled Egg
    Jewelry Showcase
    Large Storage Box
    Leisurely Rattan Chair
    Leisurely Rattan Tea Table
    Madame Scarecrow
    Meowses II Statue
    Metal Single Bed
    Mini Storage Box
    Night Sky Painted Pottery
    Office Chair
    Old Sofa
    Orchid Vase
    Ozdak Dancing Statue
    Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue
    Ozdak Step Dancing Statue
    Ozdak Sun Worship Statue
    Passya Game Kid
    Plum Vase
    Plumed Painted Pottery
    Potted Plant
    Retro Fan
    Rustic Armchair
    Rustic Cabinet
    Rustic Chair
    Rustic Dining Table
    Rustic Lounging Chair
    Rustic Sofa
    Rustic Tea Table
    Rustic Wardrobe
    Rusty Robot
    Sailor’s Horn
    Sand Eagle Statue
    Satellite Model
    Ship Wheel Model
    Silver Builder Award Trophy

    Crafting stations and assembled items

    Relic Restoration Machine
    Rooftop Display
    Sandrunning Kiosk
    Sandrunning Signboard
    Sorting Machine
    Stage Backdrop
    Stage Support
    Steel Braces
    Steel Panels
    Super Dew Collector
    Suspended Tram Cart
    Tailoring Machine lvl 1
    Tower Frame
    Train Station Signboard
    Train Station Star Sign
    Water Filter
    Water Tank
    Yakmel Station
    Advanced Cooking Station
    Advanced Worktable
    Air Purifier
    Apprentice Cooking Station
    Basic Awning
    Blender lvl 1
    Chef’s Cooking Station
    Civil Furnace
    Civil Grinder
    Civil Processor
    Civil Recycler
    Concentrated Algae Apparatus
    Crane Lift
    Dew Collector
    Drying Rack
    Electric Kiln
    Fake Yakmel
    Fire Powered Generator
    Forging Machine lvl 1
    Game Center Sign
    Hydrogel Core
    Hydrogel Door
    Industrial Furnace
    Industrial Grinding Table
    Industrial Machine Tools
    Industrial Recycler
    Intermediate Forging Machine
    Intermediate Jewelry Processing Machine
    Intermediate Tailoring Machine
    Intermediate Worktable
    Magneto Inductive Inspector
    Ore Refinery
    Primary Jewelry Processing Machine


    Rescue Team Hat
    Rescue Team Jacket
    Rescue Team Pants
    Sand Hat
    Sandrunning Boots
    Sandrunning Bottoms
    Sandrunning Hat
    Sandrunning Shirt
    Shoes of Memories
    Steel Daggers
    Steel Greatsword
    Steel Spear
    Stone Axe
    Stone Daggers
    Stone Spear
    Stone Sword
    Stone Sword and Shield
    Suit of Memories (Bottom)
    Suit of Memories (Top)
    Super Shock Shield
    Vacuum Cleaner
    Vintage assault rifle
    Vintage Pistol
    Yakmel Horn Bracelet
    Yakmel Horn Comb
    Alloy Daggers
    Alloy Heavy Sword
    Alloy Spear
    Alloy Sword and Shield
    Backer’s T-shirt
    Basic Sandfish Trap
    Bronze Axe
    Bronze Daggers
    Bronze Greatsword
    Bronze Pickhammer
    Bronze Spear
    Bronze Sword and Shield
    Casual Hat
    Casual Shoes
    Casual Shorts
    Casual T-shirt
    Casual Wristband
    Chromium Axe
    Chromium Daggers
    Chromium Heavy Sword
    Chromium Pickhammer
    Chromium Spear
    Chromium Sword and Shield
    Creepy Pumpkin Bottoms
    Creepy Pumpkin Jacket
    Dancer’s Headband
    Dancer’s Jacket
    Dancer’s Pants
    Dancer’s Shoes
    Deputy Cap
    Desert Defender Boots
    Desert Defender Goggles
    Desert Defender Pants
    Desert Defender Shirt
    Desert Defender Waist Bag
    Desert Warrior Boots
    Desert Warrior Pants
    Desert Warrior Shirt
    Desert Warrior Visor
    Explorer Boots
    Explorer Hat
    Explorer Pants
    Explorer Vest
    Feather Duster
    Froggy Explorer Boots
    Froggy Explorer Hat
    Froggy Explorer Pants
    Froggy Explorer Vest
    Hat of Memories
    Iron Axe
    Iron Dagger
    Iron Greatsword
    Iron Pickhammer
    Iron Spear
    Iron Sword And Shield
    Magic Adventurer Boots
    Magic Adventurer Bottoms
    Magic Adventurer Goggles
    Magic Adventurer Shirt
    Miner’s Hat
    Motivational Hammer
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